Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random feel goods . . .

I decided this week that I had one to many houseplants . . . I'm pretty sure normal people don't really dwell on this stuff, but I can't be sure. 
I took some photos of the two adoptable plants and posted them on a neighborhood Facebook page with a quippy caption about them needing a good home because houseplants deserve a chance too.  They were free, but I still wondered if I'd get any takers.  Low and behold, a lovely gentleman said he would love to have them, and he promised to give them a good home!  

I'm running like a crazy bat so I tell him I'll put them on my porch, and he can pick them up anytime that evening!  You know what?  He and his wife left me the loveliest note thanking me for the plants.  Oh my gosh, made me so happy. 
Btw, I think the art of WRITING an actual note, not typing an email or a text message, is lost in this day and age, and that's a damn shame.  Nothing makes me happier than receiving a note via the USPS (or at least in my mailbox).  On the flip side, I love to write notes to people telling them thank you, thinking of you, whatever really.  Try it sometime . . . it bet it would make someone's day!

I sent him a nice FB message about how sweet it was that he and his wife left me a thank you note . . . I felt like we were kindred plant spirits now so I told him about two peace lilies my father gave me in 1996 for my apartment.  He passed away that same year, and I've kept them alive and well ever since in memory of him.

We had exchanged cell phones in case something went wrong . . . he sent me this the next day . . .

Seriously people . . . this is so trivial yet it seemed the exchange made both of us feel good about life . . . and that is awesome. 
And then . . . there's more happy . . . hug yourself.  A friend dropped off a surprise cupcake in my mailbox!  Boom.  Face rocked.  It was a little treat for helping her with carpool.  She thinks it's a big deal, and I think it's not.  But I'll take her cupcake anyway.  Shout out SA!
Ok, ok . . . one more and then I'm done.  I received not just one, but TWO, handwritten (swoon) thank you notes in the mail from friends on the SAME day as the other goodness noted above.  "Can you feel the love tonight . . . ?"  All Lion King up in here . . .

So the point is really this . . . do nice things . . . and take the time to write something and tell people that you care!

And your feel good song of the day . . . "may your hearts be full like your dreams tonight . . ."
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fives!

Meh, I'm just not feeling it this week . . . but I do love my Five on Friday so here goes!
Sometimes I wish we could freeze time and keep them young . . .
1.  My oldest and I went to Starbucks this morning for a breakfast date . . . his choice of location.  On the way there he reminded me he'd never been to Starbucks.  I rarely drink coffee out . . . mostly when I'm traveling . . . so it was fun to take him for his first experience!  He chose a Decaf White Chocolate Mocha . . . well, I chose the decaf part for him.  That was the coffee I used to drink on special occasions before I was a coffee drinker.  It really melted my heart this afternoon after school when he told me how much he enjoyed our "date" together.   
Why yes, my butt was vibrating!!
2.  This little stinker has learned the art of a selfie . . . at least she has some manners . . . and a sense of humor.  Cracks me up! 
Neon yellow is his color . . . his knee socks match . . .
he's clearly walking on sunshine!
3.  It's the little things . . . I had Kyle all to myself for about 30 minutes yesterday, and I wanted to do something special with him.  Knowing my child, I told him to follow me to the basement.  I picked up two empty wrapping paper tubes (Christmas wrapping has begun FTW) on the way, and we headed out the basement door to the trampoline.  We had a jumping sword fight until I told him if I didn't stop, I was going to pee my pants.  He was so happy and told me he wished we could do this every day . . . as a family. 
4.  I like to take random pictures of myself with any and all animals I can find and send them to my ladies or Getzy.  I always confidently declare I'm keeping them, which is clearly BS.  What cracks me up is that they still sometimes believe me!  One of my latest was Dixie Pig . . . she belongs to my hairdresser's daughter . . . shout out ladies!!  She was very cuddly and tucked her snout up under my arm and fell asleep.  She also wags her tail when she's happy and squeals if you pick her up under her belly . . . so adorable.
I bring home the bacon . . . fry it up in a pan . . .
5.  Cast iron . . . I love to cook in these old skillets, and I love to fry bacon, which is a love language for my sons.  The big pan there was my grandmother's and the medium one in the background was my great-grandmother's.  How cool is it to think it's been passed down through the generations and still going strong?  They are a bit of work to maintain, but it's worth it for how they cook and their legacy! 

And to round out a Friday of fun, I'm participating in a new link up that seriously has my name written all over it . . . ok, not literally, but it's about music.  Happy dance.  Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants created this little gem and I love it!
Here are a couple of the songs I downloaded this week . . . iTunes is, in fact, an addiction.  
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

100 Posts and the Rockettes

Let's celebrate 100 posts Sue Sylvester style!
Can you believe it?  This is my 100th post!  Seriously, have I really had that much to say?  Ok, don't answer that.

I am pretty proud of myself actually.  I tend to start all kinds of awesome stuff and then get bored and move onto more awesome stuff.  Not this time sucka!  I'm here to stay.  

This is my scrapbook of life, if you will.  And you know what, I have moments of panic when I think, "What happens to all my fabulous stuffs when I'm gone?"  I'll have to look into that . . . another day.  Moving on . . .

The princess and I joined our friends and kicked off the Christmas season early this weekend . . . with the Rockettes! 

And you know what?  It was spectacular!  Magical even.  And we all looked our Sunday best which just adds to the fabulousness of it all!
Why yes, animal print is all the rage.  Duh.
And our littles together . . . I love them one and all.  And they also know that if they cross one mama, they cross all three so they better keep their crap straight.
Our sweet girls . . . learning the fine art of a fabulous adventure.
If you've never treated yourself to this show, it's a must see!  It brings about such holiday spirit and cheer . . . I found myself literally wiggling in my seat with joy. 

Getzy and I saw it in New York City in 2000.  I have such fond memories of it, and apparently so does he . . . says it was the best nap he's ever had.  For shame.  My only complaint about the Atlanta show at the Cobb Energy Center is that they did NOT have live animals at the nativity.  Rip off indeed.  Otherwise, totally worth the ticket price.

Here are some highlights . . . that I borrowed off the internets because pictures were not allowed.  Rude.
Do the Rockettes make totally fabulous reindeer or what?  Makes me want to prance around and get myself some lighted antlers, or Getzy, because he'd probably like that . . . he's kind of a show off.  And the sightseeing in New York bit . . . love it and wish it were me right now!  The showgirl look was fancy, but the Toy Soldiers are for sure a favorite . . . how they fall so gracefully is like magic.  I never look that good when it happens to me. 

Oh my gosh . . . look at us together.  Adorbs. 
Except you see that cute little thing there . . . no, not me.  Shucks.  The mini me.  Well, she's about to get voted off the island for her behavior.  I don't know who she thinks she is me, but there's only room for one Queen.  C'est moi.  That's a post for another day, but shit's about to get real around the hizzous.

And here's some music that was belted out by all on the ride to the show . . . the clean versions of course!  Nothing like Eminem and Pitbull to get you in the holiday spirit!
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Pumpkin Run 2013

The Getz family participated again this year in the Big Pumpkin Run with our Cross Country team.  It's a super fun run with an easy course.  It was freezing . . . like Arctic tundra cold, but we made it!
A family that runs together . . . stays together.  Oh, we pray too!
I would love to take credit for the speed of my children, but it would be a big fat lie.  Some of it is their genes, but we also run them like Kenyans at practice . . . you know what they say, practice makes faster. 

I obviously started at the back of the pack . . . well, since faster runners are up front.  My lack of actual training and not running a full three miles EVER wasn't exactly going to work in my favor.  Yes, while I've walked, jogged, fire jumped or fat lady bounced a 5K, I've never actually run, 'like a runner' run, a whole 3.1 miles before . . . hey, there's a first time for everything!  I did it this year!  I was actually pretty proud of my final recorded time online at 30:21!  Booyah! 
Why do all race photos suck?
And my ear buff is around my hand . . . it got too hot!
Getzy came in 45th overall with a time of 21:32 . . . get it done!  And 5th in his age group . . . bam! 
I die.  I think his legs are so freaking hot.  True story.
Ryan did awesome at 23:07 . . . and I'm pretty sure the socks made him run faster!
He gets his legs from his father . . .
Side eye.
Kyle won his age group again at 22:44 . . . his last year in the 10 and under crowd.  So proud!
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner . . . his mouth
is full of the free beef jerky from the give away tents!
And little Getz Girl ran by herself this year . . . she started running in her kitty hat because she was so cold, but a fellow club member took it from her later!  She also ran in not one, but two, pair of pants and a couple of shirts.  She had no plans to freeze, but I think it all slowed her down.  Still pretty impressive for an eight year old girl to complete the 5K in 29:47. 
 Best race hair ever. 
Big hair, don't care.
Last year Getzy ran with Amanda because it was her first 5K.  It made my heart smile because he would rather run like the wind and be done with it, but he stayed with her the whole time.  Why didn't I?  Oh, because she was a lot faster than me.  Sucka.  Her time last year was 27:57.  Dayumm! 

Here is a picture of my Kenyans from last year . . .
We definitely liked the long sleeve shirts they gave away last year . . .
much better than the t-shirt this year!
We should shout out some members of our club . . . we had first place winners in the men's 40-44 age group, boy's 11-14 age group and girl's 11-14 age group!  We were so proud of all the kids and parents who came and ran a great race.  Looking forward to next year!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

What I'm loving right now!

Beauty and the Greek
I've thought about accumulating a list of things I'm loving right now . . . sometimes it's fun to see what others are into to get fresh new ideas for yourself.

So, here are some products that I'm digging . . .
ONE:  Old Navy Sweetheart jeans . . . boot cut and skinny!  That's right, I said skinny jeans.  I've have never worn a pair of skinny jeans in my life.  In fact, I'd venture to say that my jeans would be more in the "mom jean" category, with a saggy butt . . . oh the shame.

More embarrassing truths . . . I have a serious muffin top from three babies and an apple-ish shape.  I'm always looking for stuff to cover the "cupcake" . . . I cannot wear low rise anything . . . and the Sweetheart jeans tackle the job!
My ladies convinced me I needed to size down my jeans, and I'm here to convince you too!  I would never in a million years have bought a size 6 jean . . . NEVER.  They took me shopping and made me do it . . . an intervention of sorts.  And bam.  Jean heaven.  So the lesson here is size down your jeans and cover the cupcake!

And it appears to have been a good move . . . Getzy left me this note on our "I love you because . . ." board in our closet.  Ladies, the dudes notice, so rock those jeans!
TWO:  The Instant Button = amazing!
My friend Ami introduced me to this little life saver . . . it basically helps you size down your jeans (pants, shorts, capris, whatever) if you've lost a little weight, or they've stretched out towards the end of the day.  It helps reduce the saggy butt effect if you haven't bought new jeans in a size smaller than you think!

Three:  The North Face puffy vest! 
I pink puffy heart a warm vest for our mild Georgia winters . . . and I'm seriously drawn to these puffy ones.  I love that it isn't black . . . it goes with just about everything!  Pair it with my skinny jeans and bam! 
Four:  Superhero socks . . . the only thing my 12 year old asked for on his birthday.  I find these so funny.  I get him.
I must say, I think my kid is way better than Batman!
He also got them in 'Superman!'  Go get you some here!
Five:  My new coffee flavor . . . Toasted Hazelnut by Archer Farms and my favorite creamer.
A sample pack of this coffee came in my Fall Swap box from Michelle, and I loved it!!  I use it with my favorite creamer, and it's happy in a cup! 

Six:  My new stove . . . although you have to see my old one to appreciate the new one!  Out with the old . . .
And in with the new . . .
I didn't plan on getting a new one right now, but since my old one crapped out on me, it was time.  My friends call my Mom the appliance fairy because when she was here in the spring, I ended up with a new hot water heater and dishwasher.  I told the kids before they left for school that the new stove was arriving, and Amanda joked that she wanted a purple one.  Well, she mostly got her wish . . . too funny!  The best part about it is it plays a tune when it's preheated and when the timer is done.  Love that.

Seven:  I'm not really a girly girl who's into a lot of make up products.  Every once in awhile I like to venture into Sephora to get a little make over and check out some new products.  My mom and I went on Friday, and we got some serious love from my new favorite girl Angie! 
Let's just chalk up my weird coloring and janky teeth to bad lighting . . . I'm pretty sure I don't look this cracky in real life. Right?  Someone tell me I'm right.
She did a great job making my mom and I feel pretty . . . and we got a few new products.  I loved her bold eyes but warned her not to try anything like that on me!  Here are my current favorite products . . .
1. Buxom Lip Gloss set . . . these are awesome.  I remember the first time I tried it on vacation with my friend Cindy . . . she knows I love some lip products, and I wanted to use her lip gloss.  She looks at me and says, "I'm not sure you're ready for this?"  Like a dare or something.  So I give it a whirl . . . whoa!  It's lip plumping so it tingles . . . I'm pretty sure I had a duck face the rest of the evening.  I loved it though and have lots of it now!

2. Blinc mascara . . . I don't really know exactly how to explain it, but it's a tubular mascara so it's so easy to get off.  You just use a little warm water and like magic it comes off in your fingers . . . it's like your lashes are wearing little sweaters.  I have sensitive eyes so I hate to wear mascara because it starts to itch, and I don't like having to scrub so hard to wash off the raccoon eyes . . . but not with this stuff!  Comes off like a dream!

3. & 4. Laura Mercier concealer . . . and the Sephora concealer brush.  Us moms tend to have dark circles under our eyes . . . I hate to rub concealer on because I feel like it's damaging the skin around my eyes.  If I dab a little of this stuff with the brush, it goes on so easy and gentle.  The bonus is I no longer look like someone punched me and gave me a black eye.  Hot Mess Express right here!!

Eight:  My chicken lamp . . . yes, I have a thing for chickens.  I can assure you my house is not over 'chickened,' just a few!
There's a night light inside the chicken . . . oh the joy!
My mama bought this for me at the Country Living Fair when she was here . . . we wheeled and dealed with some adorable gentleman and made a sale!  The Fair was part of the reason I flew mom down to visit . . . she loves the magazine and really wanted to go!  Check that off her list!
Doesn't she look freaking amazing for 70?
Nine:  My new Petey ornament from my BFF's mom Karol and her friend Kathy!  Shout out ladies!!  They know I love my Petey dog and got this for me.  Made my heart smile.  Thank you! 
And Petey is doing just fine since his surgery!  The vet said it was skin cancer and no further treatments are necessary.  Happy dance!
Ten: . . . music makes life so much better, and I love that I know how to add some tunes to the blog!  I do feel like life is best expressed via song!  Here's my current favorite tune . . .
Who wants to dance with me tonight?  Getzy better raise his freaking hand!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday . . .

Prototype Mama
I love Friday blog posts . . . everybody talks about all the stuff that makes them happy . . . here are mine!

1.  My babies in their Halloween costumes . . .
Walk like an Egyptian?  Freak.
We have a zombie, a cupcake fairy and the green blob is open to interpretation . . . it was hella funny though!

2. My mama is in town for twelve, count them, 12 whole days.  I die of happiness.  She is seriously so awesome . . . the kids love having her around, the dogs are happy to see her and I'm giddy with excitement.  She is super helpful with everything . . . she's my sous chef for dinner, she does laundry and keeps the house tidy and I have company on my errands!  The bad news is she leaves on Saturday.  Boo.

Love this photo . . . the kids took off as soon as I was done!

3.  The fall activities . . . namely the pumpkin patch.  Or camel laden hay ride.  Whatevs.  We went last Wednesday to Pettit Creek Farms to do the fall thang.  There was a petting zoo (read: fenced in area with goats), a corn maze, jumpies (not inflated due to the wind) and a hay ride.  Ok, so while I don't think their get up is as fabulous as the billboard, two things saved it for me. 

One . . . the baby goat who could escape from the fence.  The other folks there were all like, "Oh no, the baby goat has escaped!"  And I'm all like, "Come here baby goat . . . you can go home with me!"
Can you tell how happy he made me?
Is it just me, or do other people's kids ask to bring home ridiculous animals to keep for pets?  I guess mine know they have a shot if Getzy isn't around . . .

The kids carried this baby goat around forever while we were waiting for the hay ride to begin . . . so tempting to keep . . .
Aww, so cute!  Sure kids, we can keep him!
Two:  I don't think it was an accident that it was Hump Day and the hay ride involved camels . . . so exciting!
Nom, nom, nom.
Ok, is there anything funnier than a camel chewing?  I think not.  Except maybe Amanda saying to me, "Mom, look at the camel's toes.  They look funny." 

4.  So I'd say it's pretty freaking exciting that my blog has been viewed 15,000 . . . I hit this milestone recently and took a picture . . . I mean, I'm a blogger, right?  Gotta take a picture!
Bam . . . I think I can call myself a blogger now!
5.  It was conference week last week, and the kids received their report cards!  I may have dropped another couple of f-bombs . . . this time they were 'Freaking' and 'Fabulous!'  I was super impressed that all three of them had pretty awesome grades . . . seems they pulled it together the last half of the nine weeks!  Hallelujah!

Hope you have a great weekend!
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