Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Pumpkin Run 2013

The Getz family participated again this year in the Big Pumpkin Run with our Cross Country team.  It's a super fun run with an easy course.  It was freezing . . . like Arctic tundra cold, but we made it!
A family that runs together . . . stays together.  Oh, we pray too!
I would love to take credit for the speed of my children, but it would be a big fat lie.  Some of it is their genes, but we also run them like Kenyans at practice . . . you know what they say, practice makes faster. 

I obviously started at the back of the pack . . . well, since faster runners are up front.  My lack of actual training and not running a full three miles EVER wasn't exactly going to work in my favor.  Yes, while I've walked, jogged, fire jumped or fat lady bounced a 5K, I've never actually run, 'like a runner' run, a whole 3.1 miles before . . . hey, there's a first time for everything!  I did it this year!  I was actually pretty proud of my final recorded time online at 30:21!  Booyah! 
Why do all race photos suck?
And my ear buff is around my hand . . . it got too hot!
Getzy came in 45th overall with a time of 21:32 . . . get it done!  And 5th in his age group . . . bam! 
I die.  I think his legs are so freaking hot.  True story.
Ryan did awesome at 23:07 . . . and I'm pretty sure the socks made him run faster!
He gets his legs from his father . . .
Side eye.
Kyle won his age group again at 22:44 . . . his last year in the 10 and under crowd.  So proud!
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner . . . his mouth
is full of the free beef jerky from the give away tents!
And little Getz Girl ran by herself this year . . . she started running in her kitty hat because she was so cold, but a fellow club member took it from her later!  She also ran in not one, but two, pair of pants and a couple of shirts.  She had no plans to freeze, but I think it all slowed her down.  Still pretty impressive for an eight year old girl to complete the 5K in 29:47. 
 Best race hair ever. 
Big hair, don't care.
Last year Getzy ran with Amanda because it was her first 5K.  It made my heart smile because he would rather run like the wind and be done with it, but he stayed with her the whole time.  Why didn't I?  Oh, because she was a lot faster than me.  Sucka.  Her time last year was 27:57.  Dayumm! 

Here is a picture of my Kenyans from last year . . .
We definitely liked the long sleeve shirts they gave away last year . . .
much better than the t-shirt this year!
We should shout out some members of our club . . . we had first place winners in the men's 40-44 age group, boy's 11-14 age group and girl's 11-14 age group!  We were so proud of all the kids and parents who came and ran a great race.  Looking forward to next year!

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  1. That's a great time! I love that your daughter ran in 2 pairs of pants. Ain't nobody got time to be freezing, regardless of if it slows her time down or not. LOL.

  2. Ok, I think it's the cutest thing ever that this was a family affair. And as always, I hope when my kids are your kids ages, I will be even half the mom you are!

  3. I ran that last year and I have that shirt!!! Love that course!

  4. This is the cutest thing ever! And MAN! Your family is SUPER SUPER SPEEDY! What in the world?!?! What do you feed them woman? ;)