Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recommended Husband App

Let's just get right to it . . . what app does Getzy, and all the husbands of the world, need to install on their phone, like yesterday?  
A period tracker.  Uh huh, I just said that.

Why does anyone need an app for that?  Don't we all have calendars and can make a note?  
I'm pretty sure most of us use a digital calendar so I'd have use the search feature to find the day when my last one started.  And then what would I call it?  Period is so boring.  So I'd make up a catchy name and then forget it because there are so many from which to choose.  Side eye.  Are people making fun of us ladies?

I took a survey . . . of one (myself) . . . and it turns out I'm a damn delight most of the time.  Got that?  I didn't say all, I said most . . . because I know my limits.  
But there are a few days a month where I'm, let's just say, not myself.  Inevitably when I think the whole world is full of stupid people and I start to mentally decorate my own single lady apartment, I check the app and it is almost always 3 days until my lady time.  

Is it better to PMS with rage or tears?  Ponder that.  I suppose tears would garner the sympathy or needy vote, but alas, I have the rage.  It's inherent . . . technically the choice wasn't really mine.

You know what would be awesome though?  Some leniency during those 3 days because I CAN'T HELP IT!  All women recognize the irrational behavior of PMS, but we are powerless to stop it.  Like I know when I'm in a rage that it's unreasonable, but I can't stop and am usually so worked up I don't care.  And don't you dare ask me if I'm PMS'ing.  I will literally cut you.  
So, it was my brilliant idea that Getzy install this app on his phone so he, too, would know why my head starts to spin over seemingly unimportant things, like say the way he walks in the door and breathes.  And then he would do all the kind things to settle me down like fix dinner, draw me a hot bubble bath, bring me a chilled glass of wine and just tell me to relax and rest.  

It's a reasonable request, right?  Agreed, thank you.  

So guess who does NOT have the app on his phone?  But that's fine, it can be a fun little guessing game each month.  Am I right?  Gah, he's a lucky guy.  Or is it the other way around?

So, that was one big confession today . . . linking up with Kathy and Nadine for humpday!  
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  1. Hahahahah I would rather it just be a surprise :)

  2. ha ha, YES! Hey, if he won't take the extra help it's his loss!

  3. hahaha right?! i get super emotional around my period, and honestly, it's all over the place so i can't hardly track it (and i have one of those apps). kc just figures it out when i start eating a LOT more haha.

  4. why does our baby box have to cause so much trouble?! i usually warn my husband when i feel the rage coming by saying "i'm PMSing so watch out and apologies in advance".

  5. I'm not so bad anymore but my 17 year old... ugh. I thought she was drunk the other night because she was crying over absolutely nothing. Not drunk, just hormones!

  6. I have the rage too. I am deadly. And...I had the rage on the 18 hour plane ride home from South Africa. I was a peach.