Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life sneaks up on me and then bam . . . no blogging

Why hello there!  Miss me?  Life is busy here . . . we've been doing a little this and a little that over in our neck of the woods . . . and enjoying the fall break from school.  We opted to stay local for the break but couldn't resist a few adventures to keep ourselves entertained! 

After much begging, I relented and took the kids to Skyzone . . . basically an accident waiting to happen . . . an indoor trampoline park!  Luckily it was deserted which made it safer in my opinion.  Turns out it was home school day . . . whoops!
The kids had to wear these special shoes . . . I suppose it keeps germs down from outside shoes and offers them better grip but eeewww.  Just eeeewwww. 
I've never posted videos, but I was so impressed with my babies flipping into the foam pit . . . guess those years of gymnastics are paying off!
Friday last week we met up with friends and went apple picking . . . does it get more fall than that?  I don't think so.  This was a first for us . . . and such a fun time!

We headed to the north Georgia mountains doing some of my favorite things . . . semi-road tripping, listening to loud music, driving through small towns and enjoying a roadside attraction.  It's darn near impossible to find a place to pick apples during the week, but B J Reece Apple House in Elijay, Georgia knows how to make a mama happy!
It's nice having older children because we could send them off to run among the trees and just give a holler to account for them every once in awhile!  Each child picked a peck . . . about 10 pounds.  Uhm, yeah . . . that's a lot of apples! 
And the goal of every child was to find the biggest apple . . . who really cares about flavor anyway?  I think Ryan was declared the winner . . . but I lost track . . . apples kept getting shoved in my face, and I just told everyone there's was HUGE! 
We also did a little shopping . . . and by shopping I mean I bought some fried pies for Getzy and apple cider donuts for the kids!  I refrained from eating any of it . . . trying to be healthy is tough!  We enjoyed lunch at a lovely restaurant called JJ's in Elijay and headed home!  Good times!

We have had three Cross Country meets this fall, and Amanda is hoarding the hardware!  She has earned a top 10 medal each time (there's like 50-60 girls in each race) . . . she's a fast little sucker, and it doesn't hurt that she is almost ready to age out of her category.  In addition, the 8 and under girls team has earned either first or second place every time so little Getz Girl has 6 medals so far this season!  And yes, she always runs with a cute red hair bow . . . makes her fast!
We enjoyed a little breakfast outing with friends today to celebrate the last day of fall break!  Ironically the name of the restaurant was Louise's!  A little trivia for you . . . my mom, myself and Amanda all share the same middle name of Louise . . . and all three of us have first names that begin with A . . . apparently I'm drawn to the A names since my dog is named Abby too!  Freak.
It was kind of a hole in the wall place but the service was fabulous, and the food was delicious!  We had 2 kid's tables and a mama table.  Without asking, they brought powdered sugar covered French toast sticks to both kid tables.  We were so delighted about it, they sent us one too . . . and didn't charge us!  Now that is awesome, and we are looking forward to going back again!

I now know why middle schoolers have long hair . . . since Ryan gets home so late, there's no time to take him!  No school today = the boys got new do's!  Be still my beating heart . . . and don't you love the grumpy "before" faces?  Yeah, they were psyched to run errands today!  Not.
And there you have it . . . a summary of our exciting life!  See you next time!

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