Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh My Gaga

Soooo, guess where I went on Tuesday?  Ok, ok, I'll give you a hint. 

I considered wearing an outfit that you'd have to visit a butcher to acquire . . . I would totally have chosen steak tartar so it would double as clothing and a snack except I'm sure my dogs wouldn't have let me leave unscathed.  It would have looked a little like this . . .
OMG!  Yes!  I saw Lady Gaga in concert, and it was a-freaking-mazing!! 

My friend asked me last week if I wanted to go since her husband would rather poke his eyes out than see Lady Gaga.  I told her I would poke his eyes out for the chance to go, so it was a win-win for everyone and no actual eye poking was involved.

We weren't really interested in the opening act.  I can't even remember their name . . . hold on, I'm going to go check my texts because my friend told me about a dozen times, and I can't be bothered to remember.  Ah, Semi Precious Weapons.  Huh?  Pass.  Dinner and drinks are more important. 

We stopped at Park Bar right by Phillips Arena for some sustenance before the show . . . and by sustenance, I mean this . . .
Fine, I did eat dinner because I didn't want to be all cranky for Gaga, and I made some new friends . . .
A Gaga nun with a "little monster!"

These two were so nice . . . how much fun would it be to dress like this and live it up?  Clearly I scream Gaga in my pearls, flats and cross body bag for safety.  Ok fine . . . it screams old lady but whatevs.

We get to the arena and both of us are feel like we have found our people.  We look nothing like them, but I love their free spirit and fun.  Of course, we stopped to take a selfie . . . proof we were really there!
No clue what she's doing with her tongue . . .
We find our seats, and they were perfect.  We were about two thirds of the way back from the stage, in the last row of the first tier with two end seats.  We had a fabulous view and room to dance.

I purposely gave my friend the aisle . . . I know how much room she needs to dance and knew she wouldn't stop all night.  She probably irritated a whole go of folks by blocking the aisle, but she is not the type to care.  I love that about her.  She's full on Irish and says things like "ye" and "sheit" and eats potatoes at every meal.  And she is so much fun.  She dances like a boss, and I swear she has string cheese for a neck . . . I've never seen any body head bang as awesome as her.  And at Lady Gaga even. 

So we are about to pee our pants waiting for the show to start, and it did not disappoint.  Lady Gaga was so very personable and truly seemed to appreciate her fans like no other artist I've seen before.  She sang her heart out and danced her ass off . . . and speaking of asses, she wasn't afraid to show hers . . . proud thong wearing girl that she was!  Good for her . . . if you got it, flaunt it. 

The costumes were amazing . . . and her dancers . . . fabulous.  I loved the stage, or set, or whatever you call it . . . it was like iceberg inspired, and there were several catwalks out into the audience.  And her voice . . . I die.  It was unbelievable, and it felt like she made a connection with her audience.  For a real review that is, in my opinion, very accurate, check it out at Access Atlanta

Here's a little Gaga collage for your enjoyment . . . to be clear, she is wearing a thong in that shot!
There was serious excitement in the air before and after the show, and we had the most fun hanging out near the crowds.  I would see some really outrageous looking people and head right over to them for a picture.  Everyone was so nice, and it's really hard to turn down a pumped up middle aged woman screaming "I love you long time" and "You are so fabulous" and "Please take a picture with the oldest lady here!"  I really wasn't but you have to go with what works, you know?

Please meet my new friends . . . I love them all!
Yes, 'she' was super tall and yes, those were 'real' . . . these two were so cool!
And don't these guys make you want to grab your pinwheel and start singing God Bless America . . . they were lots of fun!!
And I saved the best for last . . . these guys were getting bombarded with requests for photos and were on the move, but they made a special stop for us!  Oh, I need them in my life.  Imagine the fun we could have . . .

So speaking of concerts, Rihanna and Eminem are joining together for a handful of shows in 2014 . . . who's with me?  How about a road trip to New Jersey?  Or Cali?  I'm gonna have to skip Detroit thought. 

I'm not sure I have a favorite Gaga song . . . I love them all but let's end with how all good things should end . . . with applause!
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  1. Why not California for a concert? I totes will wear a costume :)

  2. I'm in Chicago! And I will absolutely rock a costume!