Monday, June 2, 2014

Adventures with my mom

I like to spoil my mom, but she definitely doesn't need more stuff.  So to show her how much I love her, I take her on adventures.  She enjoys them as much as I do, and she'll go anywhere with me . . . one of her best qualities.  This visit we had to work around kid schedules so we couldn't go too far, but we did manage to see some cool stuff. 
Me and my Mama. . . and a moose photo bomb!
So while this might be a bit boring for you, I love to be able to look back on here and see all the fun stuff we've done.  I hope the kids remember these adventures fondly one day.  You never know . . . you might just visit north Georgia.

Our first adventure was to Blue Ridge, Georgia which is an adorable little town.  We dragged the kids through several shops, but they were happily appeased with candy by the pound at Huck's General Store.  Oh, and Fart Bombs.  Because kids are weird . . . and gross.
The silver package explodes and smells like rotten eggs . . . hysterical if you are a kid,
Especially when you drop it on your friend's doorstep!
Amanda loves Cupcake Wars, and we knew one of the winners had a shop in Blue Ridge, The Sweet Shoppe.  That was a top priority for our visit.  Honestly, it was a waste of $17 for 6 cupcakes.  If I won't finish a cupcake, it HAS to be bad.  Enough said.  At least I got a cute picture!
My future baker . . . she loves to make cupcakes!
The piece de resistance for us in Blue Ridge was the Feed & Seed where they had fowl for sale.  We are driving along when something catches my eye.  Of course I pull over and who is advertising for the store?  Wait for it . . . Tommy the Turkey!  I die of love for him.
Ok, if I'm honest, Tommy makes me a little sad. 
I hope he has a good life and is well taken care of and loved.
And one final cute family photo because can you ever have too many pictures of kids with their grandma?  I think not.
Smile kids . . . I know, this is so much fun!
The next day we ventured up to Cartersville, Georgia for some 'ed-ju-ma-cation.'  We brought along a friend of Kyle's . . . he's such a good boy that I'd keep him if his parents would let me.  Our first stop was the Etowah Indian Mounds
I love this photo of the boys . . .
We shimmied quickly through the museum and movie so the kids could run free.  There are 3 mounds built by Native Americans available to climb, and the kids made it all about who could be the fastest one to the top.  I can assure you that it wasn't me or my mom! 
Some of these goofballs are giving their "worn out" pose from all the steps . . .
131 to be exact.
Uhm, yep.  Pretty much big grassy hills and hot weather . . . that's about all I got for you!
It was lovely and peaceful . . . but moving on.  After we stuffed ourselves for lunch, we visited the Roselawn MuseumThe boys needed to visit a house on the National Historic Register for a merit badge, and mom and I love a historic home tour so boo-yah . . . two birds here. 
They don't make beautiful homes like this anymore . . . such attention to detail.
We had a delightful tour guide named Kathleen . . . she was full of fun facts.  I mentioned the scout thing, and she made sure to give us the full tour, much to the dismay of the boys.  They were absolute angels for behaving on an HOUR LONG house tour.  Yeah, that deserves capitals.

The house was owned by Sam Jones, who was a minister in the late 1800's.  He is compared to Billy Graham of today.  The house is used for events so the kids were allowed to sit on the fancy furniture, the highlight of their visit.  
Our lovely tour guide . . . she quite liked the kids!
So we finished the tour and had one more stop in Cartersville . . . the world's first Coca-Cola outdoor wall advertisement.  It's been authenticated by Coca-Cola and restored to it's original look . . . it was buried below 25 layers of paint. 
You have to admit, that's pretty cool.  Alas, that was the last of our adventures for this visit.  Not the most exciting ever, but we were together.  And the least I could do was buy these kids a cold glass bottled Co-Cola. 

Cheers!  Can we go home now?
Do you have any fun summer adventures planned?  Please tell me I'm not the only freak that loves a random roadside attraction or historical site . . . anyone?  Beuller? 
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  1. love that you do 'adventures' instead of gifts. that tour looks like heaps of fun, especially that old sign - i love things like that!

  2. My parents come to visit from NY for the first time. We will see where we wander off to!

  3. I love shit like that too but it's just so hot in GA I get cranky easily so I need indoor and outdoor places to see. I LOVE Blue Ridge. My BF had a cabin there that she lost in her divorce and we used to hole up there and just hibernate thru wine filled weekends. The little town is fun but too pricey, good window shopping though! I want some pet chickens one day when I am old... I love that turkey! Boo for overpriced bad cupcakes. I can make you some that are way better!!!

  4. You know my mother is totally like that too...I mean what do you get for the woman that has everything? Such a great idea thanks for this post!!