Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Thoughts . . . Friday Things

I need to focus on happy thoughts today so let's do a Friday favorites . . . since it's practically Saturday anyway!  Nothing terrible going on in my life . . . I'm just tired because of the dog.  I plan to write about that soon.  
My most happy news of the week relates to Amanda.  **Claps hands in excitement** I took her to get allergy tested last Thursday.  They did four panels on her back . . . these include the most common allergens.  I thought for sure she would have a dust allergy, but I was really worried she would have a dog allergy (gasp, the horror).  I'm not kidding you when I tell you that child has been sneezing her cute little head off this winter.  Turns out she's allergic to certain grasses but nothing else really reacted.  
The "control" is the big one on the bottom left . . . that just proves she will react.
Grasses are the bottom right . . . seems those are a trigger!
So, we went back yesterday for more extensive testing because what presented on her back didn't correlate to my description of her symptoms . . . she reacts this time of year versus in the warmer months.  

I had to slather her arm with Lidocaine an hour before her appointment and then wrap it in "cling wrap."  Since we had some time to kill and an Old Navy coupon, we did some damage to distract her until the appointment!
#1 is the control again!  The red is just dried blood (yuck!).
She got ten injections just under the skin, and we had to wait the standard 15 minutes.  She was way more freaked out about the idea of the shots than the actual shots.  Turns out she wasn't really reactive to any of the tests and as it stands, she does not have to do allergy tests.  Praise the sweet baby Jesus.  Seems her triggers are more due to the dry air and weather changes. Alrighty then!
Next up, I love to plan an adventure.  We've been pretty house bound taking care of our old dog, but I am making the time to take my mama to Nashville for 2 days in April.  I'm so excited!  I started booking stuff today and can't wait to have this one on one time with her.  
I think I may have finally figured out the Snapchat.  The fact that I just said "the" Snapchat may contradict that, but I'm feeling it for sure.  Sometimes I find myself swiping in all directions when I get confused, but I haven't accidentally sent anything yet so I call that winning.  My kids still don't have Snapchat so technically I'm cooler than them.  Boom.  So hit me up because I only have like 7 "friends" who actually post . . . @getzgirlonfire

Friends and handwritten notes that make you feel the love are always high on my list of immediate smiles.  
Sometime this week my oldest son slings a pink paper at me and says "Zach had to send a Valentine's card in Spanish so he sent one to you, and I sent one to his mom."  Never mind that it was like over a week late in the delivery . . . it totally made me giggle.  He's a "pain" because I always hear the gossip when I'm the driver, and I'll call him out on it . . . he knows I'm teasing.  And the P.S. is because whoever is being the biggest suck up to me when their friends are over is always "my favorite."  So they all will do nice things like open my doors, take my trash and give me compliments.  It's usually super funny . . . as in the *wink* he added at the end.  Those kids crack me up!
I also received a surprise happy in the mail recently.  You know how you have those people in your life that are like . . . well, your people.  My friend Lynn is totally a "person" for me.  She just gets me.  And I get her.  And it's such an awesome judgement free zone.  And she is so different from me in so many ways and so alike in others.  She's a great compliment to me for sure.  We haven't lived in the same city in 21 years, but it just doesn't seem to matter.  She just randomly sent me this "ZOMG, I'm gonna cry" kind of note and said she was just feeling me lately and needed me to know.  That's it folks.  That's what makes a lifelong friend.  If you don't have one of those people, then be one.  
Last thing . . . our last Girl Scout cookie booth is this weekend and then hopefully ALL the cookies will be gone.  I'm the cookie mom, and it feels like an invasion of space and time when it's cookie season!  I can't even stand how cute my little "cookies" are, but I'm ready to wash the cookie costumes and put them away for next year. 

It's late . . . if you follow me on Snapchat, you'll know why I'm tired!  Linking up with Amanda and 5 on Friday because it makes life more fun!  Happy Weekending!


  1. awww poor little one. at least nothing bad (allergy wise) and it's just environmental. i have that too sometimes and my skin ALWAYS reacts badly to season changes, it drives me nuts. this winter has been weird - the warm to cold temp changes has been wreaking havoc on my skin and the second it starts to calm down, it changes again and then my skin starts up again!!

    hope she's feeling better.

  2. i'm a nanny, and the family i work for has a cookie mom. they are everywhere! i'll be glad when all of that temptation is gone! hehe.

  3. Oh man, allergy tests freak me out. I probably should have some done but ahhhh. Your daughter is brave! Yay for no dog allergies. I cant even think about girl scout cookies or I gain 5 lbs. Hahaha. They are everywhere around here trying to sell them and I am like nooooo stop tempting me!!!! I have no self control around cookies :(

  4. oh my goodness, all those shots and allergy tests! scary. poor thing. my skin freaks out sometimes when i'm sweating outside. it's weird. super weird.

    yay the snapchat! you go girl. you are definitely cool. and YAY nashville! so exciting. i have been there a couple times, but not for several years so i really want to go back and do it again.

  5. Ick on the shots but thank goodness it's not really anything major. Except sometime you wish there was more of an answer so there was medicine or s/t to give to make them feel better. My husband has springtime allergies, it's such a pain, and I pray that none of the kids have them, too. So far so good.

    Cute cute cookie costumes!!! I met a little gal at the farm store this weekend that set a goal of 1000 boxes - holy crap! She said she was over 700 into it so she's almost there! I helped her by buying 1 box - she was too nice and sweet and polite to pass up. Even if I did have to dig to the bottom of my purse to that $4. :)

  6. Hope the kids did well with the Cookie sales. I haven't tried Snapchat yet. I've never seen what allergy testing looks like so that was interesting to see the pics. Hope you have fun in Nashville!