Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Hearts Day

This weekend was all about hearts and flowers . . . no seriously, they were every where. See for yourself.
Tulips are my favorite . . . since Amanda loves pink and helped pick them out, voila!  I would lose my crap if Getzy actually spent loads of money to send me roses . . . ever the practical girl.  But grocery store tulips.  Perfection!
Every year I try to do cute little things to recognize Valentine's Day.  And inexpensive things because it really is kind of a lame holiday.  For the ten days leading up to Valentine's Day this year, I taped a heart to every one's door with a reason I loved them.  I did it after everyone was asleep so they would wake up and find it.  
In return, everyone surprised me on Valentine's morning with a giant heart stating why they loved me.  D'ahhh.  How sweet is that?  Super sweet.  
I double dog love homemade gifts.  I can buy my own stuff . . . but when you make me something, it tells me that you had me on your mind and you care.  
I also got chocolates . . . from Kyle.  I asked why it only had his name on it, and he said because he asked Dad to get me some.  Stop.  I can't even.  
My ever creative Amanda also made me a heart and taped it to the foot of the bed.  Brilliant move actually.  Feel free to steal that one.  And just to be clear, I don't actually love her more than my other children.  It's what we say though . . . they tell me "I love you" and I always say "I love you more" back at them. 
Are you sick of the hearts yet?  Me either.  One more.  I watched Amanda's class for a Teacher Appreciate Week lunch and while I was there the kids all made this for me on the board.  Gah.  So sweet.  And I'm a tough "substitute" . . . so it was extra special!
After our fancy Valentine's meal of Chinese, we all sat down to watch a family movie.  We're all total dorks because we laughed until we cried at this movie.  Now we need to watch Grown Ups 2.
In other fun news, we attended a party with some of my most favorite people Saturday night.  We clearly act younger than our age, but that's the spice of life.  None of us feel old in our heads . . . well, until the next day.  We are so totally drinking lemonade, in case anyone asks.  

That about sums it up other than Girl Scout cookies arrived, and we filed our taxes.  Living like a boss.  Be jealous.  


  1. aww those vday gifts are so cute. kayla gave me a card and i keep them every year :D

  2. I am sucking big time at making the holidays special since Tenley's birth. I love love Valentine's Day and all I did was set out my decorations and call it good. Each kid was given a small thing of candy (like they needed it - eye roll) but that's all I did. Like my fav non-major holiday never happened. boo. :(

    Sweet kiddos!

  3. I love the doily hearts with notes! That's awesome.

  4. hahaha i am jealous! we filed our taxes too. high five. also, i way prefer tulips over roses. love them!

  5. I love tulips so much! Love all the doily hearts! :)

  6. So fun and festive! The tulips are beautiful!

  7. Got me some Girl Scout cookies too! I love the idea of the hearts with handwritten notes. Like you, I'd rather have the tulips than the ungodly expensive roses.

  8. Ah! I love those heart ideas!!! I was lamenting to my husband that I should have done something for the boys for Valentine's from us, but honestly it didn't occur to me until the day of. He's like well it's a girl holiday. I said no! It's a love holiday :)

    So I think I'll steal your hearts on their doors idea for next year :)

  9. Tulips are my favorite!!! I love the idea of writing daily reasons why you love them and your family was so sweet in return!!!!