Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday . . .

Prototype Mama
I love Friday blog posts . . . everybody talks about all the stuff that makes them happy . . . here are mine!

1.  My babies in their Halloween costumes . . .
Walk like an Egyptian?  Freak.
We have a zombie, a cupcake fairy and the green blob is open to interpretation . . . it was hella funny though!

2. My mama is in town for twelve, count them, 12 whole days.  I die of happiness.  She is seriously so awesome . . . the kids love having her around, the dogs are happy to see her and I'm giddy with excitement.  She is super helpful with everything . . . she's my sous chef for dinner, she does laundry and keeps the house tidy and I have company on my errands!  The bad news is she leaves on Saturday.  Boo.

Love this photo . . . the kids took off as soon as I was done!

3.  The fall activities . . . namely the pumpkin patch.  Or camel laden hay ride.  Whatevs.  We went last Wednesday to Pettit Creek Farms to do the fall thang.  There was a petting zoo (read: fenced in area with goats), a corn maze, jumpies (not inflated due to the wind) and a hay ride.  Ok, so while I don't think their get up is as fabulous as the billboard, two things saved it for me. 

One . . . the baby goat who could escape from the fence.  The other folks there were all like, "Oh no, the baby goat has escaped!"  And I'm all like, "Come here baby goat . . . you can go home with me!"
Can you tell how happy he made me?
Is it just me, or do other people's kids ask to bring home ridiculous animals to keep for pets?  I guess mine know they have a shot if Getzy isn't around . . .

The kids carried this baby goat around forever while we were waiting for the hay ride to begin . . . so tempting to keep . . .
Aww, so cute!  Sure kids, we can keep him!
Two:  I don't think it was an accident that it was Hump Day and the hay ride involved camels . . . so exciting!
Nom, nom, nom.
Ok, is there anything funnier than a camel chewing?  I think not.  Except maybe Amanda saying to me, "Mom, look at the camel's toes.  They look funny." 

4.  So I'd say it's pretty freaking exciting that my blog has been viewed 15,000 . . . I hit this milestone recently and took a picture . . . I mean, I'm a blogger, right?  Gotta take a picture!
Bam . . . I think I can call myself a blogger now!
5.  It was conference week last week, and the kids received their report cards!  I may have dropped another couple of f-bombs . . . this time they were 'Freaking' and 'Fabulous!'  I was super impressed that all three of them had pretty awesome grades . . . seems they pulled it together the last half of the nine weeks!  Hallelujah!

Hope you have a great weekend!
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  1. I love that you kinda sorta called your kid a freak in that photo! Hilarious and I do that shit all the time:)

  2. That picture is amazing of you holding the baby goat! Your expression tells it all!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your Five on Friday at That's Fresh Friday!