Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Merica

Well, well, well . . . she's back.  Alas I have returned from my 10 day stint in New England . . . Maine how I miss you!  I'll recap the trip sometime soon, but lemme tell you how I spent the actual 4th of July this year . . . running!  Wha, what?  I know.  I felt the same way.

So "Cousin Aaron" tells us there's a race in the little town near our lake house on July 4th . . . Bridgton's "4 on the Fourth."  As in 4 miles.  Whoa.  Never one to be left out of anything, I'm all like "I'm in!"  And never mind that I haven't run in forever.   

Race swag . . . isn't that the best part?
I also needed to complete a virtual 5K for the Flex It Pink Girl on Fire challenge I accepted so there's that for motivation as well. And clearly I'm an overachiever because I did 0.9 miles farther than necessary.  #winning

And no race is complete without a couple of selfies . . .
My favorite quote of the day from Kara, "Your arms are the perfect length to take a selfie!"  Well, I guess I never thought about it, but yeah, they are! 
Shout out to my fabulous race ladies!!  Miss you guys! 
I warned everyone that it was going to be more like a woggle (walk slash jog slash wiggle), and they could wait for me at the end . . . I had a real fear that I was going to be DFL or dead freaking last.  Turns out their were folks slower than this old lady, and I finished just under 50 minutes.  Slow and steady almost wins the race.  

Did I mention that it was pouring throughout the race?  It was actually a good thing because while Maine is known for it's cool weather, it's freaking hot every time I step foot in that state.  It had finally cooled down by Friday.  

Everyone else rocked that race . . . so proud of them all and felt like a rock star when they were all cheering for big mama at the end!!  Doing this with them was one of the highlights of the week for me . . . great memories!!
I was going to show off my rocking abs like Chan Man, but I didn't want to make anyone else feel bad.  And we are all lame because we couldn't figure out where to look at the same time.  Thanks Andy & Stacey for documenting our finale!
"Cousin Aaron" doubles as "Uncle Aaron" and is also known as the fun one by the kids!  He took this year as an opportunity to indulge in the manly sport of "fireworking."  He went nuts in a fireworks store and filled up most of his truck cab with huge boxes of gunpowder goodness.  They kids were crazy excited for this and thankfully Uncle Aaron and Uncle Shannon were not to be deterred by the rain and put on a show worthy of applause.  Here's a little taste of the show thanks to Aunt Stacey's awesome photo skillz.
Overall it was an awesome albeit rainy July 4th spent with family . . . it doesn't get much better than that!  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend . . . did you do anything exciting?!?

I thought it would be fun to link up with Kristen at See You In A Porridge (she's an Aussie, you know) for a July 4th recap so there you go!!        
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  1. Next time you go to Maine can you make a stop in NJ?! It's on the way....sorta. When I run I "woggle" too. That's a good word for it.

  2. So I re-read this and then expected to see my comment down the bottom and it wasn't. WTF. I know I have read this before haha. I love your fireworks pictures, and oh my god 'woggle' i am dying. you are hilarious.