Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day weekend . . .

Let's talk about the weekend . . . uhm, yeah . . . last weekend.  I get a long weekend and a visit from my mom, and then suddenly I can't get anything done . . . poor time management.  Gah, such is life. 
Memorial Day is such a bittersweet holiday.  Most Americans celebrate with friends, family and great food . . . as we should . . . but it breaks my heart to think of those who have lost loved ones and are suffering.

I'd like to think we are a pretty patriotic family.  I'm super proud of my boys and their dad.  Getzy is the Assistant Scout Master in charge of organizing the flag placement at the front of our neighborhood on patriotic holidays.  My boys and other scouts help out, and it is a breathtaking reminder for our community.  And while this is a craptastic picture, it's beautiful on a sunny day when the wind is blowing!
And yes, we did the whole cookout thing too . . . twice!  My boys are serious meat eaters and need friends to help consume the volume that Getzy likes to make.  Check it out . . .
That's three racks of ribs, a whole chicken and two bone-in Boston butts.  Tasty, tasty meats.  And because Getzy has all different ways to flavor and make them delicious, he had a trifecta of meat making machines in action on Saturday!
And the best part was the leftovers, I whipped up a delicious Brunswick stew . . . I impressed my own darn self.  The Internet is magic . . . found some great recipes but didn't love any of them so I combined a few!
So, while the cookouts this past weekend were super fun, the absolute best part was going to see Neon Trees at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta!  My friend and I bought Groupons for $17.50 each, and it was hands down the best concert money I've ever spent!  Neither of us had been to the Tabernacle, and it's our new favorite place to go for live music! 
Clearly there was something more exciting to look at to my left . . .
btw, LOVE this crazy Irish girl!
There's not a bad seat in the house, and we were super close to the actual band . . . so awesome!  The had a DJ between acts so we danced our butts off in between shows which makes the two of us so happy! 

The first act was called Nightmare and the Cat . . . they were ok . . . didn't love them or hate them.  After that, this new band called Little Pools came on and honestly, they rocked it out!  We thought they were fantastic and would be happy to see them again!  But Neon Trees . . . holy amazing! 
Do these types of selfies bug you?  Maybe a little?
I think they are annoying . . . you're welcome!
The lead singer really knew how to relate to the crowd!  I love their music, and he writes most of it himself.  He gave the explanations behind the songs and geez, love him.  Check him out!!
Here's my favorite Neon Trees song . . . enjoy!  And I'm sure they just mean like night, night sleeping . . . nothing more inappropriate, right?!?
Ok, off to adventures with Mom and the kids . . . Happy Little Friday!     

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  1. Looks like a super fun weekend!! I need to get myself to the Tabernacle... never been... can you believe that???