Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random feel goods . . .

I decided this week that I had one to many houseplants . . . I'm pretty sure normal people don't really dwell on this stuff, but I can't be sure. 
I took some photos of the two adoptable plants and posted them on a neighborhood Facebook page with a quippy caption about them needing a good home because houseplants deserve a chance too.  They were free, but I still wondered if I'd get any takers.  Low and behold, a lovely gentleman said he would love to have them, and he promised to give them a good home!  

I'm running like a crazy bat so I tell him I'll put them on my porch, and he can pick them up anytime that evening!  You know what?  He and his wife left me the loveliest note thanking me for the plants.  Oh my gosh, made me so happy. 
Btw, I think the art of WRITING an actual note, not typing an email or a text message, is lost in this day and age, and that's a damn shame.  Nothing makes me happier than receiving a note via the USPS (or at least in my mailbox).  On the flip side, I love to write notes to people telling them thank you, thinking of you, whatever really.  Try it sometime . . . it bet it would make someone's day!

I sent him a nice FB message about how sweet it was that he and his wife left me a thank you note . . . I felt like we were kindred plant spirits now so I told him about two peace lilies my father gave me in 1996 for my apartment.  He passed away that same year, and I've kept them alive and well ever since in memory of him.

We had exchanged cell phones in case something went wrong . . . he sent me this the next day . . .

Seriously people . . . this is so trivial yet it seemed the exchange made both of us feel good about life . . . and that is awesome. 
And then . . . there's more happy . . . hug yourself.  A friend dropped off a surprise cupcake in my mailbox!  Boom.  Face rocked.  It was a little treat for helping her with carpool.  She thinks it's a big deal, and I think it's not.  But I'll take her cupcake anyway.  Shout out SA!
Ok, ok . . . one more and then I'm done.  I received not just one, but TWO, handwritten (swoon) thank you notes in the mail from friends on the SAME day as the other goodness noted above.  "Can you feel the love tonight . . . ?"  All Lion King up in here . . .

So the point is really this . . . do nice things . . . and take the time to write something and tell people that you care!

And your feel good song of the day . . . "may your hearts be full like your dreams tonight . . ."
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