Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Confessing, again!

Can one confess too many dirty secrets?  I think not.  It's best to just put them out there and then let it go.  Not that these are super juicy, but hey . . . tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. 
First up.  I accidentally joined a book club.  And as a general rule, I hate book clubs.  Like I've made fun of my friend Michelle for attending one for years.  But . . . I do love to read.  And I super duper love my friend Brandi, and it was her idea.  So bam, book club member.  
I suppose book clubs are cool because they encourage you to read things that maybe you wouldn't have selected on your own. So I promptly download the first book and sat on it for awhile because I fancy myself a pretty fast reader.  Mis-take.  Here is the book . . . check out the Goodreads summary here!
The title should have been my first clue . . . I got bored after the first 5 words.  It's an interesting story, but way too tedious.  It jumps back and forth from modern day to the past and covers way too many historical details . . . and no sexy time at all.  What the what?  But I'm going to go to Book Club with a smile on my face and see what everyone else has to say.  Not that I care . . . I should probably confess that also.  Want to invite me to your book club?  Clearly I'm a real treat.  

Weekend confession . . . I'm equally as excited about, as I am dreading, the Boy Scout ski trip I'm chaperoning this weekend.  Let's all have a moment and pray that I make it out injury free (my boys too) and with my sanity intact.  Here's hoping this will not be me.  
But can you imagine my car with a bunch of smelly boys after a weekend of skiing?  Yeah, me either.  I've never been on a Boy Scout trip so I thought this would be fun.  I mean, I skied like 25 years ago so I got this, right?!?  The things we do for our children.  
Coffee confession . . . can you believe that I didn't take up drinking coffee until my late 30's?  I just think of all those years I suffered through un-caffeinated.  Imagine . . . 3 babies and then their toddler years . . . all without coffee.  The insanity of it all.  Now I sometimes go to bed excited about my morning cup of coffee.  
I love Brussel spouts.  Is that weird?  Apparently it is because most people start gagging at the mention of those words, including all the men in my family.  I like to roast a batch of them every so often and wait for my boys to get home.  Like yesterday . . . they barely got through the door before they were whining and complaining about the smell.  By that time, I can't even smell them anymore so it just makes me giggle.  
Getzy is out of town this whole week for work so guess what's for dinner?  Beats the shit out of me . . . I'm not cooking!  Whomp!  Don't fret yourself . . . I'm feeding the children.  I'm just not making anything fancy.  Or at all.  Last night one had a frozen pizza, two had ramen noodles  and I had mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts.  Bam.  Dinnah is served!
I don't even want to confess this but . . . it's true.  I'm trying to keep up with all the ways of social media and I'm failing.  I've got Facebook and Instagram down, but Snapchat and Twitter allude me.  I seriously need to watch a You Tube Video to figure it out.  I would ask my kids, but I will kill them dead if I find out they have either of these accounts.  I could ask their friends though.  But my "handle" is the same every where @getzgirlonfire . . . and by saying handle, I just dated the crap out of myself.  Raise your hand if you know who is Smokey and the Bandit is?  Radio silence.  But hit me up on some social media . . . I'll eventually figure it out!  Let's be (virtual) friends.  

A couple of dog confessions and then I'm out.  By the way, I get started on these confession posts and wonder what I'll say.  And then I get going and have to make myself stop.  
So Abby is like a polar bear and loves this cold weather.  She prefers to sit outside on the covered deck in the cold rather than snuggle up with us in the house.  Well, lucky for her, I forgot to bring her in last night.  I just about died feeling like such a bad dog parent.  It got down to 28 last night.  In all fairness, she loved it.  If she wants in, she will bark to let us know, and it's right below our bedroom window so I always hear her.  But still.  I have shame. 

One of my best friends very generously offered to spend the night at my house this Friday to watch Amanda, but more importantly, be here for Petey.  Since Getzy is out of town until Saturday, and I leave for the ski trip on Friday, I needed help.  I figured I would just cancel being a chaperone, but she offered.  Gah, love her so much.  
Any who, she's sleeping in my bed Friday night because I don't have a guest room.  Well, Petey sleeps in my bed every night.  Of course I would make sure she has clean sheets, but I'm kicking it up a notch and washing my blanket and comforter.  I don't smell dog, but I'd be mortified if she did.  I mean, how often do you wash your comforter?  Maybe a few times a year?  You don't think about this stuff until you look at it from someone else's perspective.  What else do I need to clean?  ZOMG . . . I need to stop.  

Last one . . . my friend gets paid in my friendship (priceless), but Amanda is getting paid $20 to be in charge of Petey from Friday until Saturday when Getzy gets home, and my friend gets to go back to her dog free house!  He's a hot mess most days and deserves his own post but suffice to say, he's a LOT of work and Amanda handles it like a champ.  This is how Amanda will be . . . she loves some chore money!
And that's a wrap . . . linking up with some cool ladies because life is more fun that way!
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  1. I love brussel sprouts but yea they stink it up when you cook them or reheat them!

  2. I'm a fan of Brussels Sprouts, too! I'm on Snapchat, i'll try to find you on there. It took a friend to show me how that darn thing works before I got it, too. If you want some tips let me know. :)

  3. Blech on brussel sprouts. I try to like them but I just can't. Also, I JUST figured out SnapChat. My 22 year old cousin had to explain it to me though.

  4. oh my gosh i read that book ages ago (listened to it, actually) and parts were interesting but lordy they were few and far between. mostly it was incredibly boring! don't let that put you off book club though, and don't go in with a smile on your face lol go in with a 'this book was boring! let's read something better!'

  5. i was a big tea drinker for the longest time and only switched to coffee in my late 30s. now i am obsessed! like you, i go to bed knowing that i can wake up and drink more coffee :)

  6. coffee in my late 30s right here!! now i must have it daily. DAILY. i love brussel sprouts too. had them last night for dinner! i didn't like them until my 20s.

  7. My little sister is 27 and just started drinking coffee this year. She used to make fun of me for years for needing it now and she is worse an addict than I am lol. I like shaved brussels in salads and stuff. I haven't gotten in to actually cooking them. Good luck on your scout trip!