Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blog Dates and Weekends!

Geez, it's been a long time since I've had a first "date," and I don't think I've ever met someone online . . . I got married before that was even a thing.  So I was pretty excited this past Friday when I had a blog "date" with one of my favorite bloggers!  Amy at Crazy Wise Woman and I have been chatting for what seems like forever and finally got a chance to meet!
Hotlanta is huge, and we live about an hour from each other so we met in the middle at a cute little restaurant called the Fickle Pickle. 
Although all bloggers are on some sort of diet, we couldn't resist the fried pickles!  They were super tasty!
We shared a couple of other entrees and while it was nice, I wouldn't go there again . . . at least not in the winter because we froze our toes off and ended up putting our coats back on half way. 

The best part was definitely the company!  I absolutely loved hanging out with Amy and wished we lived closer!  We seem to have a lot in common, the least of which is our love for yummy food and cocktails!  We are both moms in our 40's with three kids of similar ages.  I adore her sense of humor and sarcastic style!  I read her blog faithfully and am sad when she doesn't post.  I hope we can meet up again soon for a concert or cocktail . . . I'm ready when you are Amy! 

Friday night was super low key!  While Getzy was private jetting it back from business on the west coast, I was scrambling to get my boys ready to go camping in the freezing temperatures this weekend!  It's definitely my job to freak out and their job to tell me they got it!  And with fearless leaders such as these guys, clearly my boys are in great hands! 
Several awesome dads sent my pictures from the weekend!  The boys had a great time and Providence Canyon was beautiful! 
Saturday morning the Princess and I had to work a Girl Scout cookie booth.  I had some great moms to visit with while the girls hocked their wares!  It's pretty hard to resist these little cookies!
In the afternoon Amanda attended her very first jump clinic at the barn!  The was no actual jumping involved . . . they started with the basics of turns to line up your horse.  She did get to go in the big ring so that was pretty exciting . . . as far as horsing goes anyway!  And clearly she's the cutest on in pink!
Since she was an only child for the night, she got to pick where we went for dinner!  She was in need of some chips and cheese so we went to a new Mexican restaurant in our area!  We even sprung for her favorite . . . a virgin strawberry daiquiri!     
And oh the emotions of when the cup is empty and one is all you get!  I feel you girl!  I opted for the grande because duh.
Sunday brought about World Thinking Day for the Girl Scouts.  It's a sweet little event to celebrate Girl Scouting around the world.  My troop chose Australia as their country of choice!  Makes me think of Kristen at See You in A Porridge . . . she's an adorable Aussie lady living in the US!
And because it's cute . . . I'll leave you with this little bit of Australia!  Good day mate!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend in the books!

We are lazy today here in the south . . . the family is totally chilling out at home enjoying our "snow day!"  Here's what is looks like right now, and it's currently 37 degrees!  That's correct . . . no snow and rain predicted to start later! Btdubs . . . that view is way better in the spring and summer.
After the debacle of last year's Snowpacolypse, the county called a snow day for today late Saturday evening.  I'm thinking they should have given it another 24 hours, but I'm happy to have my kids home with me!  Definitely one of the perks of living in the south!

So Friday night at the middle school was the Winter Ball, and the theme was "A Night in Paris!"  This is our first formal dance in the family so it was kind of a big deal.  It was also a big deal because my boys needed new khakis and dress shoes worthy of the dance, and Ryan got his first tie!  Fancy!
The dance was sponsored by the Student Council, to which my boys are both members.  They had lots of fun this week staying after school and helping with preparations for the dance.  Kyle, being in 6th grade, was able to attend because he volunteered at the dance . . . only 7th and 8th graders were invited!  He and his friends had a blast "working."
It was awesome to see the kids and teachers all dressed up!  While I am super excited for this next stage for my boys, it hurts my heart to think how fast they are growing up.  At least I didn't have to deal with him taking a date . . . I'm for sure not ready for that!

Saturday morning was chill.  Clearly I made a fancy breakfast . . . you really can do so many things with a can of Pillsbury orange rolls!  Pinterest eat your heart out!  Getzy and Amanda also presented me with homemade cards and some pretty roses! 
Then I had to go pick up the Girl Scout cookies for my troop!  Yes, I'm the leader and the cookie mom.  #controlfreak  Actually, we aren't a huge troop so it's just easier to do these things, or at least that's what I tell myself. 
Thankfully I have awesome co-leaders and one joined me on the two hour round trip to get the order.  Apparently they were running behind.  Most of the girls have picked up their boxes, but I still have tons for cookie booths . . . this is what my living room will look like for a couple of weeks.  Gah.
After the cookie madness, I got busy making my annual fancy Valentine's dinner with the help of my little mini me!  She really is awesome and super helpful . . . she even made the chocolate dipped strawberries and purple cupcakes!
I suppose what makes the dinner fancy is the fact that we eat off the china in the actual dining room . . . not the food.  I used to do a more elaborate meal, but I switched to breakfast foods.  It's easier and the kids enjoy it more.  I was going to do pancakes but ended up just opening a can of biscuits . . . easy peasy!  The lighting sucks but you get the picture!
Ryan headed out after dinner for a party . . . that kid gets more invites to places!  He only got to stay for 3 hours because he had to come home and be our babysitter while Getzy and I went to our own party!  Sucka!  We had so much fun, maybe too much.  There may have been some of this . . .
And some of this . . .
But honestly, with no photographic evidence, I really can't confirm or deny!  Winky face!
Sunday was mostly lazy with play dates and Boy Scout stuff.  Friends and I planned on seeing Fifty Shades of Grey on Monday while the kids were at school, but since the weather foiled my plans, I made adjustments and went Sunday night! 
I quite liked it.  It really followed the book, almost to the letter, which was what I was hoping for.  I thought it was just enough sexy time to convey the message, but not enough to gross me out!  I really liked Dakota Johnson for Anna but didn't find Jamie Dornan that convincing . . . and I kept hearing his Irish accent come through in his character.  He's hot, don't get me wrong, but not my idea of Christian.   Bottom line . . . I was super sad when it was over and can't wait until the next one.  I actually really liked the books . . . they are not literary works of art, but entertaining none the less.   
Hey, it's only Monday, and I'm done with my weekend in review . . . so proud of myself!  Happy President's Day to you!
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Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Things that have put a smile on my face lately . . .

1.  My kids don't hang out in their rooms really.  We mostly congregate in the family room.  My oldest disappeared upstairs one night this past week, quietly by himself.  He then came down and got graph paper and a tape measure.  Off he goes again and finally comes back with an announcement and a plan.  He decided, of his own accord, to clean and organize his bureau drawers, closet and desk.  He made a diagram of his room and pitched a furniture placement change. 
How can you say no to that?  So Getzy helps him rearrange his furniture, and they set up his desk with his laptop and monitor.  He. Was. So. Proud.  It was awesome.  And then he keeps cleaning up around the house and says, "My OCD is going crazy!"  He's a freak!
2.  My mom.  She is so good about remembering the kids at each little holiday.  She always sends each of them a card with some treat money in it.   
Sometimes she finds goodies to send them . . . their favorite candy, cute clothes or trinkets that match the kids.  She tries to be so fair, which is so sweet.  So one knows that if Granny sends a package to their sibling, rest assured something will be headed their way soon.  I tell her life isn't fair, but I guess Grandma's are!  Kyle loves a lamb so she found an antique doorstop and mailed it to him with his favorite candy.  Love her so much!
3.  Stamping with my girl!  I used to sell Stampin' Up eons ago before Amanda was even born so when a friend asked us to join a stamping event, I thought it would be fun for both of us!  Well, Miss Amanda LOVED it and did an awesome job making her cards all by herself! 
We didn't buy anything that night because I'm a hoarder and have TONS of stuff from back in the day.  She pulled out a bunch and made Valentine's Day cards for her teachers . . . this was my table yesterday!  She even helped our neighbor's son make a card for his mom.  So cute, even the ink on her forehead!
4.  This past week the Boy Scout troop held elections for leadership positions for the next six month term.  My oldest ran for Senior Patrol Leader, the highest leadership role for the whole troop, and won!  He wrote his own speech and made some awesome points of things he wants to bring to the troop!  Proud mama for sure. 

And then my Kyle ran for Patrol Leader, the leadership role over his Ninja Patrol, and won as well!  I was so proud and thrilled for him . . . such great opportunities in the Boy Scouts to learn and develop the leadership skills! 
5.  Puppies!  Seriously, can you stand the cuteness?  My hairdresser's daughter, a fellow animal lover and rescuer to a fault, agreed to take in a Great Pyrenees puppy at 2 weeks old.  The mother was hit by a car and killed, and the puppies needed folks to bottle feed and care for them, which is a HUGE undertaking.  Chessy cannot resist and so this little baby is 3 weeks old and doing amazing, thanks to her!  I got to bottle feed him, and he ate so fast his little belly didn't realize he was full, so he was sucking on my fingers.  I die.  So sweet.  He wiggled a bit and then crashed out.  I held him the whole time I got my hair done . . . puppy heaven!  It makes me all melty just looking at the pictures!
And then a certain big girl was very suspicious when I got home and wanted to know what was up?  Cracks me up . . . she can always tell when I've been cheating on her!
6.  New sneakers!  I had a coupon and treated myself to some new kicks!  I'm thinking black is slimming, right?!  I'm working out like a fool these days so some new shoes were in order!
7.  Petey inspired things!  A friend saw this and just got it for me out of the kindness of her heart.  I can't even . . . I love it so much and the thoughtfulness behind it!  Thanks again Tracy! 
Lots of stuff on tap for this weekend . . . here are a couple of clues for Friday night . . . you love this game, right?
And this song is on repeat right now . . . and I can't wait for my movie date with friends on Monday!  Meow!
Linking up with Amanda because posts are better when shared! 
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekend Review . . . kids are expensive. Fact.

The weekend came and went.  Again.  And I find that sometimes I need a weekend from my weekend.  And perhaps a job because here's what I know . . . kids are freaking expensive.  So listen up all you single people and DINKs (Double Income No Kids), you better start saving now if you plan to raise your own offspring.  That's a pro tip and you're welcome.    
Friday night was a party for everyone, including Getzy, who got to sit on the couch by himself.  A little party of one after a long week at work.  Don't think I wasn't jealous. 
I dropped the boys off at a Skyzone party . . . one of those ghastly indoor trampoline parks.  Here's where I pray to the sweet baby Jesus that they come out unscathed.  Seriously, the thought of injuries at these kinds of places make me quake, but it's uncool to put my kids in a bubble, or so I've been told.  Keep in mind that this was a party for two brothers and my two boys were invited.  Therefore, lest I be a heathen, I had each boy take a present.  And at this age, they really only want cash.  So two cards and $20 for each birthday boy equals about a $45.  Cha-ching. 

Then I take the little princess to the Frozen kill me now Luau at her school!  It was adorable and fun for her, but there goes another $10 bucks for tickets, face painting and snacks.  I suppose when you look at these cute little faces, that's really a small price to pay for memories.  
Of course Amanda wants her friend to sleep over.  She is an adorable girl, and I feel bad because they boys are gone the whole next day so I give in.  By the way parents, these requests come every weekend so be prepared.

Boys make it home late from their party . . . I was asleep, but it was sometime between 10-10:30 p.m.  Listen, Getzy was awake waiting for them so it's not like they had to fend for themselves.  
Too bad I had to get up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and get them up by 6:30 a.m. to drive about 45 minutes away for a Boy Scout Merit Badge Clinic.  Two boys, two classes each = $60 dollahs!  Are you keeping a tab?  

The boys know they need to do these clinics to earn the merit badge requirements for Eagle Scout.  They also agree to them, and it all sounds grand until we are dragging ass out of bed at the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday.  Getzy watched the girls and did a Dunkin' Donuts run because that's required of sleepovers.  Duh.  $9 more bucks out the window . . . like literally the drive thru window.
So they do their classes, and I press ass ALL day.  My friend Michelle did hang with me the first half, and we got a bit of shopping done . . . they gave parents permission to leave for a bit.  Sometimes I walk, but this was on a busy road so I stayed close for the afternoon.  We got out early . . . around 4 p.m. and made it home by 5 ish.  Geez.  Long day.  Here's the evidence . . .
Luckily my friend had sympathy for me and offered to fix us burgers that night.  And because I would feel like a slacker if I didn't bring anything, I swing by Publix for some dips, chips, mini cupcakes (Amanda's request) and a bottle of wine.  I guess that was about another $30 . . . cheaper than all five of us going out to dinner.  We laughed, listened to great music and played a rousing game of Hearts!  Good times!
Sunday, fun day!  Kyle chose to celebrate his birthday with friends at Dave & Busters this year!  We picked a Sunday afternoon because we figured it would be less crowded.  So Kyle and his 4 best buddies, plus the rest of us take two cars to D&B.  
I told each kid they got $25 worth of gaming money on their power card.  Use it as you wish but when it was gone, no more!  Why am I such a scrooge?  Because that total was $189, and we hadn't even ordered dinner yet.  Ouch.  In fact, double ouch.  And D & B has some fuzzy math. 
So Getzy and I divide and conquer and chase kids around the game area.  Some burned through their cards in no time flat . . . others savored their time.  I can't say enough how good these boys really are . . . and they've been friends since 2nd grade!
And of course the little sister got to tag along . . . because that's her job!  
Every one of those yahoos cashed in their tickets for candy . . . and lots of it!  I let them eat some, but then I was yelling at them to cease and desist on the candy because I wanted them to eat dinner! 
We let the boys sit at a table by themselves.  I positioned myself so I couldn't see them (on purpose), but Amanda has a direct view and kept me updated.  I only had to tell them to STOP eating candy and talking so loudly.  And I warned them that if they ordered a lot, then they were eating it since sometimes those boys have eyes bigger than their stomachs!  They did great though!  I felt a little robbed when the tab for dinner arrived . . . with tip it was $118. 
We drove everyone home for dessert!  Kyle requested cookie cake.  I ordered from Publix thinking it would be fabulous but honestly, I should have just made it myself!  Amanda would have done a better job on the icing!  Another $10 out the window!
After cake, they boys wanted to run around outside like fools and play football.  They wanted to play tackle which I nixed requiring 2-hand touch which turned into 2-hand shove but whatever.  Nobody got seriously hurt!   
So that's how you weekend as parents.  Go, go, go . . . spend, spend, spend.  Total tab for fun = $471.  Seriously people.  Here's where I tell Getzy how grateful we are that he works hard and happily spends it on the family!  He's kind of a rock star like that.  And here are Getzy and I at the end of the weekend . . .
And maybe a little of this . . .
And after this weekend, definitely this . . .
None of this was meant to be bragadocious . . . I've just been thinking recently how darn expensive it is to have kids.  You want to give them all the things, but how much is too much?  There's no right answer here.  I guess as long as my kids can take no for an answer and don't expect too much, we are doing alright. 

Seriously, I need to start writing these over the weekend because shizam, it's already Thursday and time to do this again soon.  Happy little Friday anyway!

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