Friday, February 28, 2014

A little February recap

Hi there . . . how you doing?  Me?  Pretty good.  Thanks for asking . . . or not.  I can't believe it's the end of February already . . . since I haven't updated this month, here's a highlight reel for February!

The obligatory kids in snow pictures . . . I never got around to posting them but darn, they are cute. 

They were happy to stay out for hours . . . except to change to dry gloves!
And the dogs are adorbs too!  Old man Pete thought he wanted to go outside because everybody else was doing it . . . he lasted about 5 minutes and didn't want to get his feet wet.  And he was pathetically shaking . . . even in his cute little coat. 
Petey and his fancy coat . . . he's a shopper. 
This girl, however, was totally in her element.  She was like a frisky puppy playing in the snow and occasionally grabbing a bite full to hydrate. 
Polar bear in it's natural habitat.
The kids and I managed to avoid the second big wave of snow and ice to hit Atlanta by getting out of town, once they pre-emptively closed school two days ahead of winter break.  We headed out with a couple of mom friends to a lake house in Kentucky on Lake Cumberland!  The kids had a blast going for hikes every day and hanging with their friends . . . and guzzling soda.  The climbed near some caves and tried to see who could find the biggest icicle. 
Crazy kids . . . but so much fun!
And they found some bones . . . which they had to bring back to the lake house.  Even they were sort of grossed out because they smelled . . . but who are we to deny the children a science education?  At least they wore gloves . . .
Eeewww . . . we speculate it was a deer . . . or a goat!
And I need to give a shout out to my "L" family girls . . . I sure hope when Amanda gets to high school that she is as composed and grounded and AWESOME as these girls!!

Another fun February event was me driving five 6th grade boys to and from a party that was about an hour away.  I offered to be chauffeur and planned to lay low in the car and at the party.  Those boys had other plans for me! 

I played DJ in the car while they danced and talked over each other.  Then when we got to the party, I let them go off to do their thing . . . which was pretty much avoiding the girls and playing basketball.  I chatted with some of the moms until it was time to go on the Scavenger Hunt.  I was in charge of the boy team and they had me running, literally, all over the 7 block downtown until we got every last item on our list.  Which included things such as crossing the street holding hands in the crosswalk . . .
This smacks of a Ferris Beuller scene . . .
And finding a Chevy, which coincidentally, had to be near a levee, which we also found!
Of course I hear "drove a Chevy to the levee . . ."
And having your leader's picture made in a sombrero at a Mexican restaurant.  Uh, check!
Yo quiero Taco Bell.
While the party was fun, the ride home is really what made the night.  I don't know if it was the sugar high, the dark car ride or just that they had spent so much time together (the party was four hours), but they would not shut up.  And it was freaking hysterical. 

They were all trying to one up each other on the jokes and stories.  I'd offer some commentary or advice here and there and made sure the conversation stayed away from the land of the naughty . . . but those boys never said anything super mean or anything that I felt I had to report back to their parents.  

They finally got around to confessions, crushes and other juicy tidbits.  Then one of them says they have to take the "bro code" . . . you know, what is said in the car, stays in the car.  They do this hands in the middle thing and swear.  And then one of them says, "You too Ms. Getz!  You're one of the bros!"  And I nearly exploded with the sheer happiness of them wanting to include me.  I am thankful that my son has good friends, especially in middle school. 

So Ryan has the idea of having a "bro breakfast" at Chick-Fil-A this week.  All the parents agreed to drop off the boys, and I would stay and drive them all to school.  Again, they laughed themselves silly, which could have been the result of 8 a.m. milkshakes, but whatevs.  Since there weren't any little kids around, I let them burn off some energy in the kids area . . . they thought they were so funny.  Dorks. 
The boys "hashtagged" this one . . . #brocode #thuglife
Crazy busy days, but I wouldn't trade them for the world!  Hope life is treating you well too!  Next up . . . March!
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