Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shark guts . . . and I'm spoiled!

Don't be too jealous, but yesterday I went to school at 7:15 a.m. [also known as the butt crack of dawn] to prep for a shark dissection.  Yes, the things we do as moms are seriously questionable.  I have, however, learned that time flies and my babies are growing up too fast, so I need to take advantage of every opportunity I get to be with them.  With that being said, uh, eeewwwww!
It should also be noted that I was the girl in high school who agreed to write the whole lab report if my partner didn't make me touch the frog we had to dissect . . . because guts. 

But this guy, he was all up in that nasty shark . . . also known as a spiny dogfish shark, with the spiny part removed. 
Since we had a boy shark, our team named him "Sharkyle" . . .
our girl name would have been "Sharkecia"
I was assigned a group of four kids, and they were awesome!  They all participated, which translates to they all got to hack at it with the dull scissors provided.  Kyle managed to cut through some serious cartilage and impressed the teacher . . . perhaps we have a future surgeon in our family?  Ask him, and he'd like to be a professional gamer.  Real world people. 

And because I'm too kind to deny you shark guts, here you go . . . if I had to see them, so do you!
Anyone just lose their lunch? 
Be grateful you can't smell this fun . . . I think some of the kids wished they couldn't either.  We only had one faint, but I took a total of three boys to the nurse.  She wasn't shocked . . . she said they always lose a few boys during "shark season."  Seriously funny.  I find it interesting that the girls handle this stuff better, at least according to her.  I did have to sit a few more kids around a shady tree and give them a little time to regroup.  My group of kids, however, could not get enough and were bummed their shark didn't have anything exciting in it, like eggs or gross stomach contents.

And just because these two are so fun, here's Kyle with one of his best buddies . . . they have been friends since 2nd grade.  I complimented him on the irony of his shirt.
I kept hearing the theme song to Jaws in my head . . .
And don't forget field day . . . I got to work the "hit and run" station and say my directions 30 times, literally. I'm pretty sure of the 700 or so kids I saw that day, about 7 of them listened.  I can't say that I blame them since it was outside fun . . . but I do know why I'm not a teacher. 
Clearly that shirt fits . . . and Amanda takes her sports so seriously.
She gets that from me.
So how does being spoiled come into play here?  Well, I super duper love Amanda's teacher.  I'm the class room parent, and she knows I will do anything she needs.  And "anything" includes taking her call at 6:45 in the morning and then subsequently stopping by the store at 7:15 for field day popsicles!

Well, she sure made me feel special today.  I organized Amanda's end of year celebration and afterwards she gave me this . . .
Even the packaging is amazing.
Guess what I found in side?  A whole pile of summer Coach goodies.  Are you kidding me?  I don't even buy myself this kind of fancy stuff, and she loaded me up.  A new umbrella, fold up tote bag and wristlet purse.  I die of love and gratitude.  But the note in the card really melts my heart . . . so thoughtful.
Somebody is going to be extra fabulous this summer!
I suppose she already knows I would have done whatever she needed without the promise of amazing gifts . . . just like I know she teaches and cares for these kids like her own . . . and certainly not for the paycheck.  I guess that's just what moms and teachers do . . . am I right? 

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  1. AMY!!!!! The guts... seriously you had to give us the guts... blech. No way could I even handle that. But you get on with ya badass self Rom mommy!

  2. Hahahaha @ those guts. I guess moms do DO whatever for their kids. I refused to dissect in high school, but I'm sure I'd volunteer for my kids' school! HA! Overachieving moms, say I... I!!! And I'm Gilbert's room parent. We f'ing rock girlfriend! :)

  3. Eon said, "Mrs. C's diamond mine must be paying off!"