Wednesday, June 25, 2014

People make me smile

Just in the last couple of weeks, several folks have put a serious smile on my face.  My love language is definitely not gifts, but little acts of kindness make me feel so special. 

I've decided it's because when you send me a card or buy me a little tchotchke just because you thought it was "me," then you were obviously thinking of me, even though we weren't together.  And clearly in a good way.  And that means I've left a positive impression on you and that also makes me feel good.  I really try hard to leave people wishing they could spend more time with me . . . instead of being glad I left.   
It goes without saying that it's your mom's job to spoil you rotten, but my mom even one up's that.  She literally makes me feel like I'm the most important person in the world to her.  She is most definitely not just my mom, but my friend.  She always does sweet things for me . . . little things that let me know I'm on her mind.  This week I got a package in the mail from her . . . I loved the tag . . . and I knew I would love what she sent because she gets me!
Yes, my middle name is Louise.  Shut up.  I love it because it's a family name!
Seriously, if you know me, then you know I flipped my lid in excitement over these! 
Two Petey inspired shirts . . . I die of love.  Dogs are a way to my heart, especially Petey.  Happy, happy!
I love receiving mail . . . and handwritten cards to just say hi make me go all mushy.  One of my most favorite people ever moved to New York a couple of years ago.  I miss her so much . . . and it makes me sad how many miles are between us.  The good news is when we chat, it's like she's still here.  She recently sent me an "I'm just thinking about you" card, and it made my day.  So very thoughtful . . . and funny!  Virtual hugs to you Debbie . . . I know how huggy you are!
I recently listed someone as referring our family to a business, and the child we listed got mega loot from us doing so.  That sweet little love sent me the kindest thank you note, and his rock star mom added in a little iTunes gift card lovin' in there for me as well.  She knows music and iTunes are definitely the way to my heart.  This was so totally unnecessary but so very thoughtful, and appreciated.  Tracy, you rock my socks off, even if you're not an Eminem fan.  #weird
I have a friend I met because our son's are best buds.  I love her long time . . . she is so fun, and sweet, and southern and just cracks me up!  Recently on two separate occasions she brought me a couple of gifts . . . for no good reason.  Check them out . . .
The fun coaster is because she too is a girl who loves her some biscuits and gravy.  The Bubba cup is because she thought I would love it since she knows I'm a Tervis fan.  Honestly, I totally do and have put the Tervis away for now . . . and I have to fight my kids for it!  I love that she gets me!  Michelle, you're awesome . . . duh.  Bless your heart.
Ok, last one . . . are you sick of hearing how spoiled I think I am?  Honestly, it's less spoiled and more blessed. 
My sis-in-law asked me to find a 31 bag for a mutual friend of ours because apparently the state of Florida was sold out.  I found the very bag she wanted and mailed it to the friend.  Instead of just reimbursing me my cost, my friend sent me extra money, or Starbucks money, as she called it for my trouble . . . except it really wasn't any trouble at all . . . ok, maybe a little, but I was happy to do it!  I don't think she gets how much I appreciated her very unnecessary thoughtfulness.  She added in a handwritten card too . . . also made my day!  So thank you Kathy!     
In the end, all of this is to say that it's the little things that make a person feel special.  Each of the above folks probably had no idea the impact they had on me, but I want them to know what they did mattered and was very much appreciated.  
I have a goal . . . make the little things a priority . . . and others, friends and family.  And to not feel like I don't deserve it . . . because apparently they think I do.  It is through their grace that I am made to feel special.  So I thank them, one and all.
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  1. I love it when someone does something out of the blue just because Im on their mind.

  2. Receiving mail is probably my favorite part of life.. except bills of course.. but most of those cram my email now so.. yea, If you ever need Thirty-one bags again just let me know, I'm a consultant. Thanks for reminding us how little things add up!

  3. this is so lovely! mothers always know us best, right? my mum gets me the so 'me' stuff too - and i love those tees! clearly you are one loved lady!

  4. I guess I missed this one last week... great post:)