Friday, May 2, 2014

Sorry I'm not sorry but . . .

Happy Friday everyone!  One of my favorite phrases these days is "Sorry I'm not sorry!"  Like seriously, why am I apologizing when I feel a certain way?  I saw this link-up and thought it would be fun and something different!  It's hosted by Crystal Michelle and her guest blogger is Alicia at Brew Mama.  So here it goes . . .
sorry not sorry
Sorry I'm not sorry but when I was a teen, my mother had no idea that . . . I used to go out on dates with my college boyfriend where we would drive from Richmond to Washington D.C., party with his friends, and then drive home so I could be in bed by 6 a.m.

Sorry I'm not sorry but my best friend once . . . forgot to invite me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  It's been almost twenty years, and she swears it's one of her biggest regrets . . . and she didn't know I was her best friend yet.  I'm kind of glad she didn't . . . I didn't have to buy a dress I'll never wear again, and I get to tease her about it until she's dead.

Sorry I'm not sorry but I once had this boyfriend that . . . used to braid my hair.  Granted, I was only 15 and didn't know that might be a red flag . . . turns out he was gay.  He's awesome, and we are still Facebook friends to this day! 

Sorry I'm not sorry but if I had to name my last relationship after a movie I have seen it would for sure be . . . Into the Wild.  He was a tree hugging outdoor type so we did things like go on hikes, mountain bike and ocean kayak. 

Sorry I'm not sorry but after a long, hard day the first thing I think about doing is . . . drinking a Mango-Rita . . . thus the reason I can't keep them in the house.  Instead I relax in a hot bath and read naughty books!

Sorry I'm not sorry but they just opened a new can of crazy when I saw them. . . put the True Tori reality show on TV.  We just don't need to see Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's love/hate/fights/cheating tales broadcast . . . but I may, or may not, have DVR'd this ish. 
Sorry I'm not sorry but I secretly love . . . Nick Lachey and am still hoping he and Jessica Simpson get back together!

Sorry I'm not sorry but yesterday I . . . fed my Thai food addiction.  I love me some curry . . . could eat it every day!

Sorry I'm not sorry but every time I see this picture I seriously cannot help but bust out laughing . . .
Sorry I'm not sorry but at the gym I sometimes . . . the gym?  How about I'm sorry I pay a gym membership and never go. 

Sorry I'm not sorry but on my play list I sometimes jam to . . . the Frozen song "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel (not the Demi Lovato version because eeewww).  We should all do a little more letting go in life . . . words to live by really!
Sorry I'm not sorry but sometimes I pretend that . . . I'm in a club dancing and my moves are so spectacular that the crowd gathers around and watches me bring the house down!
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  1. Thanks for linking up!! I totally pretend I am in a music video :) hahaha

  2. How ARE the mango-ritas?!?! I have been dying to try one, but they never seem to have them in any stores!!

  3. Omg... those mango ritas are good but too many calories! And I need to see Tori and Dean and hear all about how horrible she is in bed!!! I need to watch people whose lives are more effed up than mine please and thank you:)

  4. Ha ha...I love your answers.. Were you in my head because I'm pretty sure I pretend the dance club scene exactly the same, except I would then be discovered and be an awesome choregrapher...oh wait isn't that a movie. ha!