Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Happenings . . .

How about a recap of the month . . . it's been a hot minute since I was here . . . no excuses really . . . just didn't feel it.  I am definitely ready for spring because the cold and gray days so unlike Georgia kinda got me down.   
It has started to warm up, which is a delight, except it then brings thunderstorms.  Now I love a good storm, just not when the kids wake up in the night to announce said storm.  

So since this will be my only post this month because I'm a lazy ass, it'll be a recap of 'what goes on.'

First, the obligatory Easter photos . . .
Know what the best part of Easter was this year, besides going to church on Saturday night so we didn't have to be productive on Sunday?  Getzy making Easter dinner!  Voila!
He doesn't get all the credit . . . I did nuke a bag of French green beans for 4 minutes and put them in a lovely bowl.  I was like his sous chef for sure! 

For Spring Break this year, we went back to Richmond to visit my mom and so I could tell my childhood home goodbye.  She's finally selling it . . . after 45 years.  It's where I came home from the hospital and stayed until I loaded up the U-Haul a year after college to move to Washington D.C. 
It's tiny and rather old, but lord almighty does it have happy memories for me.  I'm sure my childhood wasn't perfect, but that's kind of how I remember it. 

I remember playing in that yard like it was yesterday with my brothers and friends.  I remember having a family dinner every night at the table together.  I remember learning to ride my bike on that cul-de-sac, the same one where Kyle learned to ride one summer visiting mom.  I can name all the pets my dad buried behind our garage when they crossed the rainbow bridge.  I remember when we built the garage that seemed bigger than our house and spending hours outside with my dad.  And I remember holding my dad's hand while he passed away in that home.  It's hard to tell it good bye. 

I also remember wishing for a bigger house, specifically one that had stairs.  But now that I have a bigger house, I almost wish for a smaller one like where I grew up . . . less stuff, more time to together.  I'm sure my memories are jaded and 1,200 square feet and one bathroom would lose it's appeal real quick, but it's a nice thought. 

I will also miss the neighbors . . . the same ones that have been there since before I was born.  I went to visit some and cried like a baby . . . because they all say kind things about remembering me as a child. 
Mrs. Jackson is 90 years old this year . . . still so sweet.  She used to bring me dolls when I was a child.  And Mr. & Mrs. M are in their 80's and more active than people half their age.  I'm going to miss them, but I can always go back to visit.  And I missed seeing Mrs. P because she's always on the go . . . but I'll catch her next time. 

And no worries about my mom . . . her husband built her a lovely house years ago on a beautiful piece of land.  She has just kept her other house in case she needed some peace and quiet . . . apparently that's the secret to your second marriage!
I spent most of my week visiting friends, but we did manage to get in one little roadside attraction . . . a replica of the Statue of Liberty given by the Boy Scouts in 1950.
I did score an awesome piece of furniture that fit perfectly in my van for the drive home, since Mom is trying to lighten the load for moving. 
It's an antique washstand with a solid marble top.  It's gorgeous and the best part is it belonged to my great-grandmother on my mom's side, or mom's dad's mom.  I think that is so cool. 

I put it in my foyer and paired it with the new 'family' sign I got in Virginia at one of my most favorite places to shop . . . The Cracker Barrel . . . because I'm classy like that.

Not too shabby for someone with no flair for decorating!  It is right at the bottom of the staircase and makes me happy everyone time I come downstairs!

I got to attend another field trip with my Kyle!  He's studying sharks in one of his classes so they visited the Georgia Aquarium.  If you haven't been, it's amazing!  Kyle was super stoked because he felt up a sting ray. 
He was determined to stay put until he touched one . . . guess he won!
Amanda and I made like cow girls and visited a friend's barn recently.  Amanda wants to try horseback riding lessons so my friend's daughter is sweet enough to show her the ropes on her own pony.  

These girls . . . such sweet things.  Love them!
Lady Nanny has one blue eye . . . she's such a pretty pony!!  Miss M showed her how to brush her, clean her hooves and put her saddle on properly.  And Miss C showed Amanda how to manhandle the barn cats and lure them back in with promises of Happy Meal milk.  

Amanda did really well riding Lady Nanny around the ring . . . until Nanny decided she was ready for more of a brisk jog.  So technically Amanda was supposed to lean back and pull on the reins to stop her, but apparently her natural instinct took over and she grabbed a hold of Nanny's neck and held on for dear life.  Miss M came and saved the day . . . then we all got a good laugh out of it!   

And this guy . . . only 3 weeks until school is out so I'm glad to enjoy our mornings together before the middle school bell rings. 
He likes to go to this local pharmacy where he gets a double down of chocolate before school!  Then we compare Instagram followers, and he's close to winning . . . feel free to follow me @getzgirlonfire . . . I need to stay cooler than my tweens!

Having Boy Scouts makes me super happy . . . they just had their Court of Awards this week.  Ryan is a Star Scout and Kyle just earned his first rank of Scout.  So proud of those two.  They recently did an Aviation merit badge clinic at an airport and experienced the coolest stuff!
These boys . . . they rock my socks off!
And it wouldn't be right if I didn't throw in some recent dog pictures . . . Getzy was eating bacon, and Petey was not to be deterred.
Excuse me sir . . . are you gonna eat that?
And then Abby was not to be deterred by Petey . . . she always calls shotgun and hangs out the window.  Sometimes Petey wants a better view but apparently it's beauty before age for the front seat.
It's like a boa, except it's not.
And sometimes I sit around, snuggle with Petey and make myself sad that he's so old and won't be with me forever . . . here was one of those times. 
I love this guy . . . he melts my heart.
And Ms. Abby . . . she looks good in the new Jeep.  Too bad she needs some pet steps to get up in it . . . I would say it's because the Jeep is too tall, but it could also be the fact that she weighs almost 90 pounds.  She sure does have a pretty face though, am I right?
Dogs make Jeeps look better!
And this little lady, Ruby the Home Wrecker, keeps showing up back at our house on the weekends.  Who's the crazy lady that walks around school with a guinea pig on her shoulder?  Beats me.
Awww, it's like we're twins with matching hair color!
And let me introduce you to a couple of new delights that put me in fat girl heaven . . .
Ideas for wasting your calories . . .
Seriously, if you haven't tried the Mang-o-Rita . . . then don't.  It's amaze-balls and so not worth the calories.  It's naughty deliciousness.  And for the love of all that is holy, I adore dogs and shortbread . . . to get them together is like a dream come true.  Confession:  I bite the heads off first.

And this has been going around Facebook . . . I double dog love Jimmy Fallon and this lip sync off is seriously some funny stuff . . . sit back and enjoy!  Jimmy wins for dancing but Emma raps like a champ!  She wins hands down . . . the Getz kids voted and declare it so.
And just because I can't let a tween get one over on me . . . a friend's daughter swiped my phone and snapped about 50 selfies.  I actually thought it was hilarious . . . wonder if she will find this hilarious?

#letmetakeaselfie #thatsongisannoying
Geez, this was long . . . maybe I should blog more often instead of cramming it all into one post.  If you made it this far, uh . . . thanks!  Seriously, I'm glad you're here!   

So tell me, what goes on with YOU?  Yes, you . . . if you are reading this then I care and want to know!  Much love and May flowers to you!

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