Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm practically famous . . .

Wanna know a secret?  Me too, but my crazy friends won't tell me!  Tomorrow I leave on my annual girls' trip, but since I turned 40 this year, they are keeping the destination a surprise.  Oh, the anticipation is so fun! 

Wanna know why I'm almost famous?  Well, keep reading . . .

Last year the fabulous Cindy turned 40 so we had the brilliant idea of keeping the girls' trip destination a secret until it was time to depart.  We told her to pack a bikini and a parka and everything in between . . . and her passport because you just never know!  We know what she loves . . . Broadway, shopping and good food, so, of course, we took her to New York in October 2012!
Hot mom alert in Times Square . . . holla!
We stayed at the Marriott Marquis right in Times Square because we had to be all up in the action!  We cozied up in one room and had a blast . . . we are mostly low maintenance girls who can work around one bathroom for getting ourselves fabulous!  And it was basically a necessity considering how much a hotel room overlooking Times Square costs . . . major bank.  But so worth it!

We are a bunch of planners so we had a car pick us up at the airport and take us straight to the hotel. . . . no waiting = fabulousness.  We had the hotel "check" our luggage because we were early and set off for booze lunch!

Cindy would love to be a Broadway star so we figured we should take her to Ellen's Stardust Dinner in Midtown where all the Broadway wannabes work . . . and sing.  You get lunch and a serenade . . . and if you're lucky, a lick!  Our waiter was fabulous and a champ at putting up with our shenanigans! 
What's funny is that none of this is shocking to me . . .
We tried to hit the major New York highlights over the course of our four days there . . . so much to see and do . . . we could spend days just wondering the city. 

We visited the 9/11 Memorial and saw the construction of the new One World Trade Center.  It literally stood out among the other buildings. 

The new tower is beautiful . . .
I found the "Survivor Tree" story amazing . . . it's what really stood out for me at the memorial.  It was planted in the 1970's and survived the terrorist attack.  I found an incredible article about the tree here . . . check it out. 
The 9/11 Memorial . . . very somber.
The names of all the victims were engraved on the sides of the fountains, but you couldn't really connect with the volume of individuals who lost their lives given how they were displayed.  Perhaps the long lines and crowds took away from the gravity of the memorial, but I was humbled and grateful to visit. 

We happened to walk by the New York Police Memorial and that really stopped us in our tracks . . . it was an amazing display . . . so sad.
The fresh flowers were touching . . .
No trip to NYC would be complete without going to the top of the Empire State Building . . . we, of course, made friends with the ticket seller outside of the building and ordered up fast passes to avoid the lines . . . because we can!  Clearly he loved us!
Just us ladies making friends . . . everywhere we go!
It was a beautiful fall day . . . chilly and lovely!  And the views were obviously amazing!
Could it have been a more beautiful day?  Stunning . . .
We visited Grand Central Station, China Town, almost caught the ferry to Staten Island (we were late and unwilling to wait for the next one), strolled through the amazing Central Park and shopped 'til we dropped! 

My favorite purchase were my knee high brown leather boots from Lord & Taylor.  However, the birthday girl treated herself to the best purchase of the trip . . . some black patent leather stiletto Louboutin's!  Yes she did!  We also enjoyed visiting Tiffany's in honor of our friend Tiffany!  I mean seriously, who doesn't love shopping on 5th Avenue!
We brought our own Tiffany along!
Everything we ate in New York was delicious.  We found a pizza joint near the hotel that served Grandma pizza by the slice.  Oh dear goodness . . . it was a party in our mouth.  And in keeping with our girly fun, we enjoyed lunch at Serendipity 3 and partook of the Frozen Hot Chocolate . . . worth every penny!  Except for maybe our friend Andrea . . . she may, or may not, have left her lunch on the streets of NYC.  Dang migraines. 
There was a bit of a wait but so worth it . . . and you can shop at Dylan's Candy Bar down the street!
No trip to New York would be complete without a Broadway show!  Our birthday gift to Cindy was tickets to Jersey Boys!
Great music but lots of f-bombing . . . not for the kids!
And we had so much fun that night we decided to do it again and bought tickets to Newsies at the hotel concierge!
While Cindy loved it . . . not one of my favorites. 
But the piece de resistance of our trip had to be our early morning adventure to the set of Good Morning America!  We got up EARLY and hit the streets in search of a prime viewing location.  Needless to say, we totally scored!
If we were any closer, they'd kick us out!  How awesome is this?
We ended up with lots of face time on the show for several reasons . . . we are fabulous, we look mostly normal, one of us is extremely loud and cheerful . . . and made friends with the adorable "crowd warmer."  This little cutie and I had a connection . . . errbody could tell!
OMG I love him.  I wish I could keep him . . . isn't he cute??
We had no idea who was guest starring on the show, but we lucked out with a fan-freaking-tastic episode!  Unbelievable!
Now, if there is a woman my age that didn't wish at one point she was "Jessie's Girl," she's lying.  Fact. 
And we all loved Rick Springfield in the '80's . . . and he's pretty likable now too!  He was so kind and interactive with the crowd . . . so much fun!
Yeah, we were that close . . . if we were creepers, we could have touched him.  But to be clear, we are not.
Oh, and who's that with Rick Springfield?  Just Henry Winkler and Kevin James!  Amazeballs.
They are right there . . . my ladies and I took all these photos . . . so fun!
Here Comes the Boom was releasing last fall so they were there promoting their movie!  I loved the Fonz in Happy Days and who didn't love Mall Cop?  Seriously so awesome!  And funny!
Cracking us up the whole time . . . such great entertainers!
Wait!  There's more . . . Michael Symon, the Food Network chef, came on for a cooking segment to promote his cookbook!  What cracked us up were all the GMA staffers eating the whole time he was filming!  He's like our new BFF!

He loves me . . . see, we are holding hands!  I love him too!
And the GMA hosts . . . they were all so personable and a joy to watch!  Our favorite had to be Josh Elliott . . . and yes, he's so tall!
Fun little note, Josh gave me a great squeeze around the waist . . . he was so nice!
But we loved them all . . . George Stephanopoulos, Sam Champion and the cute lady in green skinnies! 
I love them.  And I love New York.  And GMA.  Best trip ever!!!
Ahh, New York . . . you treated us so right, and we can't wait until we meet again.  It's on my bucket list to spend a month or three living in New York City . . . one day!
And these ladies . . . I love them.  Friends make life so much better . . . here's to many more years of adventures together . . . starting tomorrow!
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  1. What a great trip! I've never been to NYC, but your blog made me feel like I was there. I can't wait to read your adventures for this weekend!

  2. That looks like a super fun trip! Can't wait to see what they have in store for you! Have fun!!!

  3. Can we talk about how I've lived 20 minutes from NYC my whole life and haven't seen half the the things you saw?! I hope you have an amazing time on your girls weekend! Can't wait to hear about it. :)