Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fives!

Meh, I'm just not feeling it this week . . . but I do love my Five on Friday so here goes!
Sometimes I wish we could freeze time and keep them young . . .
1.  My oldest and I went to Starbucks this morning for a breakfast date . . . his choice of location.  On the way there he reminded me he'd never been to Starbucks.  I rarely drink coffee out . . . mostly when I'm traveling . . . so it was fun to take him for his first experience!  He chose a Decaf White Chocolate Mocha . . . well, I chose the decaf part for him.  That was the coffee I used to drink on special occasions before I was a coffee drinker.  It really melted my heart this afternoon after school when he told me how much he enjoyed our "date" together.   
Why yes, my butt was vibrating!!
2.  This little stinker has learned the art of a selfie . . . at least she has some manners . . . and a sense of humor.  Cracks me up! 
Neon yellow is his color . . . his knee socks match . . .
he's clearly walking on sunshine!
3.  It's the little things . . . I had Kyle all to myself for about 30 minutes yesterday, and I wanted to do something special with him.  Knowing my child, I told him to follow me to the basement.  I picked up two empty wrapping paper tubes (Christmas wrapping has begun FTW) on the way, and we headed out the basement door to the trampoline.  We had a jumping sword fight until I told him if I didn't stop, I was going to pee my pants.  He was so happy and told me he wished we could do this every day . . . as a family. 
4.  I like to take random pictures of myself with any and all animals I can find and send them to my ladies or Getzy.  I always confidently declare I'm keeping them, which is clearly BS.  What cracks me up is that they still sometimes believe me!  One of my latest was Dixie Pig . . . she belongs to my hairdresser's daughter . . . shout out ladies!!  She was very cuddly and tucked her snout up under my arm and fell asleep.  She also wags her tail when she's happy and squeals if you pick her up under her belly . . . so adorable.
I bring home the bacon . . . fry it up in a pan . . .
5.  Cast iron . . . I love to cook in these old skillets, and I love to fry bacon, which is a love language for my sons.  The big pan there was my grandmother's and the medium one in the background was my great-grandmother's.  How cool is it to think it's been passed down through the generations and still going strong?  They are a bit of work to maintain, but it's worth it for how they cook and their legacy! 

And to round out a Friday of fun, I'm participating in a new link up that seriously has my name written all over it . . . ok, not literally, but it's about music.  Happy dance.  Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants created this little gem and I love it!
Here are a couple of the songs I downloaded this week . . . iTunes is, in fact, an addiction.  
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