Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday . . . In October

Nothing like last minute . . . my OCD requires me to publish at least one post for the month of October so here is my quick and dirty Five on Friday!

1.  Getzy . . . I love him long time because he walks the kids, and some of their friends, around the neighborhood on Halloween, and I get to stay home to give out the candy.  I'd rather turn off the lights and have a cocktail alone, but the candy needs to get gone so I play nice.  Here are the little gremlins and friends tonight . . . fun times!
And check out the eyelashes on my "kinda" scary princess!  And those freckles . . . I die. 
2.  I love some festive, non-scary Halloween d├ęcor so here's a picture of my mantel this year . . . it makes me happy to sit and stare at it!
3.  The heat went out in my car last week so I took it in for service.  After a large bill and a plain Jane Dodge minivan rental for a day, I picked it up only to find that two days later that the heat wasn't working again.  So I sat on Monday for two more hours for them to fix it only to be freezing again by Thursday.  Boo.  Hiss.  So I called and said I couldn't make it back until next Monday but the super nice service guy offered me a free rental so they could fix it before the cold snap here in Georgia.  Let's just say I didn't want to give this one back.  It was a mac daddy fully loaded Tahoe with a Bose sound system and seats that tapped my bum when I got to close to the lane lines.  I hashtagged this one . . . #swervingalot
4.  So I drove my swaggy ride to downtown Atlanta last night, like a serious baller with the bass thumping, to go to another concert at my favorite place, The Tabernacle!  My concert buddy and I love us some Jason Derulo!  Becky G opened for him . . . she was super cute! 
But Jason, well . . . I just need to thank him for doing most of his concert without his shirt!  He had some awesome dancers and really put on a great show! 
And while I'm sure you enjoyed Jason's abs, you probably would prefer to see my smiling face, right?  Well, here you go! 
5.  If you work out or run and can't stand your hair in your face then you must check out Fleurty Bands on Etsy!  She made the perfect head for a Getz Girl on Fire, and I purchased two . . . and I'm not sure that was enough!  Go check them out!
Phew, that felt good!  I'm so behind on some many things that I'd like to write about . . . I'll just have to do a bunch of throw back posts . . . from like a couple of months ago!  Totally legit, right?  Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love all your Halloween decorations! We really don't decorate for Halloween, but I'd love to start and your collection gets me even more excited for taking it on.