Monday, October 21, 2013

Make it a great day

My heart is heavy . . . care to know why?  Well, a couple of reasons actually . . .
My very first baby . . . I love him more than most people.
My beloved Petey is having surgery on Tuesday.  He has two tumors that the vet does not like . . . a small one on his hind leg and a larger mass in his groin area.  Poor old guy (he's thirteen and a half) . . . his hearing is going and his eyes are cloudy, but the good news is his heart sounds healthy, and he still acts like a puppy most of the time.  Please say a prayer that it's not the "c" word and is treatable . . . he has so much life left to live.
An amazing man of God . . . and a fighter!
Kyle's godfather is a wonderful man . . . an amazing father, husband and man of God.  He was in our wedding . . . Getzy knew him from his days working at his fraternity, and they've remained life long friends.  For the past four years he's been battling cancer . . . he's a fighter for sure.  He's been through so much trying to conquer this disease and has remained faithful throughout his journey.  He begins another round of chemo today to fight this awful disease.  Please lift him up in prayer and ask God to eliminate this disease from his body once and for all.

I'll leave you with this today . . . go ahead, click on the play button.  I promise I never put things on here that will harm your computer . . . ain't nobody got time for that.
This video will show you the importance of making the most out of your free time and your daily routine.  It won’t upset you or make you feel unfulfilled, but I guarantee whatever fun things you’ve thought about doing in your life will become more important after getting a taste of how much time the average human has to explore the wonders this beautiful world has to offer. 

You can click on that play button too . . . just be careful at work because you're about to rock it out with me! 
Go ahead, make today the "best day of your life" . . . what are you waiting for?

And yes, New Orleans is coming . . . it takes a lot of time to write, edit photos and make sure I don't sound like a freak.  I'm almost done!
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  1. Girl, what sad news. Praying for good news.... Hug him lots tonight!

  2. Prayers for all involved. Love that video. Sam thinks it's the coolest thing ever!

  3. Prayers for your sweet Petey (I had a cat by that name - he lived to 17) and many prayers to Kyle's Godfather. Here is a video to that song just to enhance your good taste in music! I hope it makes you smile if you haven't seen it before!