Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Orleans or Bust!

This song keeps playing through my head today!  My days of debauchery are over, and it's back to reality for this mama.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering I ate and drank my way through the French Quarter of New Orleans. 
My fascinator and Raymond the Gator
(The Pandora charm was a cute little fleur de lis!)
So the mystery was solved . . . my annual girls' trip destination was New Orleans!  My ladies show up at 7:30 a.m. on Friday with gifts and beads and cocktails.  Yes, cocktails. 
Rumchata anyone?
I need to get the pictures sorted from our trip, and then I'll fill y'all in on the dirty details . . . and I mean that sort of literally since things are definitely dirty in New Orleans!

Getzy managed to hold it together this weekend, however, a friend of mine cracked me right the heck up last night on Facebook . . .
Kitty inserted to protect the innocent . . . shout out MJ!
In other news, I'm participating in a Fall Swap with a group of bloggers . . . how exciting!?!  
Participants are paired up with a blogger and basically make a new virtual friend!  You get to know them via their blog, other social media and email and then send them a fun little goodie box in the mail.  I'm a friendly girl so why not?

I was fortunate enough to get paired with Michelle from Did I Really Say That?  I just started stalking her blog, but she had me at the title!  She has an amazing story to tell . . . mostly notably she is a previvor of breast cancer . . . as in she had an elective mastectomy given the high probably with her family history.  What a strong woman to make such a decision?  I cannot wait to read more of her story.  Go check her out! 
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  1. I love New Orleans!! I am sure you had a blast!!

  2. New Orleans! That sounds amazing! I'm doing the fall swap too. So fun. :)

  3. So jealous! I want to go to New Orleans so badly! Sounds like so much fun! Good luck on your blog swap! You almost make me want to start blogging again!