Monday, January 25, 2016

Quick & Dirty Weekending

Monday, Monday . . . nah nah, nah nah nah . . . anyone old enough to know that tune?  No?  Figures. 
Y'all.  It really did snow!  Isn't is so lovely when the snowflakes are falling and the ground starts to turn white?  I don't know the official tally, but it was around an inch.  Plenty for my kids to enjoy . . . and get all their clothes dirty.  

We had dinner out with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant Friday night.  Kyle went home with them so it was only Ryan and Amanda who braved the temperatures to play in the snow.  Amanda says, "Mom, I built a snowman."  Seriously, southern kids just make do. 
She called him Jeffrey . . . he stuck around longer than the rest of the snow!
Sometimes when Getzy is out of town, Amanda asks to sleep in my bed.  She loves to cuddle with Petey and this is how I found them Saturday morning.  So sweet.  
His head is buried in there near her head . . . melts my heart.
Unexpectedly, it snowed again Saturday morning.  Time to head back out to play with the neighbors.  Abby will beg me to take her outside when the kids are playing, and she loves the snow.  I put on my new ski bibs and headed outside too.  Confession . . . I left my pajamas on underneath so I could be lazy afterwards.  Look at these two cuties.  
Pretty in pink!
I was sad that my Kyle wasn't home to play with his siblings, but I know he had so much fun with his friend.  He had to be coerced into wearing weather appropriate clothes . . . it's odd to see him so covered up!  That kid wears shorts and a hoodie every damn day.  He says he's never cold.  My friend put the hammer down though . . . her house, her rules.  True that!
These guys look like total professionals.  
Ryan wanted to meet some friends in the green space near our neighborhood around 11 ish on Saturday.  It had stopped snowing and the streets looked pretty good so I said it was fine.  I backed Proud Mary out and got her in 4 high in case the roads were slippery.  I was so proud of myself.  Turns out I didn't need it so I put it back to normal, but it felt like a boss to know what I was doing!

After the snow stopped, the wind was crazy.  I was stressing out about Getzy landing safely, but he made it home to us safe and sound!  We were all so happy to see his face!  Amanda made him a Welcome Home Daddy sign for the door so that made him happy.  No pictures . . . oh well.

Kyle and some friends of mixed company had a little fun at a new jumping place on Saturday.  I have a cute picture, but I don't really know all the parents so I won't post to protect the innocent.  As if tweens/teens are ever innocent!  Ha!

Since my ski trip was cancelled, Getzy and I got to attend a friend's 40th birthday party (shout out Amy).  I find it super ridiculous she's not 40 yet anyway so I happily welcomed her to the club!  We started at a local micro brew and then headed back to their house to continue the party!  Good times!
No clue what I'm doing, but I was having a good time for sure!
And I feel really bad for her since she clearly doesn't have any friends.  Ha!  Her husband (shout out Pete) did such a great job planning her party . . . so many good friends and fun memories.  I may have to kick it old school and throw down a #blessed.  

Sunday was pretty chill . . . grocery shopping, Girl Scout meeting and friends over for chicken parm.  Overall a good weekend, but I was super ready for my kids to go back to school.  That's not usually like me, but they were on my nerves last night. So this morning I was all like buh bye and off they went!  Weekend out.

Linking up with Bianca for the weekend review!

P.S.  I think one of my favorite teens is celebrating her birthday today, so I'm sending her a huge shout out and some serious love!  Miss you Madelyn, and you're going to rock it at WEF!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Snow is always fun when it's in small quantities lol - thanks for linking up Girl!

  2. Look at you all blogging like crazy! I was a slug all day Saturday in my house by the fire. I love snowy days in Atlanta!

  3. I should have definitely went out and played in the snow!! Looks like it was blast!! I love when I hear that Mamas and the Papa song on actual Mondays! =P

    Have a great week! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  4. how fun does that party look! i definitely don't have that many friends haha. the picture of amanda and petey is adorable.

  5. Snow!!!! We didn't hardly get a dusting here in Birmingham and I had all the sads. I wanted to go out and play! Looks like you all had a fun birthday party!!! Have a great week!