Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Weekend That Was

I can't seem to get it together to blog about my weekend on Monday so it might just have to be a Tuesday thing.  Mondays usually consist of me tackling the mountains of laundry and cleaning the house up from the weekend.  #jealous

Friday was lame.  And that's cool when you're married with kids.  Or is it?  I keep telling myself that anyway.  It was cold and dreary.  My friend from Florida, ironically named Summer, kept texting me how warm and sunny it was down there.  I was all like bitch please . . . go away!  I was under a blanket with a space heater directed at me trying to take a nap.  
Know what really chaps my hide?  Having to set my alarm on a Saturday.  Sometimes it's got to be done when big things are happening. 
My oldest was offered the chance to take the SAT early, as in 7th grade early, and he agreed.  I didn't give a rat whether he did or not, which is a new leaf for me.  Normally I am "that" mom pushing her kids to do all the things, but I've realized as they get older that the drive needs to come from within if I want them to succeed.  Not from their mother.  That is a hard lesson . . . btw.  

I thought he would be in with just a bunch of other 7th graders but so not the case.  We get in line with what seems like every high schooler in the county and let me tell you, that is not a pretty sight.  I swear we didn't look that haggard when I was in high school.  Comfort is one thing.  Slob is another.  
I'm assuming he took the same test as he would in high school since he said his classroom was full of high schoolers, and they pulled the tests all out of the same box.  And no where did it ever say "P"SAT.  In his words, "It was difficult, but easy in some parts.  And long."  Sounds about right.  Then he got to spend the night with a friend and basically play video games for 24 hours . . . he was happy!

Amanda left in the early afternoon on Saturday to head to a Hot Wheels roller skating party and spend the night with a friend!  
That girl loves a play date and all I see is the back of her shirt if she's invited somewhere.  Bye mom.  She also had to practice her Talent Show try-out routine with her friend . . . a song and dance to It's A Hard Knock Life from Annie.  Can't say I'm sad I had to miss those practice sessions.  

Kyle and Getzy had a dudes day of video gaming and eating out since I took off before lunch with my friend and 5 teenage girls down to Buckhead to help chaperone/celebrate her daughter's 15th birthday!  That's right . . . FIVE of them.  That involves a lot of giggling, talking, text and eating.  And that was just us!  Ha.  I threatened to wear a huge ball gown to celebrate the quinceanera celebration . . . if only I could still fit into my prom dress!    

Our first stop was Lenox Square Mall where we enjoyed a lunch at Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar.  I ate the healthy low carb meal and topped it off with a shared bottle of wine.  Whoops.  Except no, totally worth it! 
Then we released the beasts, I mean teenage girls, to shop until they drop, and we headed out on our own!  My friend Cindy has taught me about shopping goals . . . as in specific plans for the trip.  She wanted to find jeans, but I didn't have any items on my list.  Sometimes though items find you, and I treated myself to this delightful necklace from Loft.  I'm drawn to the blue. 
After awhile we both agreed we needed to 'caffinate' so we treated ourselves to the very trendy Flat White from Starbucks.  Since I'm cutting out the sugar, this worked out nicely . . . although my favorite is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  And btw, what the hell is "ristretto?"
Then the girls were ready to move on so we headed to Phipps Plaza just across the way.  We had one goal here . . . a double ear piercing.  Cindy has wanted to get a second hole in each ear for awhile but just hadn't really had the opportunity.  Well, opportunity knocked on Saturday in the form of seeing a Claire's and embracing the YOLO idea!  The girl helping us was adorbs and so sweet!  Cindy held the cute bear and my hand and voila . . . they look fabulous!  So proud!
The trip to Phipps was short lived so then the girls wanted to go to Target.  Well, ok . . . so off we go!  It's their day . . . we are happy to indulge!  Again, we leave them to their own devices and find them munching on snacks and driving each other around IN the cart.  Too funny!  And yes, much of their weekend was spent like this . . . staring at their phones!
Finally, they are shopped out and we head to our final destination . . . the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead . . . because we are fancy like that.  Ok, my friend is fancy, and I'm just glad she lets me tag along!
We come in with our bags from shopping, luggage, a birthday cake and a bunch of girls . . . you know the patrons were thrilled to see us!  We got two suites and Cindy informed the girls that if we go a call from security, there would be hell to pay!  They didn't want to go out for dinner so they ordered room service, and we indulged in some cocktails.  We did a late room service appetizer dinner . . .  yummy!
We checked on them every once in awhile and did the birthday singing and cake thing, but they were awesome and apparently got lots of sleep!  I, however, did not.  Perhaps because it was hot, not in my own bed, or because the Goose (as in Grey) was on the loose the night before. 

I was back on the healthy train the next day and enjoyed a Western Omelet for brunch.  I gave away my home fries and biscuit . . . that, my friends, took some serious self control.  I did tell those girls to enjoy their metabolism as they ordered their carbo loaded breakfasts.  I was totally just jealous.  The fun was over so we headed home.  I managed to hold the couch down all day until we met friends for Mexican for dinner.  I didn't even have a margarita or a single chip . . . I call that winning.  It clearly took a lot out of me because I fell asleep during my beloved Downton Abbey.  And that was the weekend that was . . . how was yours?

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  1. I'm so impressed with your son being offered the chance to take the SATs in 7th grade!!! Woo hoo for him!! xo, Biana

  2. oooooooooh that necklace is so pretty! i got a couple of necklaces when they had their sale, woop woop. and haha i totally agree about comfort vs slob. i swear i didn't look like that.. congrats to your son!