Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Christmas Memories . . . a little late

Since my kids have up and left me for snowier pastures, I've got a little free time and thought I should probably do a Christmas post.  I tried to disconnect from electronics during the holidays.  I was mucho successful . . . except for the smutty books that occupied my attention for a few days.  Nothing says Christmas like a trashy romance. 

Let's start with our Christmas card for 2013.  It should be noted that I loathe doing the cards, but I love receiving them from other people.  And in the end, I'd feel guilty not doing them, and they usually turn out cute. 
And since I had last year's card still hanging on my fridge, let's do a comparison for funsies.  And yes, our dogs are featured every year!
My mom came for a short visit the weekend before Christmas . . . she is seriously the best. 
And can you stand how amazing she looks for freaking 70 years young??  I cannot.  Here's hoping it's in the genes. 

So we did our "Christmas with Granny" on Friday night . . . the kids were so excited!  Mom always comes up with great gifts, and I love to spoil her too . . . she deserves it!
The "big" gift from Granny was a karaoke machine . . . too bad it didn't come with earplugs.  Seriously, louder is definitely not better. 
We started hosting an "Italian Christmas" dinner party last year for our close friends.  There is nothing Italian about us . . . it just seemed fun and tasty.  Since we couldn't get our dates sorted during the weekends of December, we ended up having it on Christmas Eve this year. 

It was potluck and everyone brought amazing dishes.  We provided the main dish which was The Pioneer Woman lasagna . . . it was fabulous.  We even had two sets of grandparents join for a total of 21 guest this year!  Know what?  It was so much fun. 

I only took one photo . . . which is pretty ridiculous.  I couldn't resist capturing Santa and his Elf on film . . . because nothing screams Elf like a pair of Louboutins.  I guess I was having too much fun the rest of the time to take pictures. 
Ever year on Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present . . . it's usually pajamas.  Duh.  This year I had requests to hide the boxes so I had Santa and his Elf do the dirty work before they left.  Again, no pictures, but they are wearing them in the Christmas morning photos so I don't feel so bad.

Santa comes to visit the tree in our basement . . . mostly because there's room to spread out and open gifts.  Here is our tree before the orderly Christmas gift opening . . . because I'm married to an OCD extremist.  Yes, I just said that.  Open gift.  Deal with paper and box.  Put in stack.  Move on to next person.  Rinse and repeat.  He's a freak.  But I love him.
We do the Christmas pickle tradition . . . or at least our version of it.  Santa hides the pickle some where on the tree, and the person who finds it gets to open the first gift. 

My oldest makes it his mission to find it every year . . . he succeed again.  And note the elf hat . . . he swindled it away from the Christmas Eve Elf.  Well played kid.
In our house, we only ask Santa for one, maybe two, gifts.  And Santa gifts are wrapped in special paper with fancy bows since they are different from the others.  And since Santa is pretty awesome, each child received the one item they asked him for this year. 

Another annoying tradition is when I make everyone pose by the Christmas tree with all their gifts for the year.  I think it's cool to be able to look back over the years and see what each kid is into at the time.  I tell them to just shut it and make me happy.  And they do.
And Getzy even humors me even though he finds it annoying.  Fair is fair.  I find it annoying how orderly it all has to be, and then he proceeds to take off every tag and throw away every box before we even know if stuff works.  Kuh-razy.  Fact.  But he's at least cute.
Getzy's twin brother and his family joined us the day after Christmas for a visit.  They have 2 boys and this is what happened for three solid days.  And that's a tub of beef jerky on the table because well . . . jerky.

Getzy did manage to tear them away from their gaming long enough to help him make Fatayers (pronounced Fa-toy-yas) and Baklawa (the Syrian spelling of baklava) . . . the same type of food his family used to make given their Syrian heritage.  Both were very tasty.
Overall it was a great holiday season.  There were things I wish we had made time to do, but we spent time with great friends and family, and that is what matters the most.
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  1. I'm totally confused about the Santa gift thing. You have a truckload of gifts, not just one! Do your kids still believe in Santa? I want to celebrate Christmas at your house. And if I can't, I'll settle for a visit with Matt's new crystal decanter.