Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Weekend in the books!

We are lazy today here in the south . . . the family is totally chilling out at home enjoying our "snow day!"  Here's what is looks like right now, and it's currently 37 degrees!  That's correct . . . no snow and rain predicted to start later! Btdubs . . . that view is way better in the spring and summer.
After the debacle of last year's Snowpacolypse, the county called a snow day for today late Saturday evening.  I'm thinking they should have given it another 24 hours, but I'm happy to have my kids home with me!  Definitely one of the perks of living in the south!

So Friday night at the middle school was the Winter Ball, and the theme was "A Night in Paris!"  This is our first formal dance in the family so it was kind of a big deal.  It was also a big deal because my boys needed new khakis and dress shoes worthy of the dance, and Ryan got his first tie!  Fancy!
The dance was sponsored by the Student Council, to which my boys are both members.  They had lots of fun this week staying after school and helping with preparations for the dance.  Kyle, being in 6th grade, was able to attend because he volunteered at the dance . . . only 7th and 8th graders were invited!  He and his friends had a blast "working."
It was awesome to see the kids and teachers all dressed up!  While I am super excited for this next stage for my boys, it hurts my heart to think how fast they are growing up.  At least I didn't have to deal with him taking a date . . . I'm for sure not ready for that!

Saturday morning was chill.  Clearly I made a fancy breakfast . . . you really can do so many things with a can of Pillsbury orange rolls!  Pinterest eat your heart out!  Getzy and Amanda also presented me with homemade cards and some pretty roses! 
Then I had to go pick up the Girl Scout cookies for my troop!  Yes, I'm the leader and the cookie mom.  #controlfreak  Actually, we aren't a huge troop so it's just easier to do these things, or at least that's what I tell myself. 
Thankfully I have awesome co-leaders and one joined me on the two hour round trip to get the order.  Apparently they were running behind.  Most of the girls have picked up their boxes, but I still have tons for cookie booths . . . this is what my living room will look like for a couple of weeks.  Gah.
After the cookie madness, I got busy making my annual fancy Valentine's dinner with the help of my little mini me!  She really is awesome and super helpful . . . she even made the chocolate dipped strawberries and purple cupcakes!
I suppose what makes the dinner fancy is the fact that we eat off the china in the actual dining room . . . not the food.  I used to do a more elaborate meal, but I switched to breakfast foods.  It's easier and the kids enjoy it more.  I was going to do pancakes but ended up just opening a can of biscuits . . . easy peasy!  The lighting sucks but you get the picture!
Ryan headed out after dinner for a party . . . that kid gets more invites to places!  He only got to stay for 3 hours because he had to come home and be our babysitter while Getzy and I went to our own party!  Sucka!  We had so much fun, maybe too much.  There may have been some of this . . .
And some of this . . .
But honestly, with no photographic evidence, I really can't confirm or deny!  Winky face!
Sunday was mostly lazy with play dates and Boy Scout stuff.  Friends and I planned on seeing Fifty Shades of Grey on Monday while the kids were at school, but since the weather foiled my plans, I made adjustments and went Sunday night! 
I quite liked it.  It really followed the book, almost to the letter, which was what I was hoping for.  I thought it was just enough sexy time to convey the message, but not enough to gross me out!  I really liked Dakota Johnson for Anna but didn't find Jamie Dornan that convincing . . . and I kept hearing his Irish accent come through in his character.  He's hot, don't get me wrong, but not my idea of Christian.   Bottom line . . . I was super sad when it was over and can't wait until the next one.  I actually really liked the books . . . they are not literary works of art, but entertaining none the less.   
Hey, it's only Monday, and I'm done with my weekend in review . . . so proud of myself!  Happy President's Day to you!
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  1. 1) I wish I had worn a Beyoncé fringe dress Sat nite.
    2) Agreed. Dakota good as Ana. That other guy wrong as Christian. But I wouldn't send him away or anything drastic like that.
    3) I, too, liked the books and movie. She's a horrible writer but it's a good tale.
    4) I'm jealous that she's published and I'm too lazy to write more than a paragraph.

  2. Those boys look so handsome!!! We barely went to school last week because of the snow! I'll take a 2 day work week any time:)