Thursday, October 24, 2013

If reincarnication is your wish, I have a suggestion . . .

If you are the sort that believes in reincarnation, then I suggest you chant, make wishes or beg to come back as one of my pets.  True story.
My furry babies . . . they bring me so much joy.
I realize I'm slightly obsessive over my furry friends, but I feel such a connection with them . . . like they truly are family and not just "animals." 

Petey basically defines my married life . . . he's been through thick and thin with us and remained our steadfast and loyal companion.  He was here before all three Getz children graced this world and was the first to greet them at the door when they arrived home from the hospital.  Petey is a constant companion who will lay by your side all the day long if you are sick.  There have been many times when the kids have had a bad day and come home to be greeted with love and adoration from old man Pete.  He accepted Abby when she arrived unexpectedly.  And perhaps most importantly, he's a champion foot warmer . . . he sleeps in our bed, every night . . . under the covers. 

And Abby is the kindest, sweetest soul you'll even know . . . she has a special place in my heart . . . see her story here.

After our annual check up on Saturday where the vet found a mass and didn't like a lump on his knee, surgery was scheduled for Tuesday.  Abby needed her teeth cleaned so I figured I'd just bite the bullet and do them at the same time.  Did I ask how much before scheduling?  Oh no, I knew better. 

I have to drop off by myself . . . I waited until the last minute of the window because I hate the idea of them waiting in cages . . . yes, I'm a big baby.  I hug, kiss, cry and leave.  Torture.  Now I wait.  I avoided the house most of the day because it doesn't seem right there without them.

I get a call that everybody is ok and to pick them up at 6 p.m.  I complete the paperwork and sell my soul pay.  Fyi, when it comes to his Petey, Getzy doesn't blink an eye. 

They bring me Abby first.  OMG.  She hadn't been out of anesthesia long and she looked freaky.  I asked about her droopy eyes, and they explained that her third eyelid wasn't recovered from being asleep yet.  What, wha? 
Poor girl . . . she's a hot mess after her dental cleaning.
Yes, you learn shiz here . . . dogs have a third eyelid that is more or less translucent and comes up from the corner of the eye.  For a more exact explanation, check it out here.  Anyway, Abby's hadn't retracted when I picked her up, but it's doing much better . . . thank the sweet baby Jesus.
I die of the sadness . . . he's such a tough little guy.
And then there was poor Petey . . . he was carried out to me on a big pink towel, and then they carried him to the car.  I drove home like I had a newborn baby in the car.  I carried him in and put him on his bed.  He got up and wobbled around a bit, and then laid back down. 

It touched me that the vet sent him home with the big towel . . . I can't really explain why.  Maybe because it had nothing to do with "need" per say . . . just that they knew it would help me and Petey.  I'm going to wash and return it . . . and any future towels we are done with, I'm going to donate them to the vet to pay it forward.  Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

They ended up taking out the large mass in his groin as well as three more off his legs.  He's got more purple stitches than Frankenstein.  The growths were sent off to pathology, but I haven't heard yet if it's bad news . . . double crossing my fingers for good news. 

It took Petey awhile to get used to his cone . . . I helped him on the couch and this is what he did at first . . .
Yes, that's his couch . . . and I know, the '90's called and want it back. 
I've also been carrying him up and down all the steps in our house and to the outside . . . until today.  I opened the back door to talk to the kids playing outside and next thing I knew, Petey was down the back steps and in the backyard. 
The cone has been a life saver . . . and Petey, the contortionist, maneuvered himself so he could get to the stitches on his knee so I double downed on the cone collars.  I showed him who was smarter . . .

I'm glad he can't talk because I'm pretty sure he'd tell me to F off.

And I might not be the only one who's a little obsessed with Petey and his well being . . . Getzy came home from Cross Country and sat on the floor and hung out with the recovering Pete.  He used Amanda's blanket to snuggle him up because he was shaking and kept an eye on him . . . literally. 
Truly man's best friend . . .
Thank you for all the kind words and prayers . . . both dogs are doing awesome . . . I just pray it all ends well. 
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  1. The double cone makes me giggle! There's nothing better than a vet who cares about your babies as much as you do.