Monday, June 16, 2014

A Paul Bunyan Father's Day

We felled a tree . . . doesn't that sound so professional?  Nothing like waking up to a relaxing Father's Day Sunday and then deciding it's time to take a tree down.  A big one. 
We have been talking about it coming down for awhile now . . . it's too close to the house, the roots are pushing our retaining wall and it's created so much shade in our backyard that things are turning to mud.  Yuck.  Ryan is using it for a Family Life merit badge scout project . . . so it was the perfect day to put the kids to work!

Normally I like to hide out inside for the fun family projects but since this one required sharp objects and ladders, I stayed for the fun.  It was Father's Day after all. 
Long story short . . . we spent about 6 hours outside removing the limbs, cutting them up and then throwing them over our fence . . . the best part about living on a lot where they can't build behind you!  So with the help of a neighbor, a chain and some rope, and lots of prayers, that big old maple landed just where it was supposed to when it came down.  Here's my favorite picture of the day . . . gah, I love that guy!
After a few moments in the air condition, we celebrated every one's hard work by meeting friends at the pool!  We laughed, the kids played and everyone enjoyed a great end of the day celebrating dads!
It goes without saying, I think my kids have one of the best dads around!  He's very involved in all their activities and rarely has a night off to relax.  He is loads of fun but means the business when it comes to raising them right!  He's always there . . . guiding them, teaching them and letting them know how much he loves them.  I couldn't ask for a better man to help raise our children.  Here's to you Getzy!  I love you more.

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  1. Awww... that looks like a fun Father's Day... I am impressed too!

  2. wow, holy handyman! this is awesome. i'm super impressed!