Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter everyone!  What a beautiful day we had here in the south!  The day was even more special for me because my mama was here to share it with us! 
The Easter Bunny was day drinking yesterday so it was no easy feat to stay up and take care of business!  But it all got done, including turning off Amanda's alarm to try to get a few extra minutes of sleep! 

Amanda was thoughtful and left water and a carrot for the Easter Bunny.  It was clearly appreciated.
The kids did their usual egg hunt and basket search and were quite pleased with their loot.  As they should be because the Easter bunny goes overboard every year.  Ridiculous. 
It was all over in a hot minute so I went on to make a "special" breakfast. 
Clearly I nailed it!  Might want to pin this one!  NOT!  Who freaking knew it would be so complicated?  They looked fine when they were uncooked.  Swear.

Then it was the negotiations about getting on church clothes, brushing teeth and do I have to wear a tie and tuck in my shirt?  Well yes, yes, yes and no.  Obvs.
The service was awesome, as always.  Each child got a new embossed bible for Easter so it was fun to watch them read along during the service.  Amanda was clearly pleased with hers . . . anything with pink and flowers is a winner!

Since we rarely dress so fancy, I made all the kids take a picture with their Easter loot in their Easter finery.  It's like I torture them by doing this . . . one day they will thank me.  I even made mom and Getzy do it.  They agreed, under duress. 
And since no one gives a rat about taking my picture, I took my own damn selfie.  Rarely do I get a chance to dress up and feel so cute!  Mom and I had fun at the mall on Friday getting new Easter clothes for the ladies . . . fond memories for sure!
My oldest saw me doing it and took sympathy on me and offered to take one as well.  Bless his teenage heart.
And this little nugget . . . she is the girliest girl you'll ever meet.  She was thrilled with her new dress, necklace and shoes.  She loves high heels and fake nails.  I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble.  If only I could get her to do something more exciting with her hair.  I may remember someone else who didn't care much for hair care when she was younger (points fingers back at self)! 
As much as she loved being dressed up, she couldn't wait to get home and back in her J-Animals.  What a cute unicorn!
And that about sums it up.  We ate.  I may have napped.  We played outside.  And Getzy cooked up a lovely Easter dinner.  A wonderful day with family. 

I hope you had a blessed Easter, and the Easter Bunny treated you right!

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