Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekending . . .

What I really miss when I look back on my lack of posts is just remembering the day to day stuff . . . life at that point in time. 
That quote rings so true . . . especially for us moms (and dads) out there.  Sometimes the monotony of the day to day life is exhausting, but that IS life.  I remember just trying to get through the exhausting days of babies and toddlers and wondering when it was going to get easier.  Well, physically it's easier now, but the worries are just different.  And I can say without a doubt that I would give anything to go back in time to when they were little . . . because the days when they leave us are closing in, and it scares me.
All that really to say that I'm going to try and do weekend recaps, starting with this weekend!  And since I just decided this, my pictures are lacking but that's okay . . . gotta start somewhere! 
So we may as well start on Friday . . . literally a day full of volunteering after Amanda's mid year awards ceremony!  Her awards are for behavior which I think is kind of hokey, but it's what they do at her school . . . I'm just glad she's behaving!  It's a crappy shot because I wasn't close and then had to crop out all the other kids.  Boo.
Then I rushed over to the middle school to work each of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade honors celebrations!  Honestly, while it was a zoo, it was fun!  There are some great ladies who volunteer, and the kids are pretty awesome too!  Since the middle school went to semesters, there is only one of these a year and they did it up right!  The kids had over an hour of jumpy time and then went to the theater to walk across the stage to some loud music, flashing lights including a disco ball and their name scrolling in the background to receive their certificates!  I'm a proud mama . . . the 7th grader made Principal's Honor Roll (all A's) and the 6th grader also made Honor Roll!  Rock on boys!
Starting Thursday night and continuing Friday night, most of the day Saturday and all afternoon and into the evening on Sunday, I volunteered to be a small group leader for the Created By God program at a local church!  I blogged about it last year when my middle son attended . . . check it out here!  You cannot volunteer when your child is attending so this was my first opportunity to volunteer and see it from their perspective!  Whoa.  They definitely understand the Birds and the Bees in detail when it's over!  Next year Amanda gets to attend so I thought it was paying it forward by donating my time this year!  I really enjoyed it and would gladly do it again . . . it's just a big time commitment! 
My favorite show comes on Sunday nights and my friend and I like to get together to watch it . . . who here is a Downton Abby fan?  Can I get an amen for how awesome it is? 
The Dowager Queen cracks me up with her quotes . . . this one seems appropriate!
The most exciting news from the weekend is that Getzy and I bought plane tickets for our summer family trip out west to attend his family reunion!  
The reunion is in South Dakota, but we plan to hit North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and fly in and out of Denver, Colorado.  Getzy has been to all of the contiguous 48 states except Montana and the Dakotas!  This will round out his collection and then that leaves Hawaii as the only state left to see! 
If you have any must see attractions from these areas, give me a shout . . . the planning has just begun and all lodges in the park are already booked.  Bummer. 
Monday was a sleep in day for all which makes me happy!  Amanda got to attend Horse Camp which makes her happy!  However, she wasn't so thrilled when I picked her up because she rode a new horse (to her), and he was a bit of a wild man. 
Leo has been lame and hasn't been doing lessons recently.  Well he's back in action and apparently excited about it.  Too excited for Amanda's taste, and she had a meltdown in the ring.  I'm glad I wasn't there for that because I'm not really that kind of mom.  We had a long talk with her trainer afterwards, and we both assured her that we thought she was a better rider than she thought she was. She left the barn happy . . . sometimes days like that are the best learning experiences and will make her a better rider!  
We rounded out the weekend with Getzy making some chicken wings, and my friend and her boys coming over for dinner!  I love to have folks over for dinner . . . especially when Getzy has the main dish covered!  I also love to be invited over for dinner . . . just a little tidbit for you!  
And I have been listening to this song on repeat . . . everyone around me is sick of it!  Getzy did admit he likes it so that is a win!  

Since Grooveshark is being a little beotch . . . here is the video which really is pretty awesome!  Turn it up!
 Hope you had a great weekend!  Did you do anything exciting?   
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  1. Yay!!1 I love weekend recaps! Looks like your kids are growing up as fast as mine! I have been meaning to try and get into Downton Abbey but I wanted to watch some past seasons and I can't find them anywhere! Netflix doesn't have it!

  2. I love reading your weekend recaps. Since I don't get to see you as often anymore, it's the next best thing. I miss you!