Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's talk about the weather

Seems the east coast weather is what's trending right now so let's discuss how that affects my world!  I've been watching You Tube videos this week on "How to Ski" to refresh my memory for my Scout ski trip this weekend . . . all for nothing.  Due to a winter weather travel advisory, we had to postpone our ski trip until March.  I'm super sad about having no plans this weekend and not hanging out with 20 teen boys.  
My kids went to bed happy because our county is closing school 2 hours early due to the 'possible' impending weather.  Truth be told, minus one measly blizzard a couple of years ago that wrecked the city (I jest, it was a BFD, read about our experience here), nothing ever really comes from these snow predictions here in the south.  And if it wasn't enough that 4,000 of my closest friends posted it repeatedly on Facebook, who doesn't want a text, cell call and house call simultaneously at 10:15 at night to tell me the same eff'ing thing.  I got it.  Honestly, it will make me feel better to have all my kids home with me safe and sound. And I'm super excited that starts two hours earlier.  
Getzy is in London for work (sucka).  His flight home may get cancelled, obviously depending on the weather.  Well, if he can't make it out, they are sending him to Paris to work for a few days.  It's cool.  I'm not jealous.  I'll just stay home and take care of the dogs and kids.  I don't like to travel anyway.  Said no wife ever.
Referring back to You Tube and possible snow, I gassed up Proud Mary (the Jeep - you can find her story here) yesterday and then watched You Tube videos on how to put it in 4 wheel drive.  Getzy always drives when it's snow or mud, and I never paid attention on how he got it to 4x4.  Well he's out of town and big mama needs to know so bring on the wintery mix, I'm ready to rescue people and save lives . . . from the comfort of my warm house.  But if necessary, I can do this!  I'm pretty sure anyway. I can feel his panic from across the ocean at the idea of me out 4 wheeling in his Jeep.  
I will say that if you are stuck, you'd probably rather be at my house.  No milk or bread over here.  We got wine, corn dogs, gallons of ice cream, Nutella, chips and queso, oh and apples.  I was hungry when I went to the store with half of the city this morning.  I really didn't need anything . . . I like to keep a stocked pantry any way. I got some healthy stuff too . . . but all this talk of snow makes me wanna eat.
Well, stay safe out there.  Make a snow angel and sit by the fire . . . call me if you get stuck.  I have 0% experience and 100% confidence, so we should be good.   

I shall leave you with this . . . it seriously makes me laugh out loud every time.  "Devil's dandruff"  "New England Clam Powder" The SNL skit about the Atlanta snow storm.  You'll have to just copy and past, but I promise it's worth it . . . it's being difficult, like the weather.


  1. Hahaha... omg I forgot about that skit!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Stay safe my friend. I'm still at work and have to go to the grocery on the way home... and stay sober. Just shoot me.

  2. i heard about the huge snowstorm about to shit on the east coast and canadians be like "oh, you mean Tuesday?" LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. bahahahaha the last meme is hilarious. we went to the grocery and there was plenty of bread and milk, but no frozen pizzas. so we got ice cream instead lol.

  4. I'm 100% jealous of DC getting 2 feet of snow. I live in Iowa for cripes sake, where the hell is our snow???? And OMG, 0% experience/100%confidence had me rolling!!!!

  5. Omg you made me laugh so hard, especially the last meme. I'm in NY State and I should have seriously taken a camera to the super market. There was no meat left, no shredded cheese, no Gatorade, no bottled water, and no frozen fruit. It's funny what people go for. =P