Friday, June 13, 2014

Puppy Crazy

It's official.  I have lost my mind.  Guess who agreed to meet a random stranger in a McDonald's parking lot near the Atlanta airport to rescue 7 puppies?  Two thumbs facing me . . . this girl!  Look at these babies . . .
Just so we are clear, I agreed to do this for a rescue group who was contacted about helping the puppies and not just because I found them on Craigslist or something.  People kept asking about it so I thought I would answer the question . . . apparently folks think I'm totally capable of stalking random puppies on line.  #maybe
My boys need at least 8 service hours unrelated to scouts for their Citizen in the Community merit badge.  My logic was we should do something fun and for a cause we would all love, especially since mama has to take them . . . thus the idea of rescuing puppies!
The kids wanted to go with me on the rescue ride . . . my head told me to keep all the puppies in the crate on the way home, but the kids had other plans.  So I pulled off the road until puppies were distributed! 
At least I didn't let any kids ride in the crate with the puppies!  And while a few whined a little, the puppies . . . not the kids, the car ride was super easy.  No carsick puppies!
Originally the puppies were going to someone else's house . . . I was just transport.  They looked like little baby Abby puppies so I wanted to take them home to show Getzy.  Did he actually care or want to see them?  Uh no, but I couldn't stop myself! 

Then I realize it's lunchtime, and my kids needed to eat something.  Then I think, wouldn't it just be easier if I let the rescue lady do the washing here?  Then I think it's a better idea for my kids to have access to the bathroom, snacks and neighborhood friends to help here.  Then I realize I'm a control freak, and I don't want to be at someone else's house all day.  So let the games begin, and the empty promises to Getzy that this won't take long and they'll all be gone soon!

So we unload these cute little fur balls in the front yard and commence chasing and doing puppy head counts all day! 
The kids brought out every dog toy we had in the house, and these sweet babies went wild playing. 
The rescue lady brings over her supplies, and she takes one puppy at a time to wash in my kitchen sink.  She used a mix of water, Dawn dish soap and tea tree oil to clean them.  Did I mention that these little loves were covered, and I mean covered, in fleas? 
Then she brings the washed puppy outside to us, and the flea picking commences.  What do I mean?  Well, each one of us had a cup of water with Dawn dish soap in it.  We would take the wet, but now cleaner, puppy and start picking off it's fleas one by one and putting them in the soapy water.  Apparently Dawn kills them which is why she uses it to wash them.  We did this for hours . . . literally.  We had one flea comb that the kids shared, and I had my nails.  I know.  Eeewww. 
Thankfully some friends' kids came over to help . . . I was happy to have all the hands I could get to love on and corral these little cuties. 
The playing and baths would wear them out so often they would look like this in my lap as I was flea picking . . .
Did I mention that when I went to pick them up, they didn't have foster homes lined up?  I let the rescue group know that I was baby stepping my husband into this whole dog rescue thing and that I absolutely could NOT keep these puppies overnight.  So in order to find foster homes, I put this whole puppy rescue adventure and LOTS of pictures on Facebook.  And by the grace of God, it worked! 

By 9 p.m., all 7 of my puppy babies were safely off to foster homes.  The kids and I were worn out.  I focused so much on what had to be done that I forgot to eat and use the bathroom.  Crazy, right?  It was just such a busy day.  After we washed them all and picked off as many fleas as we could, each puppy got their nails trimmed.  They also got their first round of vaccines and a deworming treatment.  And they were either fast asleep or running around like, well, puppies! 

Before the first one went off to it's foster home, I lined them all up for a final family photo . . . look at these angels.  
Here's the backstory on these babies . . . a rural fellow contacted a rescue group about taking these.  He cared for them as best he could, but this fellow didn't have money to spend on vetting his dogs and definitely not these puppies.  The dad was a dog he started feeding after a family moved away and left him.  He obviously couldn't take care of them, but he held them for 2 weeks for the rescue group until I agreed to get them.  He could have dropped them off at Animal Control a long time ago.  He was kind enough to meet me and has called a few times to check on them.  I don't judge this guy . . . he's doing the best he can and while these babies lived outside and didn't have vet care, they were well fed and super sweet.  Just look at these cute pictures . . . 
Of the 7 puppies, 6 of them were girls.  Only one of them had a tail . . . the rest were born with the cutest little nubbins that wiggle when they are excited.  One of the little girls was much fluffier than the others . . . she was the one with the tail.  And only one little boy in the mix . . . he's in a foster to adopt home, and I'm crossing my fingers it works out. 

So that leaves 6 little girls that need loving homes.  I feel very invested in the babies and won't feel good until they are all adopted.  We have some great fosters that are sharing them on social media and once they get another round of vaccines, we will start taking them to adoption events. 

While I think my kids are super cute . . . it gets even better when they have puppies! 
And guess what happened less than 24 hours later?  A family that took 2 puppies cracked and couldn't handle them anymore!  So they came back to "Fun Amy's House of Dogs" and stayed until I got them to their new foster home the next day.  The kids and I slept in the basement with them and Abby and Petey joined us. 

Abby can be dog aggressive so I never thought I could foster.  Since I didn't have any where else to take the puppies, I had to make it work.  Getzy held Abby on the leash while I introduced her to the puppies.  And it took a few minutes, but she came around.  I even think she missed them when they were gone.  Sad face.  I know I did.
I'm a firm believer in that every family should have a dog!  The kids were sad when all the puppies were gone, but we talked a lot about how we saved them and now they are sleeping in warm homes.  They all agreed . . . they would do it again! 

Check out this link on the 20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Should Remember . . . if you don't at least tear up by the last one then your heart is made of stone!  Now go adopt you a puppy!  
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  1. You might just be the coolest Mom ever!!! And, not that there was any doubt, but a true rockstar category human being for doing all of that!!! Amy's everywhere are high fiving each other today!!! You rock!!!

  2. Oh I love this! I wish we could foster too, but not with gizmo, he would hate it! My husband probably would too. :)

  3. i almost teared up reading this post, let alone the link at the end. i cant believe people gave 2 puppies back after only 1 night! that's so horrible. are all the puppies in homes now? this is such an amazing thing you did, and i want the girl who is the fluffiest! are they golden retrievers? they look it (or the fluffy one does anyway). now i want a dog!