Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Things that have put a smile on my face lately . . .

1.  My kids don't hang out in their rooms really.  We mostly congregate in the family room.  My oldest disappeared upstairs one night this past week, quietly by himself.  He then came down and got graph paper and a tape measure.  Off he goes again and finally comes back with an announcement and a plan.  He decided, of his own accord, to clean and organize his bureau drawers, closet and desk.  He made a diagram of his room and pitched a furniture placement change. 
How can you say no to that?  So Getzy helps him rearrange his furniture, and they set up his desk with his laptop and monitor.  He. Was. So. Proud.  It was awesome.  And then he keeps cleaning up around the house and says, "My OCD is going crazy!"  He's a freak!
2.  My mom.  She is so good about remembering the kids at each little holiday.  She always sends each of them a card with some treat money in it.   
Sometimes she finds goodies to send them . . . their favorite candy, cute clothes or trinkets that match the kids.  She tries to be so fair, which is so sweet.  So one knows that if Granny sends a package to their sibling, rest assured something will be headed their way soon.  I tell her life isn't fair, but I guess Grandma's are!  Kyle loves a lamb so she found an antique doorstop and mailed it to him with his favorite candy.  Love her so much!
3.  Stamping with my girl!  I used to sell Stampin' Up eons ago before Amanda was even born so when a friend asked us to join a stamping event, I thought it would be fun for both of us!  Well, Miss Amanda LOVED it and did an awesome job making her cards all by herself! 
We didn't buy anything that night because I'm a hoarder and have TONS of stuff from back in the day.  She pulled out a bunch and made Valentine's Day cards for her teachers . . . this was my table yesterday!  She even helped our neighbor's son make a card for his mom.  So cute, even the ink on her forehead!
4.  This past week the Boy Scout troop held elections for leadership positions for the next six month term.  My oldest ran for Senior Patrol Leader, the highest leadership role for the whole troop, and won!  He wrote his own speech and made some awesome points of things he wants to bring to the troop!  Proud mama for sure. 

And then my Kyle ran for Patrol Leader, the leadership role over his Ninja Patrol, and won as well!  I was so proud and thrilled for him . . . such great opportunities in the Boy Scouts to learn and develop the leadership skills! 
5.  Puppies!  Seriously, can you stand the cuteness?  My hairdresser's daughter, a fellow animal lover and rescuer to a fault, agreed to take in a Great Pyrenees puppy at 2 weeks old.  The mother was hit by a car and killed, and the puppies needed folks to bottle feed and care for them, which is a HUGE undertaking.  Chessy cannot resist and so this little baby is 3 weeks old and doing amazing, thanks to her!  I got to bottle feed him, and he ate so fast his little belly didn't realize he was full, so he was sucking on my fingers.  I die.  So sweet.  He wiggled a bit and then crashed out.  I held him the whole time I got my hair done . . . puppy heaven!  It makes me all melty just looking at the pictures!
And then a certain big girl was very suspicious when I got home and wanted to know what was up?  Cracks me up . . . she can always tell when I've been cheating on her!
6.  New sneakers!  I had a coupon and treated myself to some new kicks!  I'm thinking black is slimming, right?!  I'm working out like a fool these days so some new shoes were in order!
7.  Petey inspired things!  A friend saw this and just got it for me out of the kindness of her heart.  I can't even . . . I love it so much and the thoughtfulness behind it!  Thanks again Tracy! 
Lots of stuff on tap for this weekend . . . here are a couple of clues for Friday night . . . you love this game, right?
And this song is on repeat right now . . . and I can't wait for my movie date with friends on Monday!  Meow!
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  1. I love that mug! It would be perfect in my life.

    I am giddy over #1. That's a kid after my own heart.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. aww that is so awesome! he can come over and organise my house, lol. i used to get in furniture switching moods but my mum would never let me do it anywhere else but my room.
    i want that mug but for cats - although those puppies are adorable!