Monday, December 16, 2013

What goes on?

Hello party people . . . it's been a hot minute.  Seriously.  Who's got the time?  For all the things.  Uh, not me.  So exercising and blogging get cut . . . which are two of the things I most enjoy.  Ok, I can't say I love exercising, but I do love the way I feel after I've done it.  I think I have my priorities out of whack.  Well . . . shit.  That's a harsh reality that I just faced.  Oh, and the princess said I was always on my computer . . . I don't agree, but I can't discount her perception.

So what's been going on around here?  Well, Christmas shopping and decorating for sure.  I think I'm done.  With both. Basically I need to not go into any more stores because I keep finding all these cool gifts and then keep trying to even out the "piles" amongst the kids . . . as if they will even notice.  They won't.  They're good like that.  

In other news, the online shopping has produced some decent boxes . . . which Amanda deems perfectly useful for sleeping.  And yes, she slept the entire night . . . in a box . . . by a Christmas tree!

Hashtag hobo.
And the decorating . . . I may, or may not, have a Christmas tree and ornament addiction!  I have decorated 11 trees of all sizes and have several boxes of unused ornaments . . . because I don't have enough trees.  Need.  More.  Trees.  Ok, maybe not need.  But want for sure.  Getzy, not so much.  I'm definitely a "more is more" person, and he errs on the opposite side. Booorrrriiinnnggg.

Speaking of ornaments, I started a Maine themed tree at the suggestion of our Aunt Debbie . . . it's a little sparsely decorated at the moment, but it will fill up over the years.  Especially when fabulous cousins send me L.L. Bean boot ornaments, or key chains (which fashion nicely into ornaments) . . . love it!
Feel free to send Maine ornaments for needy tree.
And I enjoyed a holiday dinner out with my poker ladies last week, and we did an ornament exchange.  I'm pretty sure I got the best ornament(s) of the night . . . a trifecta of awesomeness. 
Nothing says Christmas like a poker playing bear and
some smiling wine glasses . . . I enjoy!
Ok, everybody was happy with theirs . . . because these ladies are just like that.  Always fun and full of great conversation.  So thankful to be a part of the group!
Love all these ladies . . . friends make life much better!
I took my brood to see the Santa at the mall . . . every year we go to the same mall, and I think it's the same Santa!  The boys weren't jazzed to go, but I asked them to please do it for me.  Since I didn't get all fussy with their clothing choices, they happily went along.  While they all want mini-ipads, the agreed to not ask for those so they didn't seem greedy.  That pretty much melted my heart.  So Ryan asked for a lava lamp (groovy), Kyle for an airsoft sniper rifle (yes, he's that kid that likes to shoot stuff) and Amanda for a Baby Alive (because what could be more fun than a baby that poops).  I think Santa will be able to manage these requests.  
And not an hour before we were leaving, Kyle's foot connected with Ryan's lip on the trampoline . . . and then there was blood.  Ryan comes up the back steps with his hand cupped under his chin catching the drops . . . he looks at me and says, "I'm ok . . . it doesn't hurt too bad."  No tears.  Geez, that kid is tough. 

I was about to freak out on Kyle but Ryan vouched for him and said he didn't mean to kick him in the mouth . . . it was an accident.  Later Ryan fessed that while it was true, Kyle didn't mean to kick him in the mouth, he did mean to kick him . . . Ryan swiped his Santa hat and was messing with him.  Ah, boys . . . still, the rule is use your words, not your hands and feet.  I told Kyle he better thank his brother for having his back . . . I had cooled off enough not to go all crazy on him, but he got a fine lecture.
Really mom? 
My ladies and I managed to sneak away and see the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker at the Fox Theater!  It was a rainy and dreary day made better by good company and some holiday cheer!
Whoa . . . that puffy vest looks extra puffy. 
Coincidence that it's after a cruise?  I think not. 
We started with brunch at Murphy's in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta . . . the don't serve alcohol until 12:30 p.m. on Sunday's in Georgia so we ate, and then sat around until it was time . . . then this . . . salad in a glass!
So my Mom comes this week which makes me uber happy . . . she will be here to enjoy the chaos of class parties, last minute running around and general fun with the anticipation of Christmas.  I cannot wait. 

And there you have it . . . happenings in the Getz house of late.  Hope life is treating you right, yes YOU . . . until next time . . . be well!
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