Monday, January 13, 2014

"Snow" Day

On Tuesday this past week, my kids were supposed to go back to school after the winter break . . . they had been off since December 20th.  But alas, we had a "snow" day, or if you live in Georgia, a "cold" day. 

Since the wind chill had the temperatures below freezing, school was cancelled.  In fact, it was the coldest temperatures in Atlanta since 1993.  I was thrilled . . . another morning of sleeping in, not packing lunches and another day without homework.  Score.  

My kids did get to have some real snow days on their trip to Ohio with my best friend.  Talk about cold . . . it was fuh-reezing up there.  In fact, my friend drove through a storm to get to her parent's house . . . nerve wracking for sure for this mama back home.

In the end, it was all worth it . . . check out these goofballs in the snow!
On Saturday, they went to Valley's Edge Snow Tubing
This was a two-fold decision.  One, my friend loves an adventure so why not take the kids to a proper snow tubing park?  And two, apparently dragging sleds back up the hill after sliding down gets old after awhile!  The snow tube place had a pulley system to hike them back up the hill after the ride.  My friends are funny AND smart. 
I asked them if they were cold playing in the snow.  They all very emphatically said no, unless their face was it . . . which for the boys, was apparently often.  According to Kyle, "It tasted so good!"  Freak.
Their last adventure for Saturday night was trekking over to Richmond, Indiana for "the best pizza" at Clara's Pizza King.  Even better than the pizza, getting to eat inside a double decker bus.  So cool. 
And the trip came to an end by leaving around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning to beat the snow storm expected in the Midwest.  We flew in the same morning from D.C. and my family was all together again by 11 a.m.  So blessed.  Despite the long drives, no complaints from the kids and they had a blast!  And I'm still friends with my BFF, so I'd say it was a win for everyone!
Here's to many more adventures in 2014!
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  1. Hahaha. So glad you two are still BFF's. That seems like a trip I would have loved as a kid! :)