Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So what am I gonna do about it?

I'm talking about the extra weight I'm carrying around that needs to go.  I have been on an 'eat all the things' plan since October . . . and it's caught up to me.  Damn.  So in summary, I need 18 pounds to get gone.  Buh bye.     
Why 18 pounds?  That will get me to my Weight Watcher goal weight.  It's January, so it's time to buckle down . . . because my pants are having a hard time getting buckled.  Like for reals.  I'm sitting here typing this with my jeans unbuttoned . . . you can't un-see that image.  You're welcome. 

Good news . . . I have a plan.  Or plans.

Plan #1 - I say go with what you know, and for me, that's Weight Watchers
I've been super successful on this in the past . . . and one day I'm going to treat it like a lifestyle change and not a diet.  One day.

I joined last October in a feeble attempt to stop myself during the eat fest that is the last three months of the year.  I went once.  So basically I donated to Weight Watchers last fall.  Stupid.

My friend agreed to start going with me.  That's a huge win/bonus for me because the three times (yes, f'ing three times . . . you'd think I would have it figured out by now) I've been successful at losing weight with WW, I attended meetings with friends.  Shout out DA and SF!  I suck at the on-line accountability . . . I need to show my face at a meeting and get on the scale.

Plan #2 - I joined Skinny Meg's new year DietBet.  What is that you ask? 
Well, you pay money (this one was a $25 buy in) to join an on-line group that has to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, or lose your money.  However, the upside is if you lose the weight, you split the total pot along with the other folks achieving their goals.  And who doesn't want to take pictures of themselves on a scale and send it off into the internets?  Yeah, that was good times.
Plan #3 - Keep a resolutions calendar.  I prefer to write stuff down . . . with an actual pen.  So I went crazy and purchased a calendar at the dollar store. 
I like to see progress so writing things on a monthly calendar page helps me to visualize it.  I'd really like to see some progress in my pants fitting better . . . I'll get there!

Plan #4 - Get back to 5:30 a.m. Boot Camp.  I am super excited that boot camp moved back to Tues/Thurs instead of Mon/Wed.  Me getting up early on a Monday just wasn't going to happen.  In fact, I started back this morning and loved it!
Plan #5 -
Go to the gym.  I'm pretty embarrassed to admit that I joined Youfit last year sometime before fall . . . I went a few times and then quit going.  For shame.
I'm a social girl so to go to the gym by myself is hard, even if they have a television on every piece of cardio equipment.  My monthly membership isn't expensive, and I can bring a friend anytime for free . . . anyone want to go to the gym with me?  Crickets.  I understand.  But I've been once already, and I'm going to keep it up . . . I'd like to go a couple times a week, even if it's just a short cardio workout.  I'm starting to realize doing a little is better than zero.  Fact.

So there it is . . . big plans.  Huge.  Let's do this. 

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  1. Well you already know I am in it to win it with you! So here's what I think... we should plan to meet up after we get a few pounds lost under our belt and have a healthy-er food/drink fest somewhere really cool!

  2. Love your planner for the goals! Also, I've lost and gained weight quite a bit too. :( but hoping one day I will learn my lesson!

  3. I'll go to the gym with you anytime after 11am :-P