Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goodbye January . . . Hello February!

So much fun was had this past weekend . . . I love a weekend that's jam packed with highlights!  And apparently my week has been too since this update is now on hump day.  Whoops!

Let's begin with Friday night . . . did anyone guess my little hint from my last post?  Don't be too jealous, but we had tickets to see the Australian Bee Gees performing at the Cobb Energy Center!  (The crowd goes wild!  Rah, Rah!)

Everyone meets at my house and we leave 9 kids to fend for themselves.  Technically that's false . . . I provided 4 pizzas and a Costco size box of chocolate chip cookies!  And it's also false because we all have amazing kids . . . super responsible, over-achiever type of kids and three of them are teenagers so totally legit babysitters.  Here's where I should hash tag how much I love my friends because great parents raise great kids! 

Back to the point . . . we head to dinner at Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill near the venue.  This was average at best, and our service was horrible.  Like some of the worst I've had in awhile.  I'd be ok with it if the waiter was even remotely apologetic, but he didn't seem to even care.  And since tip was added because we were a large party, I guess he didn't have to care.  #rude

So we roll up with hardly any time to spare and take our seats.  The lights dim and what the what?  A slow song plays.  Apparently they were going in chronological order, but I was hoping for some Saturday Night Fever music.
Turns out, that's really why I like the Bee Gees . . . I didn't really know a single song from their early years.  But man alive . . . did I get up and work it like John Travolta when they started on the soundtrack music!
The Bee Gees wrote a lot of great songs for others, my favorite being "Islands In the Stream" by Kenny and Dolly . . . such a classic!  And funny side note . . . when I was a kid, I used to tell the joke, "What do you call it when Dolly Parton sweats?  Islands in the stream!"  Bah dum ching.  I thought I was hysterical.
They did have some groovy backdrops even though their stage presence was a bit lacking!
And speaking of groovy, check out these sassy ladies!  We had so much fun singing, dancing and enjoying our night out!  And I love my fancy shoes although my feet were killing me by the end of the night!  I took them off when I was dancing at my seat! Keeping it classy . . .
It should be noted that my favorite Bee Gees songs is Night Fever!  I'm jamming out to it right now!  You should too!
Ok, moving on to Saturday!  Kyle needs service hours to advance in his rank for Boy Scouts so he worked a three hour shift at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  We did that race for years so it's a fun way to get the hours!  Love that cute face!
The boys head off in the afternoon to do "homework" with friends.  I realize that means an hour of work and four hours of playing but whatever.  Amanda was off on a play date all day, but came home in time to get showered and get ready for her annual Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance!  I offered to curl her hair with hot rollers and as soon as we began she started bawling.  She's tender-headed so I thought it was hurting even though I was super gentle. Turns out it's because our friends are moving, and it's breaking her heart. 
It was the saddest thing ever.  I just hugged her and talked about how we have to be happy for folks that are making great life changes even though it makes us sad to be left behind.  And of course we talked about getting to visit and how easy it is to stay in touch with texting and facetime.  Poor thing just couldn't pull it together but tried to make a happy face for her pictures with Daddy.
They stayed for dinner and dancing, and then went to get some froyo because that makes everything better . . . and Getzy is addicted.  Amanda brought hers home to share with Abby.  Some for Abby, some for Amanda.  Gross?  Meh, there are worse things.  I shared my popsicles with my dogs when I was a kid.  Abby's not much of a butt licker so it's all good!  #tmi

Sunday morning was super chill, and then I took my Girl Scouts to my co-leader's restaurant to work on their Social Butterfly badge.  They had to use table manners and make conversation and generally be their usual good selves!  Hammock's is known for their seafood . . . you should check it out!  We got to tour the kitchen and watch the chef prepare a salmon.  I love the looks on the girls' faces while he's doing it!  And of course some had to touch the fish!
Of course we tried to get cute group photos!  I love these girls.  Most of them have been in my troop since Kindergarten!  I love taking them on field trips instead of hosting meetings at my house.  We do both, but I think they learn more when they are out and about!
We ended our fun with table side s'mores!  It was obviously a huge hit with the girls!  They snacked and voted on what fun thing they wanted to do with some of their cookie proceeds . . . World of Coke trip won.  Not my first pick but these girls get to decide!
Sunday evening we, of course, watched the Superbowl with our friends and dined on some chicken wings!  Michelle grills up some tasty wings, even in the pouring rain!  It's really team work since I held the flashlight!  Getzy was super thrilled that the Patriots won since he's from New England . . . too bad Sea Hawks!
That's a wrap . . . finally!  Pretty soon it'll be the weekend again!  Gah, I can't keep up!

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  1. I love me some Bee Gees... all of it. My parents were big fans so we had ll the albums. Wow... haven't been to Stoney River in ages, it used to be so good!!! Bummer! have a great one this weekend!

  2. I don't know a lot of bee gees music, maybe just the super popular stuff. but guess what, they are totes not aussie - they are technically english :) but i love me some night fever too!