Friday, January 15, 2016

You need a friend from Laos

I didn't know I needed a friend from Laos until I had one!  Anyone scratching their head asking where Laos is located?  Me too.  So here you go . . . Asia.
I met Christy through poker and love her long time.  She promised to make us some traditional Laotian food and came through in a big way.  You pronounce that "lay ocean" . . . I act like I'm all smart but my friends have been working with me on the pronunciation.  I can't even tell you how bad I jacked it up before I practiced.  So I could sound smart, I read this article before arriving.

I head over in time for a noon lunch bell, and it smells amazing when I walk in her house.  She has all this fresh food spread out on her counter top . . . cue mouth watering.  She's got a big, like BIG big, pot of soup boiling on the stove for some Pho.
Now hush, we know Pho is Vietnamese, but it's part of what her family eats so she made it for us.  It's so fun to make yourself a bowl . . . she taught us well.  

So it starts with bean sprouts and then you put in cooked rice noodles.  Then layer in the soup that has meatballs and just cooked steak.  Now it's topping time.  We had loads of fresh herbs and veg . . . tomatoes, onions, mint, basil, cilantro, celery leaves and scallions.  Next up, sauces.  I put some sriracha, hoisin, dried red onion, dried garlic and soy sauce on mine.  I was just throwing stuff on . . . apparently that's how it's done.  And quite frankly, I nailed it.  It was so delicious.  Like super good, and I'm not just being nice for my friend.  
Perhaps I should pay more attention to the lighting. 
She also had some Laos sausage, made by a local woman who is from there.  No clue what's in it or how it's made.  In fact, don't want to know.  It just tasted fabulous.  Like, where can I buy this, amazing!  
We ate it all.  So darn good.
Here's the big batch of sticky rice.  This is literally a staple food in the Laotian culture, eaten at almost every meal.  It's very glutenous so not for those on a paleo diet.  
She even had the traditional basket used for the sticky rice.
Sticky rice can be eaten by itself, or used as a utensil.  After checking out the food article, I texted her to let her know that I was eating with my fingers.  She agreed and this is how we ate the sausage, wrapped nicely in the rice.  Yum.
We also had Larb, which is meat and chopped rice and herbs.  It's eaten like a lettuce wrap or grabbed with the rice and cucumbers. 
For dessert, she had both Lotus cookies and friend bananas.  Both were tasty, but that Lotus cookie.  Stop.  I had half and shared with someone.  Then I got another half because who knew how delicious it would be.  
The shapes and name lotus flower aren't lost on me. *insert teenage boy giggle*
Here are my table mates . . . I love these ladies.  Such easy conversation and friendship.  Thank you Christy for taking the time to make us a fabulous meal, inviting us to your home and sharing your heritage with us.  The food was all so gorgeous and professional looking.  And she made it.  Herself!  Love you girl!  Thanks again!
So that, party people, is why you, too, need a friend from Laos.  Plus it's fun to say Laotian!  Say it with me . . . "lay ocean!"  


  1. Wow... that look amazing!! I need a big bowl of that on this nast,y cold, wet day! Have a great weekend Amy!

  2. When I was in cosmetology school I had a friend who's parents were from Laos, but she had always lived in the US. Once a month we had a potluck at school and she'd always bring in crab meat ragoons (sp??) from her family's restaurant - so good!!! Her name was Chay and she was so fun and I miss her - we lost touch about a year after I graduated.

  3. oh my gosh, all the food looks delish. i definitely need a friend who can cook some of that!

  4. All of that food looks so amazing!!!! That cookie is so pretty it would be hard to eat. Is there anything that you could compare the taste of it too? Mmmmm

  5. Seriously my stomach just growled reading this post!

  6. Yes yes yes! I love having friends from different cultures who are willing to share their food - and coffee! I love how other cultures do coffee.