Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites!!

Hey ohh . . . it's Friday!!  Word to your mother that makes me happy, therefore, we must do a Friday Happy Dance!
So let's discuss some Friday favorites today! 

1.  My friend Tina gave me a belated Christmas present and proper praise and delight need to be expressed for all the world to see!  ZOMG . . . how awesome is this ornament?  And really, it's sound advice because duh, you should read my blog!
2.  New year, new you . . . so in keeping with that theme, I joined the Mama Laughlin Diet Bet that kicked off at the beginning of the year!  The final weigh in was due today and damn skippy if I didn't lose 4% of my body weight and was declared a winner, winner chicken dinner!  Woot!  So I get my $35 buy in back plus a share of all the folks that caved to the cravings and are blaming it on the ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-al-co-hol!  Sorry I'm not sorry for them because I win more! 
3.  I'm so not a girly girl and have never figured out how to flat iron my hair.  Womp, womp.  My friend Michelle is always so cute and does hers every day so I asked her to teach me how it's done.  So she came over armed with her Chi and gave me a lesson!  I think it looks pretty, but it felt weird all flat on my head.  And as she was doing it she couldn't believe how long my hair has gotten. 
I've done it myself a couple times since then so I'm practically a pro!  I consider it my last hurrah before I have to start going with the wash and set like my mom does!  To prove that I was capable, I sent Michelle a picture of the first time I did it myself.  Clearly I'm a professional selfie taker in the mirror as well.  #creeper
4.  Amanda tells me recently that we need a snack basket in our car.  My friends Cindy and Andrea have one, and she would like the option of a snicky snack when she gets the hunger pains.  Since I forgot to eat that morning and found a random chia granola bar at the bottom of my purse, I thought it might not be a bad idea!  I dug out an old craft basket and loaded it up with mostly healthy stuff and a few protein bars for me.  She was super excited!
5.  So of all the crap I need to do around the house, I make this little craft-tastic idea a priority this week.  I love Christmas cards and don't want to throw them away, but have never figured out a way to keep them so they weren't just a stack in my basement.  So I got all crafty this week and got a jump ring thing to string them on and voila!  I even got Amanda to do all the dirty work of hole punching and stringing them on!  Now next year I'm going to sit them around at the holidays and plan to take a trip down memory lane! 
6.  I'm excited about all the fun stuff planned for this weekend!  I'll recap next week but until then, here's a fun hint about what's going down tonight!  Friends that "get" you and crack you up all at the same time are priceless!
Well, that's all folks!  Have a fabulous weekend!  January out!  And I'm linking up with Amanda because why not?!? 

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