Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Barefoot Contessa

It should be noted that I love The Barefoot Contessa from the Food Network . . . like a lot. 
I love her.  That is all.
Getzy understands my lady love for Ina Garten which is why he was kind enough to get me tickets to see her at the Cobb Energy Center last night.  It was a thoughtful gift for our anniversary . . . except he wasn't interested in going!  Some might find that odd . . . I, however, find that hysterical!

It was supposed to be me and my two best ladies, but one had something come up and couldn't make it.  So a very lucky, yet unsuspecting husband, got to be our stand in . . .
Uhm, one looks different from the others.  Suspicious.
Here was our shameless selfie reminding our friend that we missed her.  At least my date(s) took me out to dinner!  Thanks again my friends!
Now about the show . . . I did not research it so I had no idea what to suspect.  I didn't know if she was doing a cooking demonstration or just talking.  Honestly, I really didn't care.  I've loved the Barefoot Contessa for so long, and I was just happy to go!
Why do I love her so?  Well, watching cooking shows just relaxes me.  I love her style of cooking . . . her voice . . . hearing her say things like, "How easy is that?" or "only use good vanilla" . . . and finally, she makes me nostalgic for a time that has passed. 
Ryan and I used to watch her show when I was pregnant with Kyle, and we would snuggle up together on my bed.  Even after Kyle was born, I'd put him down for a nap, and Ryan and I would settle in to watch The Barefoot Contessa . . . and sometimes nap too!  Keep in mind he was between the ages of like 1 and 3 so he didn't get a vote in what we watched . . . he was just happy I didn't make him nap in his crib.  Anyway, very happy memories for me and just hearing the music at the start of her show makes me smile. 
So the stage is set up with a lovely area rug, two chairs facing the audience and turned slightly towards each other with an end table and floral arrangement between them. 
Terrible photo but again, it's my proof of attendance!
Ina was being "interviewed" by Belinda Skelton of Atlanta Living on WSB radio here in Atlanta.  Ina has such a calm presence . . . and I loved hearing her answers and stories.  She didn't talk much about Jeffrey her husband . . . I wanted more personal details. 
They are so sweet together . . .
After about an hour of Q & A, the audience was invited to ask questions.  Two microphones were set up on either side of the stage and the lines were enormous!  Most questions were about cooking or business advice . . . a couple were young girls, and it was sweet.  Ina was so gracious.  And no, I didn't ask anything. 

The host shut it down right around 9:30 p.m., and we headed out.  My friend asked her husband what was his favorite part as we were leaving, and he said, "Right now!"  Cracked me up!  So glad I went . . . but I wouldn't necessarily go again.
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