Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day . . .

Mother's Day is also know around the world as the day moms don't have to cook!  [Thanks Jesus while raising hands to the sky!]  It's also the day most of us get to laze around in bed awaiting the crap-tastic breakfast made by the kids. . . . the best kind! 

Getzy got involved this year so I actually got banana pancakes, in the shape of an "A," with banana slices artfully decorating the edge of the plate.  I also got my coffee from Amanda, a toasted English muffin with butter from Ryan and a big bowl of whipped cream from Kyle.  Did I mention I don't really eat much breakfast?  I did yesterday, and it was awesome!  Did I take a picture?  Uh no . . . just with my mind.

My family knows I love homemade cards, and they were all presented with breakfast . . . made my heart get all melty. 
I do, in fact, fear snakes and I wouldn't mind seeing outer space . . .
I do love an adventure!
They boys went a little more old school with the notebook paper, but Getzy stepped it up with his homemade card!
I'll take last minute attempts when they say sweet things about me!
For the most part, we just relaxed around the house.  We did go run a couple of errands together as a family, which is unheard of because Mom is the chief errand runner around these parts.
Amanda asked if she could get some real perfume.  I can't be bothered with make-up most days, but I always put on perfume so I guess she wants to be like me.  She wanted a fancy big bottle of the Taylor Swift stuff, but it was ridiculously expensive and stunk.  So after overworking our sniffers, we settled on some Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' in a reasonably priced tiny squirt bottle.  I actually loved it, and we might have to share!

Yes, she love fancy nails . . . they are press on!

Ryan asked if we could go shopping for a Rubik's cube that is called a 2x2.  We checked out the local hobby store but couldn't find it.  He settled on the Rubik's Cube Void.  Apparently these are allowed in downtime at school so who am I to argue with a kid wanting a brain game.
Use the word algorithm, and I'll buy you whatever you want . . . apparently you need to learn the algorithms to solve Rubik's Cubes . . . is that even true?
Kyle didn't want anything, and I didn't get anything fun for myself so we did our best sad faces . . .
Fake pouty faces . . . we really are spoiled brats!
Gifts are definitely not my love language . . . I'm more of a buy myself what I want, when I want, and nobody micromanage my bidniz kind of girl.  Getzy knows I'm not super spendy so it works for us!  I did, however, feel guilty that Kyle didn't get anything.  He could have cared less, but I still thought it would be fun to surprise him with something special so I found him this little diddy today . . . he was happy!
Fresh haircut and a new toy . . . winning!
While Getzy was slaving away in the kitchen, I sat outside with the kids.  So when I realized what he cooked for dinner, I cracked the heck right up . . . Chicken Cordon Bleu and grilled corn. 
Getzy's signature dish . . .
Why is that funny?  Because Chicken Cordon Bleu was the first meal he cooked me when we were dating.  He was so proud of himself, and I didn't mention at the time that is was super dry.  It has since been a long standing joke.
Thankfully he has improved on his mad chef skillz and last night's dinner was delish . . . and everything tastes better when served on the special red plate!
The red plate is reserved for special days like birthdays, good news days or guests!
And because the kids like to feel special, we toasted each other with sparkling grape juice and I had some mommy juice in the vintage Batgirl glass!
Cheers to all the awesome moms out there!
Don't be fooled by all the cutesy fun . . . the day ended with me figuring out Kyle had a project due on Monday and popping my top right before bedtime.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day, but real life goes on and the job never ends!  Hope you all had a great day as well, whether with family or friends! 
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  1. Happy Mothers Day! Looks like you had a blast! :) And I LOVE Amanda's nails :)