Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something's got to give . . .

I need to re-prioritize my time because there just doesn't seem to be enough of it to go around any more. 

This year the school schedule is drastically different in our house because of middle school.  By the time all my kids are at school, it's 9 a.m.  The afternoon pick up process starts at 2 p.m. so I'm down to five hours a day to myself. 

I use that time to workout, run errands and volunteer . . . oh, and to shower, make myself presentable and eat lunch.  And to blog.  I really try to write my posts when the kids aren't around so I'm not on the computer all the time.  Well as it turns out, five hours doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done. 

I gave up my career to raise these kids.  I worked as a CPA up until I had the Princess, and Getzy and I decided it was the right time for me to quit my job.  I'm kind of an all or nothing girl, and I didn't feel like I was being fair to my job or to my family.  I was constantly torn about needing to stay at work to get more done and wanting to leave to get home to my babies. 

I know working Moms want to just tell me to shut the hell up . . . I get that.  But I chose not to work to make our life easier, and I've gone and complicated it with too much "other" stuff. 

I've established that I'm a professional volunteer . . . see here for details.  Apparently I'm also a professional dumb ass because I simply cannot say no.  I have a deep seated need to help, and I'm convinced I'm super woman and can do it all.  Except I'm not.  And I can't.

I feel like since I don't "have a real job," that some how I'm obligated to volunteer more than others.  It's so bad that I've thought that maybe I should get a job just so I have an excuse to say, "Sorry, I need to focus on my job and family and can't help at this time."  That is nuts.

Well, I've thought long and hard about it, and volunteering is going to take a back seat.  I'm re-ordering my priorities so that keeping my house tidy, working out and taking the time to cook healthy meals is at the top of my priority list.
That seems like it should be obvious, right?  I know.  It does to me too, yet I screw it up every year.  I give up one thing only to take on three more.  I have guilt over just doing things for myself and my family.  Thus, the Dumb Ass Award.

Yes, this might be a little more serious than my usual chatter, but I just need to get it out there . . . to the universe . . . it's time for a change. 

Of course I will finish my commitments, but I'm going to try to start saying no to taking on extra stuff.  You just never know what kind of magic might happen . . . life is short so make sure you are doing what makes you happy.

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  1. Wow, 5 hours? I guess I incision like 9 hours! Ha ha!
    We started our new routine is week with Savannah in preschool. I'm going to make sure to not go online after she gets home. So I have like 30 minutes, lol.

  2. i hear ya on this one -- problem is, working out, cleaning your house and making healthy meals gets boring after a while and the only way to get out and see people (who you actually know) is to...yup...you guessed it...volunteer;) I am glad to see you blogging again!!

  3. Word! Can I be VP of Vol Anon? Or is that counteractive? The first step is admitting we have a problem, yes? Will you be my sponsor? I need to re-prioritize as well.