Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humpday Confessions

These are my confessions  . . . how much time do we have?  Here we go . . . my current dirty secrets.  
I didn't set any New Year's Resolutions.  Gasp.  I almost feel like a failure.  Key word, almost.  I usually set lofty resolutions because who doesn't love a fresh start?  And then I scrap them because life happens.  It feels quite liberating to not set myself up for a let down later.  I say we should always be improving so I have life resolutions.  Man, that sounds deep.  I'm so zen.
But if I were going to set some, I would just copy Amanda.  She pretty much nailed them!  I think #3 is important.  But #4 is my favorite.  This girl.  She rocks my socks off . . . or should I end with ". . . off my feet" so I don't leave a dangling preposition?  Nah, I'll just let it dangle.  Bam, such a grammar rebel. 
I got "Amanda" Justin Bieber concert tickets for Christmas.  Or maybe she was my excuse to go see Justin.  Guess you'll never know.
I use my kids wallets like my own personal ATM because who has time to go to the bank.  But in all honesty, I write it down like I'm going to put the money back in their wallets.  Then I get sick of the item being on my to do list so I will just transfer money to their savings account.  I never, ever actually "steal" the money.  That would be wrong.  
Why oh why do I have to cook dinner every day?  I want to think I like cooking, but I think I may be lying to myself.  "Cooking" is a loose term that involves menu planning, shopping, chopping, actual cooking and then lots of clean up and pantry organization, am I right?  Where is the fun in that?  There isn't.  But it's required I feed the children so I will press on.  Got any awesome recipes that don't involve a pound of butter or cheese?  It is January after all.  
I hate Girl Scout Cookie season . . . and I'm the Girl Scout leader.  I hate asking, or having Amanda ask, friends and family.  I hate that they are $4 a box.  I hate having to go get the millions of cases, sort them by girl and wait for them to be picked up.  I hate working the cookie booths in the cold.  I hate stressing over having any leftover to be sold when the "season" is over.  And I hate that they come right at prime healthy eating time and taunt me.  So yeah, seems I'm not a fan.  I do have a caveat . . . they provide most of the money we use to do good things, take field trips and buy supplies so I just need to continue to smile and act like it's a fun time.  So, in summary, please buy the damn cookies.  Or donate them . . . that saves you the calories and really helps out those in need.
Why is skin care so hard?  Wah wah.  But seriously.  Most of the time I only clean my face with warm water and a wash cloth.  I suppose I should also confess that most of the time I can't be bothered with make-up.  Aren't I so girly?  When it comes to SPF, I got this.  And shut the hell up about how it doesn't matter if you get more than SPF 30.  I'll buy what I want.  

But for realz.  What skin care products should I use?  Are the cheap Aveeno ones okay?  What order do I put them on?  Isn't it cleanse, tone and moisturize?  But then when do serums, wrinkle creams and eye creams get applied?  What about a chemical peel?  Do I need regular facials?  Skin care is no joke when you're in your forties.  Ugg.  
So speaking of Ugg(s), I generally held the opinion that they weren't that attractive and were mostly for over privileged teen girls.  And then I got a fake pair (Fuggs?) and wore the heck out of them when it was cold.  But errbody says the real Uggs are so much more comfortable, so I caved to the pressure.  
I bought this pair on sale from Nordstrom's.  I must also confess that the plain tall boot felt too snug on my giant calves.  Big muscles?  Probs not.  But you know what?  These things are freaking awesome.  The inside is real wool and they keep my toes so warm, almost too warm at times.  The bottom is super smushy, and they are just comfortable to walk in . . . I even walked the dog wearing them.  Don't hate . . . it was cold!
My final confession is in regards to No Spend January.  What that translates to is No Fun January.  I suppose I've done pretty good, but let's just say I haven't been super strict.  I think I'll go with Spend Less January AND February.  I created my own damn loophole.  That feels good.  
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  1. I used to hate Uggs too but I have a fake pair that I wear on really cold days!!! So skincare. Such a pain right? I like to use either Cetaphil or Cera Ve. They are both super gentle and easily available at Target or Walgreens or whatever. They don't break the bank and my derm even recommends them to everyone. You cant go wrong. For order you would wash, tone, use serums and creams then top off with moisturizer. Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. i loved my fake uggs and wish i could afford real uggs. womp womp. i'm doing no spend january as well. just clothes and stuff, i might have bought 8 books and 2 mascaras but hey, no clothes!
    i have NO idea about skin care. i suck at it. i do use that cetaphil stuff that nadine mentioned above, and Kathy has talked a lot about awesome skin care and her skin looks absolutely flawless so i need to do everything she does.
    i don't like girl scout cookies. i always buy them though because i'm happy to support them - and KC loves them haha

  3. Haha great post! I have no idea about skin care and will probably look well past my age soon but i don't wear a lot of make so I have that going for me. Ummm I love girl scout cookies, you don't have to ask me to buy them twice.

  4. I really like that list and appreciate the multiple use of different colors. I'm a colorful gal as well ;-) I finally broke down and bought some Ugg slippers at that Nordstrom gift ever!

  5. so. skincare. my routine is this:
    1) cleanse but only at night using a very gentle cleanser. in the morning, i just splash water on my face.

    2) hydrating serum. i have super dry skin so a serum actually penetrates into the deeper layers of your dermis to hold in the moisture.

    3) argan oil because argan oil is a 40yr old's secret weapon. not all oils are the same for everyone but argan oil has elimiated fine lines around my eyes and keeps my skin supple and smooth. fuck wrinkles/looking like a 40yr old!

    5) moisturizer.

    6) once a week, i exfoliate, then follow with a super hydrating face mask for 20mins.

    all of my products are all natural; i stay away from chemical-laden products as much as i can.