Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet "Proud Mary"

There's no better adjective to me than bad ass.  I love it so much.  I mean sure, who doesn't like being called nice, or funny, or smart . . . but calling me bad ass is like having me at hello and I get all melty.  Sometimes you have to do things to get the attention you want . . . to be bad ass.   

So let me introduce you to the newest member of the Getz Family . . . "Proud Mary!"  Here's the story of how she came to be . . . and how she got her name.
Getzy and I are super jelly of our friends that have Jeeps . . . the ones that could actually get around in the snow and get to go trail riding on the weekends.  So we started looking for one for our family . . . and so did our Jeep friends (shout out Jason).
We wanted a four door because that equals five seat belts . . . kind of an necessity with the chirren.  Getzy was fine with an automatic, but I called him a name that sounded like a kitty cat and told him it had to be a stick shift or no deal.  We wanted it "ready to ride" . . . as in big tires and already jacked up with a suspension lift.  And finally, I decided I was too old to have to roll up my own windows so I needed a few bells and whistles on the inside.  What that all equals is a Jeep that's hard to find.     

A couple of weekends ago, Getzy and kids went to test drive one that was nearby.  He liked it ok, but saw one he liked even better in the car lot garage.  He asked me to go check it out during the week, so I did.  And I kind of fell in love.
We hemmed and hawed about it for a couple of weeks . . . were we making a good choice buying a Jeep?  Here's the song I kept hearing in my head . . . the illustrious words of Eminem were what helped me decide (and this is definitely NOT the clean version:
Just say "eff" it, before you kick the bucket
Life's too short to not go for broke!

Ok, so Eminem and YOLO!  Am I right?  Hell yeah!  So I bought it.  Without telling Getzy.  Boom.  Badassery in action . . . since I don't have a "jay ohh bee" or anything!

I was going for the cool wife award, and I knew Getzy wanted this particular Jeep.  I signed the papers last Wednesday and went to pick it up on Friday with one of my most fun friends ever . . . shout out Cindy!! 
Clearly the sun was shining and the angels were signing!  We took a joy ride around town showing it to my friends . . . who were all in the know about the secret.  Poor Getzy was slaving away at work . . .

Finally, I backed the Jeep into the garage, tied a bow and some balloons to it and shut the door.  The kids were in on the surprise so we all played outside eagerly waiting for Big Daddy to get home.  I predicted a 'one sided turned up lip Elvis style smirk' as his reaction . . . since Getzy is so expressive and all.  I even filmed his reaction when he finally got home . . . he was super cute with a full smile!  I'm pretty sure he was screaming like a girl on the inside!  Clearly I scored major points! 
Thankfully the weather was gorgeous most of the weekend so putting the top back was fun . . . especially for the little Getz'!
We were having a tough time agreeing on a name for the new ride.  Typically Getzy names his new cars by using the first female name he hears in a song on the radio while driving it.  I was bucking tradition because in my head, this was "our" car, not his, since it's the fun third car . . . not for every day driving. 

I suggested Clyde because I always tell the kids, "Let' ride, Clyde!"  Then Getzy thought Frosty was a viable option since he likes frosty beverages, and it's white like frosty snow.  I called stupid on that one.  Then on Saturday, he hears Proud Mary by CCR and says her name is Mary.  I still wasn't sold so we agreed to put it to a vote on Facebook.  The overwhelming majority voted for Proud Mary so alas, she has her name. 
Proud Mary is "trail rated," whatever that means, but I think she's too pretty to get dirty.  The boys seem to think otherwise. 
She's also very pretty on the inside . . . so I'd hate to have to clean the dirt out of there . . . in the end, I guess it wouldn't be me doing the cleaning.  OCD Getzy would be out there with his posse . . . of kids.
So Big Mama thought she'd be all cool and put the top all the way back and run some errands.  Saturday was perfect weather for Jeeping!  Proud Mary was looking amazing and I knew she'd make me look good.  Right?  Maybe not . . .
Picture this . . . and I reiterate that Getzy is a lucky guy.  So this middle age mama has on a baseball cap pulled low to keep my hairs under control.  I had my sunglasses on because duh . . . ain't nobody got time for squinting.  And then I realize how much sun I could possibly get riding in this sucker so I zip my jacket all the way up so it's now like a turtleneck.  It also had those thumb holes so I fully engaged my thumbs for maximum coverage against the sun.  I also had on my black running tights leftover from a track meeting that morning.  Daayyuumm . . . contain your hot mental images.  So to savor the moment, I cranked up inappropriate tunes and just went with it! 

And remember the old lady with a bad knee that insisted we get a stick shift?  Yeah, she's dumb . . . and her knee is sore.  Oh well, I can just get new knees later . . . but family fun has to happen now!!  And I've decided all teenagers need stick shifts anyway . . . you simply cannot text and drive.  Brilliant!

And since I knew Getzy couldn't get mad at me this weekend, look who else rocked it in the Jeep!  Team Ruby!
Here's to fun family memories in the Jeep . . . and enjoying life!  Call me if you need a ride . . .
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  1. Ha!!! I am so jealous!!! My BF bought a brand new jeep last spring and she/we loves it. It is a blast! We took it on our girls trip to PCB last spring and that was fun but not so comfy for a 6 hour drive until you get to the beach then its top down and who cares. Make sure you get on FB and find some local jeep clubs to follow. There are always cool happenings in Atlanta. Oh and if you get a wild hair check out Jeep Beach weekend in Daytona every year ... that is on out girls trip bucket list. Have fun! This makes me really want to trade in my gas hog for a jeep!