Wednesday, October 9, 2013

14 years and counting . . .

That's right . . . 14 years of wedded bliss is being celebrated today . . . while he hasn't said so, I'm pretty sure that is what Getzy is thinking!
Our engagement photo . . . circa 1998
Note my hand placement . . . I forgot my engagement ring.  Doh.
So in lieu of spending a bunch of money on a gift for him, I'm professing my love for him publicly . . . via a blog post.  Lucky, lucky guy.
I loved feeling like a princess coming down those stairs . . .
but I have ever mentioned how much I hate having my picture taken?
You should probably listen to our wedding song while you read to get the full effect of the love and adoration that's about to go down . . .
Here are the top 25 reasons why I love him so, in no particular order . . .

1.  Well, he picked me.  This may come as a surprise, but I'm a bit of a handful . . . he's managed to put up with my shenanigans and mostly laugh along the way.

2.  Together we made the choice for me to be a stay-at-home mom and give up my career . . . he's never once made me regret it or feel less because I "don't work." 

3.  He makes cute children.  While my DNA is apparent in their pale skin and freckles, he definitely held up his half of the "let's make cute kids" bargain. 
Here's the proof . . . pic is from the spring of this year.
4.  He loves to travel.  Life is one big adventure waiting to happen, and he's more than happy to indulge the kids and I with awesome vacations.  One of my favorite memories was back in 1998 when we were dating . . . I called to see if he'd be up for flying to Paris for the weekend (this was back when flights were $300 each), and without hesitation he said, "Let's go!"

5.  He's an active father.  He's currently a Cub Scout Den Leader, Boy Scout Assistant Scout Master, Cross Country Coach and he takes Choi Kwang Do at the same time as the boys . . . that doesn't even cover his years of coaching soccer and baseball before the kids changed sports!

6.  He works extremely hard to provide for our family.  Most days he's gone by 6 a.m. and doesn't get home until 6 p.m. 

7.  He's very polite in bed . . . insert winky face.  Get your dirty minds out of the gutter . . . what I mean is that he is the most polite sleeper.  He doesn't snore, toss and turn, drool, grind his teeth, talk, breath heavy or get in my space.  He deserves buckets of gold for this alone.

8.  He believes in God and will happily go to church.

9.  I'm attracted to a certain look, and he is it!  Tall, broad shouldered, tan, dark brown hair, great smile and blue eyes.  Without question I still find him to be the most attractive man alive . . . he's a freaking hottie!

10.  He's smart.  Like freakishly smart.  Top of his class smart.  Cute and smart.  I scored.

11.  He's so damn capable . . . with just about everything.  I never have to worry about him "getting it done" . . . whatever "it" is.  Whether it's about the kids, house projects, volunteering . . . just whatever.

12.  I like his meat.  Insert another winky face.  I mean his smoked meat.  Ha, I crack myself up.  He has a smoker on the back deck and no matter what sort of carnivorous treat he cooks, it's delicious.  I swear he could put an old boot in that thing, and it would come out tasty.

13.  He trusts me implicitly.  He lets me run our finances . . . as in pay the bills, handle the savings and investments and spend as I see fit.  It cracks me up when he calls and checks to make sure he can get $20 from the ATM.  Uhm, just this once honey.  Spend wisely.

14.  He knows I need friends in my life, and he never seems to mind when I plan multiple girls' weekends or nights out with my ladies!

15.  He's pretty computer savvy and fixes all the crap I mess up on mine with minimal head shaking.  He also makes sure all my photos are backed up properly, and that makes me happy too!

16.  He will eat leftovers and doesn't complain about what I do, or more importantly don't, cook for dinner. 

17.  This one might be my favorite . . . he hates it when I tell people this, but I think he should shout it from the rooftops.  Are you ready?  It's a doozy . . . he doesn't stink.  Like ever.  At all.  Zero body odor.  I've been with him since 1997 . . . through a lot of sports and hot Georgia summers and nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  How freakishly awesome is that?

18.  In 14 years I've only mowed the lawn once, and that was by choice.

19.  While he hates to admit it, he loves our dogs as much as I do.  He also has a special sweet voice he uses with them.  Makes my heart smile.

20.  He's freaking funny.  You might not know it when you first meet him because he's pretty quiet, but you just have to wait for it . . . the funny comes out.

21.  He likes my mother.  My dad has been gone a long time so she is my rock.  He treats her with care and respect and that means the world to me. 

22.  He knows I like loud, bass thumping music . . . he buys me Bose products and tolerates the "teen dance parties" he sometimes arrives home to with me and the kids!  He likes to dance and more importantly, he's got moves!  Speaking of dancing, I had to have this song played at our wedding!
23.  He's very strong in his convictions.  He doesn't waver in his beliefs and while I might not always agree, I respect him for his firm stand. 

24.  He made the choice to better himself and our family by going back to get his MBA when he had three little kids at home and worked full time.  And he was still a good daddy and made straight A's. 

25.  He makes me feel safe.  And loved.  And smart.  And funny.  And pretty.  And he tells me I'm a good mom. 

So here's to you Getzy.  I love you more. 

I'll leave you with the song that was played at the end of our wedding reception . . . all our friends and family got together in huge circle, linked arms and made us feel so loved.
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  1. You sound like a very lucky girl! Cheers!! Oh and does he have a single brother??? Lol

  2. Well, that's about the best thing I've read in a very long time. Thanks for the afternoon delight quickie (insert winky face)...CRY that is, no minds in the gutter here!

  3. I totally agree with Kristy, Amy. The best thing I've read in such a long time. So happy for you two and wish you many many more years of greatness, fun times, and happy memories. Feel very blessed to have met you, Matt, and your beautiful kids. Huge Pil Seung for you ma'am! :)

  4. Okay - it didn't post my name for some crazy
    The above comment is from Andrice Buettner from CKD