Monday, December 2, 2013

Where have I been? Oh, you know . . . Just cruisin' around

On the Disney boat, The Fantasy!  Booyah, no turkey cooking for me!
Our home for seven days . . . all five of us in one room.  Cuddles.
It was pretty swag-tastic . . . except for all the people and kids . . . because I'm so friendly like that.  It's super big.  And I sailed it.  Ok, sailed on it.  Whatevs.

We did a 7-day cruise leaving from Port Canaveral, Florida on Saturday, November 23rd.  We were at sea on Sunday; Grand Caymans on Monday; Costa Maya, Mexico on Tuesday; Cozumel, Mexico on Wednesday; at sea on Thanksgiving day; and Castaway Cay on Friday, the private Disney Island in the Bahamas.  We had private excursions planned at each port but sometimes the weather changes things . . . more details on that later. 

First things first though . . . Getzy and the boys drove down on Thursday so they could enjoy a charter fishing trip with the two other dads near Port Canaveral, Florida on Friday.  Our friend Norm did the Internet sleuthing and found Captain Greg from Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters.

This was Ryan and Kyle's first major fishing excursion, and they were on fire . . . check out their first catches!
The one on the left is a Snook and the one on the right is a Crevalle Jack . . .
it's like they're from Jersey!
According to the dads, Captain Greg was awesome with the boys.  I even got videos of the boys reeling in their catches, and Captain Greg was so encouraging and patient.  He knew they were tired, but made them finish the job until the fish was on board.  Love that. 
Ryan gets major motion sickness.  They tried to go out into the open water, but there were 5-6 feet swells and once they anchored, none of Ryan's food stayed anchored . . . if you know what I mean.  And neither did Kyle's for that matter.  So they came back in near the port, and the fishing was just fine. 
Ryan was feeling pretty puny so when they hooked a big one, naturally the captain said Ryan should real him in (or maybe her) . . . sort of to clear his mind.  Ryan worked hard and bam, BIG fish. 
Rally, fish, boot and rally . . . in that order!
Getzy said it was like a Hollywood photo finish because as soon as Ryan smiled, and the photo was snapped, boom . . . empties his stomach over the back of the boat.  Chumming the water according to Captain Greg.  Too funny!  And mostly gross.  Last time though . . . he held it together after that . . . so proud.

And not to be outdone, Kyle comes in for the big win.  And I mean BIG.  Like bigger than him, big.  These biggun's were red fish . . . too big to keep so they threw them all back . . . after a hug, of course!
When in doubt, hug a fish.  And then pack away the dirty laundry for a week. 
And not to be out done with an adventure, my ladies and I all got spray tans on Thursday morning!  My first time . . . I was legit worried I was gonna end up like this . . .

You know you're signing their song in your head right now . . .
I show up all freaked out, but figured what the hell?  YOLO, am I right?  (Does YOLO bug you?  Maybe a little?)  The whole process was pretty easy . . . you're supposed to put barrier cream on your palms and bottoms of your feet so you don't look like you've been staining furniture.  Some of us are better at it than others . . . true story. 
You aren't immediately tan . . . which would be awesome.  The color has to sort of develop over the next several hours . . . it's a giant crap shoot as to what you might end up looking like.  We were told to rinse off in the shower, no soap, after 6-7 hours to make sure we didn't over do it.  I was definitely getting my color on by the evening . . . and life is clearly better with supportive bitches friends.  Yes, I gave them stupid names to protect their identity . . . it's late and the creative juices weren't flowing.  Suck it.  I'm the blue texts below . . . and for the record, spelling and grammar don't count on texts.   I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere . . . 
Ok, we crack ourselves up . . . every damn day.  Those ladies are my wolf back.  My people.  My bitches . . . said with love.
And that's how it's gonna be . . .
So the mamas and the little ladies head out on our road trip to Florida before 6 a.m. on Friday . . . can you tell we were excited?  I rode halfway with one friend, and then shared the love and road the rest of the trip with my other friend.  I'm a giver.  I sang so hard to the tunes I was spinning, I was hoarse by the time we got to Florida.  I was meant to be a DJ . . . if it wasn't for the crappy hours and pay . . . I'll settle for doing it for my friends.  They are welcome.

We catch up with the fellas at the hotel pool and download about all the fun things!  Then it's time for our pre-cruise meal tradition at Fishlips!  It's fun for all . . . the parents get to relax, and the kids get to work the stage . . . they call them up to perform.  Funny stuff. 

After dinner we make a trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach for some new gear . . . Amanda got new flops and the boys each got new swim trunks.  Getzy and I opted out . . . we for sure have enough stuff.  And then it's back to the hotel to get some sleeps before boarding the mouse boat the next morning . . . exciting stuff ahead!

My friends and I agree that perhaps a nudist vacation is in order because I have spent the last two days doing laundry, and I'm still not done.  Ok, I kid about the nudity because eeeewww, but seriously, anyone else feel me on this?

I sure hope everyone had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving last week . . . did you do anything exciting?  Tell me all the stuffs!

And I thought this song was sort of in keeping with the fishing theme . . .
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  1. I'm so jealous about your cruise! What did you all eat for Thanksgiving dinner? And your friends are HILARIOUS!!!

  2. AHHH, I don;'t even know you and I am jealous of the life you have lived recently. Ugh, what does that say about me? Send some of that good fortune and weather my way please.

  3. You're the funniest thing ever! I know I would have a blast hanging with you for 7 days! I'm jelly!