Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Decor . . . wanna see?

I double dog love decorating for holidays . . . all the holidays.  I love it even more now that the kids are older, and they can help.  And by help I mean they bring up the storage bins from the basement and spread crap everywhere . . . which means I'm forced to decorate because I can't take the chaos.  So yes, they are super helpful.

Now some people who live here (cough, Getzy, cough) think decorations themselves are chaos.  Why he feels this way is a mystery . . . although I do say that when it comes to holiday decorating, more is more. 

Let's start with the outside . . . it's way more impressive at night when things are lit up, but it's pretty Halloween-tastic in the day as well!
Getzy really needs to clean up the yard. 
I haven't got the time with all the decorating to be done.
Getzy keeps telling me my blow up pumpkin is on his last "leg."  I keep telling him to shut the hell up.  I should probably inspect for sabotage.  I will say the kids do the outside decorating . . . including staking down the blow ups and spreading cobwebs.  Not too shabby, and I didn't have to do it.  Winning!

Moving inside . . . I'm only going to highlight the major areas . . . I have little bits and pieces of Halloween cheer all over the place.  And I mean that . . . I like nice Halloween décor . . . cute little pumpkins, bats, witches, etc.  I am most definitely not into body parts, scary stuff or anything zombie.  Yuck.

Here is the desk area near my kitchen/breakfast nook . . .
Yes, clearly my desk is always this clean and clutter free.  Ok fine . . . that is some serious Halloween clutter.  I know.
Cute, right?  I especially love the things the kids have made over the years . . . like the paper bag owl, the glitter spider web and the little clay owl on the left.  Yes, I keep all the things.  Hashtag hoarder.

Here's a funny touch that I've literally kept in the same place since Amanda put it out, unless I was brewing coffee . . .
I never use the mug because it's too small . . .
not enough coffee to get the day off to a proper start.
The back story is she wanted to decorate around September first for Halloween, but I kept putting her off . . . finally one day she "decorated" when I wasn't home with what she could find.  She put out a Halloween mug and a candy dish of candy corn.  I giggle about it even as I type.  I thought it was so sweet . . . and desperate.  I do love her love of all things holiday.

So moving along to the fireplace . . . this shiz in Pinterest worthy fo sho!  Ok, maybe just in my own head, but I was happy with how it turned out . . . and the kids thought it was awesome.  Thank you very much.
Yeah, that mum is already dead.  And lots of this shiz lights up  . . . LED style.  #classy
Perhaps I should draw your attention to some of my favorite things here . . . the first being the mantel cover . . . or whatever you call the quilted decoration.
She actually made that . . . with fabric and thread.  Impressive!
My friend Debbie made that for me as a gift.  She knows, and appreciates, my love of all things holiday.  I'll never understand her skill, or patience, for that matter, to use fabric to make pictures, but it's awesomeness.  I will cherish it forever.  And ever.

Note:  I'm a sucker for a handmade gift.  If you make me something, specifically just for me, I feel loved.  I know you've thought about me when I'm not with you.  I know you are trying to make me smile.  Ok, I'm a sucker for all gifts, but ones people make with their own hands are super cool.

The bats . . . ok, nothing special about those . . . bought a pile of them for a buck at the Dollar Tree . . . but I love they way they pull it all together.  I seriously felt so smart.  I may, or may not, have seen something similar on Pinterest.

The things the kids made . . . mostly back in preschool.  I think our school aged kids are being short changed in a way . . . would it be so terrible if they made a holiday craft or two instead of school work?  No.  The answer is no.  We can make stuff at home, but it's way more fun to make a mess with your friends at school.

My advice to you if you want some seriously braggadocious décor . . . get a mom that will go buy cool shit at yard sales, spend November first running around from store to store for discounted décor and save all the shit your kid's bring home.  All of it.  Even the "mummy" that is a crepe paper wrapped toilet paper roll.  He (or she, I suppose) is one of my favorites.  Or the painted rocks pumpkins.  Those are cute too!
Simple . . . but effective.  And full of sweet memories.
Here is another set of home made items I love . . . a lot.  I still keep in touch with the family I used to babysit for when I was a teenager.  They are like the sweetest people on the face of the planet, and I love to visit them when I go home.  I think it's super cute because they had two boys and then a little girl . . . who has two little girls of her own now.  OMG, that just made me feel old . . . especially since I've known her since she was born.  Well, Ms. B loves to quilt and makes the most festive pillowcases for my children and sends them in the mail.  I die.  Of love for her.  They use these the month of October on their beds, and then they are the trick or treat bags Halloween night!
Don't you love these?  Halloween décor for your bed = awesome!
I've saved the best for last . . . the piece de resistance of my Halloween arsenal.  I apparently stuffed this actual paper picture in one of my Halloween bins last year.  I found it this year, and thought it deserved to be preserved.  Ha, that rhymed.
The picture isn't crooked . . . apparently I am.  And the green spot is a glare, because clearly I'm an awesome photographer. 
So I take it Michael's to be framed.  I used my coupon, and my coupon's coupon, and still paid what felt like eleventy thousand dollars.  But it's so profesh . . . and I'll have it forever.  That's what I tell myself to justify it anyway.  And then I can pass it on to Amanda, the artist. And when asked what she used to create it, she says, in her best French artist accent, "Oil pastels."  Oh la la.
Happy Halloween!
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