Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap . . . boys and girls

So much going on in our little corner of the world . . . we are moving and shaking and getting it done!  Last weekend Kyle had his last Cub Scout Blue & Gold celebration and his cross over ceremony to Boy Scouts. 

Getzy and I have been Kyle's den leaders for five years . . . so we were super proud for Kyle to earn his Super Achiever Award and equally as excited to be done with Cub Scouts!  Sorry I'm not sorry . . . it'll be so much easier with both boys back together in Boy Scouts. 
Uh, no . . . those are definitely not official scout socks. 
The next day, we attended Kyle's Crossover Ceremony which is when a Cub Scout earns the Arrow of Light award and the right to become a Boy Scout.  The Order of the Arrow, the National Honor Society of Boy Scouts, comes and does an amazing presentation for the scouts.  The flag the boys hung at the ceremony was retired this past weekend at their first camp out . . . so cool.
The smoke out was cool . . . as soon as I could breathe again . . . it was strong!
The best part for the boys is when they are presented their arrows after it's been put near the fire and the flash paper attached goes up in a poof with no trace of how it happened . . . like magic!
The arrow lighting . . . the best part!
And here's to the cool dudes that have been fearless leaders with us on this crazy journey!  As they say, Ghost Patrol out!
I love these guys . . . great leaders for the boys!
And to kick off their Boy Scout career, this past weekend all the menfolk went on a Boy Scout camping trip.  Look at these handsome men . . . these fellows have my heart for sure.  And geez, those boys need haircuts.  
No soda allowed on Scout trips . . . Getzy is getting his fix in before they leave!

I think Kyle was a little nervous about what to expect, but he had a great time. 
This guy . . . I love those freckles. 
And he learned some new things, specifically how NOT to handle a hatchet.  Ryan and another boy were in charge of the wood yard at camp . . . so it was just the two of them when the hatchet slipped and the other boy sliced open his hand.  Uh, eeeewwww.  Poor kid was a champ though . . . he ended up in the ER with 10 stitches and sure taught all the new scouts what not to do when handling sharp objects.  Ryan had to clean up the bloody hatchet and cover the blood on the ground with leaves and dirt.  And that, folks, is real life. 

Oh, and Kyle also learned that wearing pants in the woods is ideal . . . as well as avoiding falling on sharp pine cones.  See Exhibit A . . . points for a cool looking injury though!
Pine cone damage just below knee . . . ouch!
And since life is best expressed in a song, we love this one . . . and it makes me think of my kids and the lifelong friendships I hope they have with each other.
And while the cat's away, the girls will play.  When I asked Amanda what special things she wanted to do this weekend, she had two requests . . . mani/pedis and The Cheesecake Factory. 
My little mini me . . . she keeps me on my toes . . .
and keeps them pretty with her requests!
As a bonus, she got to watch cooking shows in bed with me and sleep in daddy's spot!  Petey was happy to snuggle with her. 

Since daylight savings happened this weekend, here's to more sunshine and warmer weather!
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